Ted Cruz, Robert Mercer, And The Math Geeks From Hades Part 2

At this point, you’re probably wondering why what appears to be a marketing firm costs so much danged money, and why those who are hobbyists, enthusiasts, or work in this esoteric field turn white and begin looking around when they are mentioned. What you read in part 1 was literally the very small tip of a very big iceberg. Because the highly specialized algorithms and metrics C.A. uses can also read your mind–sort of. This company doesn’t just know the “externals” about you, they also have a really accurate read on the internals, stressors, and triggers.

They can look at your individual data set, which can contain at any given time hundreds of thousands of discreet data points, and run it through a variety of filters, screening out things they aren’t interested in, adding other items in. A company like Cambridge may track and scale (meaning assign values based on their own proprietary scale) anywhere from 4 or 5 dozen metrics, to thousands. they can determine whether you are religious, and your likely flavor of religion, as well as how committed you are. They can tell if you are happy. Where you stand politically, and on social issues, and how likely you are to vote, or volunteer for a political party.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that these math geeks from Hades are the current equivalent of Hari Seldon, from Asimov’s Foundation Series. You might remember that one–the two foundations, one writing a Galactic Encyclopedia, the other a secretive team of math geeks shaping the flow of society, and predicting where it would end up….And you might remember where the second foundation, the Math Geeks who became psychics and Svengali in one, were. We’ve come full circle, so to speak. Just as our political spectrum isn’t really a line, but a circle, a continuum, all that we are, and all that is happening around us, is a continuum, that can be mapped, charted, predicted, and influenced. 

And, the information they collect has other, less innocent, uses.

Now doesn’t that preceding link’s language look….Interesting? Yep.That is another related firm in the field, though  not nearly up to the standard of Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, SCL Group. And here is SCL’s Home Page.

Well, now. Is it just me, or does it seem a little bit odd that Cambridge Analytica is giving bargain basement rates to a potential President of the USA?

And that Robert Mercer happens to owe the IRS several Billion dollars, and Ted Cruz has promised to abolish the IRS?

Well, of course! It’s all so clear now (insert sigh of relief here, folks). Obviously Mercer figures his ongoing support of BREITBART , financing of Cruz, and backing Cruz with the power of C.A. is sheer philanthropy, using his staggering wealth to preserve the cause of conservatism against the rabid depredations of the left. The fact that he also owns part of Breitbart–and that Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway both worked for/with Mercer, is obviously coincidental.

I’m sure the connections to mass perception management, government misinformation/disinformation projects, and former spies of all types is just one of those random coincidences that happen. And as for the long list of coups that seem to happen when SCL Group (and their child, Cambridge Analytica) are “working with governments”?

Strictly coincidence. As Obi Wan Kenobi once said–“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move Along”.

And then, he turned to Luke and said…..


In a later post, likely Monday or Tuesday, I’ll be telling you a little more about the fascinating world of what Hari Seldon called PsychoHistory.



10 thoughts on “Ted Cruz, Robert Mercer, And The Math Geeks From Hades Part 2

  1. Hey,

    I hadn’t read this when I posted about the Foundation trilogy. Ha! I do think Trump falls outside the equation though. I may have to go back and read that again. It’s been 30 years, but it left a strong mark. I always wanted to grow up to be one of those monks.

    Thanks for this info. Was up all night mulling it over, and I have an idea of the coming steps, but I’ll have to study some. At any rate, I don’t think they are as powerful as I once thought. There’s too much background prep going on for a Trump win. We’ll see.

    Take care!

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    • He’s “The Mule”–in part. A populist was factored into the plans they have, but the type of populist they got isn’t as close a fit as they wanted, so it has created problems on both sides of the fight.

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    • Thanks, feel free to steal what you like, and spread the information on the delegate issues especially, since people are worried about it (though there is no need to be, unless we don’t get 1237).


  2. I’ve been concerned about data mining for years, along with dossier compilation (huge government data storage facility in Utah). I used blogger back in 2004 and found the pop-up ads related to stuff I wrote in my posts disturbing. And Jeffery Deaver’s 2008 novel The Broken Window showed how pervasive data mining was at that time, and this was before facebook became the monster it is now and people began putting their entire lives online.

    I want someone to invent serious masking software to give us some privacy. Until that happens, I do what I can, like browsing items I have no intention of purchasing just to throw a bit of a monkey wrench in their equations.

    I also haven’t received any polling calls since 2012. I think I’m blacklisted for demographic abuse. One time I’d be a 29 year old transgender black man who planned to vote for Romney, another time I’d be a 86 year old Caucasian woman supporting Obungholio.

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  5. This is scary stuff.

    These people are spying on people, and essentially compiling dossiers on them…for profit.
    I wonder if the public has any recourse against this?

    Like maybe a class action suit to cease & desist.

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    • I am going to be posting another post or two on this before I roll out the 1st of the detail posts on co-opting the GOP, giving more insight on this.

      Consider: *in one form or another, we ALL do this, just not for fun, profit and regime changing–as a rule*.

      Beyond that concept, there’s the simple facts to be considered. Kleptocrats don’t pass laws that cut into their power or profit considerably, unless they have to.

      Then they exempt themselves anyway, just as Congress is allowed to use inside information on the stock market.

      And you might have noticed, the more “tuned in” to media and technology people are, the more likely they are to dismiss cries of “1984! Big Brother! MIND CONTROL” with admonishments to loosen your tin foil hat…..

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