A Gatlinburg Story–A Girl And Her Horse.

veterinary care for burned therapy horse (Heaven the burned therapy horse)

This Is Heaven–And She Is A Therapy Horse.

For a five year old child, the world can be a very strange and frightening place. But for the little girl who owns this horse, it’s even tougher than average–she has Autism. Heaven is her link to a world that she doesn’t see very easily. Autism can manifest in a variety of ways, but thay all have one thing in common–even our “ordinary” world is passing strange, and often extremely frightening, for those who are autistic.

Heaven and her family live in Gatlinburg–a town that has been visited in the last several days with massive fire destruction, torrential rains, and tornadoes. While the world goes on for the rest of us, this girl and her family have lost all they have. And Heaven is facing a lot of veterinary care to be returned to good health.

While Heaven is safe and receiving veterinary care, her owners are having to cope with devastating losses, and one little girl is facing them without the therapy animal that is her anchor. She is facing a world without ANYTHING she recognizes, save her family. No Heaven, no beloved Disney movies. All of the children in Gatlinburg are facing the same conditions, but there aren’t many in her position.

Here Is The Update On Heaven:


UPDATE: I have just spoken to Brian in regards to Heaven. I can tell you that she is being cared for at Douglas Lake Riding stables and is under veterinary care. We will only be giving out limited information as several people who were NOT Heavens owners have tried to claim her. If you need verification as to her needs they can be reached at 865 556 3869. Heaven is under the care of Dr Ryan Snow DVM of the Sevier County Animal Clinic 865 453 1221..
This family has lost everything, their home was a total loss the thought that some would try to take their autistic childs certified therapy horse is just beyond my comprehension!
Friends this horse was evacuated by Brian Minton she is a certified therapy horse for a 5 year old autistic child.
They have requested help with her veterinary bills currently at $500.00 but expected to go higher. She was initially seen by a veterinarian at UT but is now under the care of another veterinarian. We are awaiting and update from her care givers as to which vet is currently caring for her. Please consider making a tax deductible donation towards her care.
If more is donated for her care than what is needed excess funds will be donated to help other pet owners with veterinary bills resulting from the fires.

veterinary care for burned therapy horse (Heaven the burned therapy horse)

How Can YOU Help?

HELP PAY FOR HEAVEN’S CARE  Heaven is going to need quite a lot of care to get through this, and be reunited with the little girl who needs her very much. And Heaven’s story is only one of thousands I have seen in the last three days, since this crisis began. For those who wish to see more of what is happening in Gatlinburg, and reach out to those who need us to help make their corner of America Great again, you can read my personal facebook timeline. I am, and will continue to be, collecting all of the stories and information surrounding this crisis on my timeline until things calm down. 

Feel free to share, report, reblog and make use of the information there as you wish. I’m getting nothing from this, and have no desire to–but if some item on my timeline helps someone, that is all that matters.


On Heaven the burned therapy pony-
Hello friends,
I have spoken to Alyssa today, Heavens owner. Heaven is doing well and in an effort to keep costs down will be leaving Douglas Lakeview Boarding Stables and instead will be boarded with the kind gentleman who evacuated her and saved her life. She will still be under the care of Dr Snow.. Heaven is expected to make a full recovery and Alyssa will be sending us updated photos tonight..
She was kind enough to share with us photos of happier times with Heaven and her daughter Izzy.
Alyssa and her family have lost everything, their home, their 3 beloved dogs….evacuating in such a hurry that she even left her purse behind without so much as a debit card to purchase gas.
I asked her what was needed and she did not even know where to begin… She is looking for a small place to rent in the Gatlinburg Sevierville area until they can rebuild. She needs a rental with at least a small yard for Heaven….. so if any of you are aware of a place for rent where a small horse can be kept please let us know ( you an email us at savingfurryfriends@yahoo.com)
I also know all of Heavens supplies brushes, saddles, halters where also lost.
She also informed me that her daughter Izzy loves Disney movies and had quite an extensive collection until the fire claimed those as well. I have asked her to make a list of what is needed most for her and her children. She will be figuring out what is needed most and let us know. She also gave us the address of a friend where packages can be sent in care of. If any of our friends are interested in sending much needed items please emailsavingfurryfriends@yahoo.com and we will share her temporary mailing address with you.
I will update the chip in with this information as well as photos taken of Heaven today. Thank you all for your support.

YOOHOO–ANYONE HOME? Where is America, Never Mind The MSM


Image result for pictures gatlinburg


Since then I have not slept. I have eaten some. I have barely used the restroom. Why? Because an American City went up in flames. And the MSM was too busy asking us to wear headscarves, or dissing Trump, or taking aim at Hillary, to pay more than passing attention to this unprecedented tragedy playing out on three local tv news sites in the area.

So I Took To Twitter…

Where there was at least some mention of this horrific series of events, and I began publishing my facebook timeline linked above–that is filling up with requests for volunteers, requests for donations, pleas for help locating lost friends and family, and  pleas for prayers.

In the long weary hours since that moment, I have shed a gallon of tears. I have prayed, tried to help people find local services under terrible circumstances, and refreshed those news pages 1000s of times, to make sure that all the news I could find was there. And I have been here ever since, passing on all the news locals and those real journalists in Gatlinburg have made available.

And Yes, Some In Cyberspace Have Heard, and Responded.

I want to give a shout out to THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE–who picked up my first pleas for help for fire fighters working without sufficient food, water, or first aid supplies. And my twitter followers who have retweeting my timeline over and over through these long hours. And my facebook friends that have also share my timeline, and strangers that have wandered along from wherever, with local information.

Donald Trump Tweeted, THANK YOU PEOTUS!–Obama? Well…. As To The Erstwhile So-Called “Journalists” on National News?

SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON EVERY ONE OF YOU IN THE MSM WASTING YOUR TIME ON USELESS REHASHING OF CRITICISMS. There are three heroic TV news teams in TN–WATE, WBIR, WVLT–who have been the only reliable source of continuous, accurate coverage of the fires–AND NOW THE TORNADOES–ravaging the Smoky Mountains. There are Two Newspaper– The Tennessean, and The Knoxville Sentinel that are also going far beyond anything MSM even thought of doing.

While America has been trading insults and jokes in 140 characters, these professionals haven’t eaten or slept well either–they have gone deep into harm’s way to help those who need their help–AND TO REPORT THE NEWS. FOR ONCE WE HAVE REAL NEWS HERE, PEOPLE, AND BEING REPORTED–AND NOBODY IS PAYING ATTENTION.

Where Is America This Deep Night?

Where’s the America That has taken to social media after earthquakes, and terror attacks, to seek real news and help those who need it–if only with prayers? Where is the America I have been seeing during Donald Trump’s Campaign? Well, if you’re out there and are just now finding out about this–the link above is everything to date. And please–extend prayers–if nothing else.

If you already knew, and are spending your time bitching about the FAKE NEWS ON MSM, THEN CAN YOU SPARE 5 MINUTES TO GO THANK THE REAL NEWSMEN AND NEWSWOMEN AT THESE THREE STATIONS? 

If you’re beginning to get the idea I am angry–good for you. Because I am. Americans are better than this. There is more to MAGA than tweets, and jibes at Mittens. There’s taking the extra 10 seconds to thank the only real jounalists in the country at the moment, and to tell your fellow Americans in Tennessee AND THE OTHER SOUTHERN STATES BURNING TONIGHT That even if the MSM has decided they aren’t important–you think they are.

Next–A Girl And Her Horse

Investing In Gold and Silver Part 3–The Markets Option.

Time To Look At Other Investing Options…

In Part 2, We went into more detail about directly buying silver and gold. Now, let’s look at the investment side of precious metals.

You have other options for investing in gold and silver–the stock market and the futures/commodities market. These options are two that I personally am not using at the moment, though it IS on the table for the future. There are also gold based retirement funds and general gold and silver funds–which are NOT on the table, and shouldn’t be.

Investing In Mining Company Stocks

Investing in mining stocks is often a long term proposition–as mines themselves have a “lifespan”, and a new mine can literally take a decade or longer to begin operating. Traditionally, mining stocks appreciate in value when the confidence in the dollar is LOW, and decrease when confidence in the dollar is HIGH.

The advantage to buying mining stock is a fairly simple thing to understand–most are not expensive, and many pay dividends on a quarterly basis. When buying ANY stock, it’s a wise idea to go for the option that offers dividends over one that does not, and arrange to have the dividends reinvested automatically. This not only avoids the taxes on dividends earned, it greatly increases your investment leverage without costing you more out of pocket.

Choosing A Stock, For Newbies

Here is the really really simple checklist:

  1. If you have a choice between a stock paying dividends and one that doesn’t–get the dividends, and arrange to re-invest. In a “bear” market (negative), the worst that happens is no dividends. In a “bull” market (good) Higher dividends. As a rule the dividend stocks retain more value as well.
  2. Next, look at the PRICE TO EARNINGS RATIO. That link explains in simple terms. A BIG number means  it will take much longer to get a return on your investment, barring unexpected events. a SMALL number can be EITHER a company in trouble, or an undervalued company–so research.
  3. DO NOT DAY TRADE! Set up an account with a reputable trading company online, and plan on holding your stock. Day trading can wipe out your nest egg.
  4. ALWAYS keep some ready funds available somewhere that you can transfer to your stock fund. There WILL be market corrections coming, and when the market crashes, you’ll have funds to take advantage.
  5. RESEARCH THE COMPANIES WELL. A good place to start with stocks is on stock exchanges themselves like THIS ONE Another good option, and worth the subscription, is YCHARTS. Ycharts and Marketwatch are my go to sites. Note the link to marketwatch takes you to a gold mining stock, and the NASDAQ link takes you to their outlook for mining stocks. 
  6. DON’T put all your “eggs” in one basket. For instance, for the “gold and silver/mining” percentage of your portfolio, invest the cash in 2 or 3 different companies. Same with any other sector. That way, if companies experience a hostile takeover or are bought and sold, you can also profit :-).

Wow–Looks Scary Complicated, But ….

Actually, it isn’t–when you are buying and holding, which is what you should do. You’ll find gold mining stocks running anywhere from 3.00-30.00 or so per share on the list at the NASDAQ industry outlook link above.

Mining stocks should be handles the same way physical precious metals are–DOLLAR COST AVERAGING. Add a chosen mount to your investment account on a bi-weekly or monthly schedule, and LEAVE IT ALONE. But keep funds available for market corrections!

Remember this: AMERICA CREATED THE LARGEST NUMBER OF MILLIONAIRES DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION–because smart people got assets and BOUGHT land, businesses and stocks at pennies on the dollar.

BTW–There’s An App For This!

Here are some links to information on various apps for investing:

  1. Huffington Posts’s Top Ten Investment Apps list. If you’re not into just buying mining stock, I HIGHLY recommend the Acorns App. It truly is set and forget, and the mix of stocks is a good one. Also, as it rounds up debit/credit card purchases and invests the change, if you’re a heavy card user you’ll build value quickly.
  2. STASH INVESTMENT— This app lets you invest as little as 5.00 at a time in a basic portfolio, or build your own, and it automatically debits your bank account of choice at regular intervals. The app is very easy to use, and fees are low.
  3. EXPLORE THE INVESTMENT GAMES! Google play is loaded with games that teach investing, and other more serious apps to turn you into a guru in baby steps. Other good search terms are “investment training”, “investment courses”.


All of the above options give you the ability to “set and forget”–which also helps you avoid the urge to day trade. And with mining stocks well priced right now, you have a good opportunity to begin building a portfolio for the future.

OK–So How Much Is Good?

If you’re using Acorns app, then you’ll never notice–it’s funded by the rounding up method. To give you a basic idea, in our house we are daily card users for the most part–debit card, and the “keep the change” savings option typically adds about 40.00 a month to our savings account/ Acorns account.

If you are using stash, then dedicating 50.00/month–25.00 every 2 weeks–works very well if you can afford it. We also dedicate the same amount of money to a savings account linked to the app, so when the market corrects, we’ll have a nice chunk of cash to buy stocks.

THIS IS THE SINGLE BEST THING YOU CAN DO TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LONG TERM STOCK INVESTMENT! Regular investing, with matching funds for larger buys available, allows you to profit both from the current strong bull market AND from any corrections.

In the next installment, we’ll look at things to avoid–the “paper gold” market.

Effective Boycotting Part 2

The Higher Purpose Of A Good Boycott.

In part 1, I chose two companies whose spokespeople/CEOs are idiotic jerks. The issue they are being jerks on AT THE MOMENT is Trump, of course, But they were jerks before and will be long after. The Original reason for boycotts should ALWAYS be something deeper than a current issue. In my case–it’s CUSTOMER SERVICE. Large companies have become complacent when it comes to treating all customers with equal levels of courtesy, and I for one am sick and tired of that trend.

In this part, we’ll look more closely at Grubhub FIRST, as getting local businesses to ditch and switch can be done without the political element. That’s very handy in liberal college towns like mine. Here is the tweet that got me after Grubhub: 1grub

The characterization of me didn’t bother me at all–since I KNOW it’s a lie. What offended me is that a CEO would casually tweet something so childish, petty, elitist and rude on social media. Sure, his customers probably skew that way. But that doesn’t mean they ALL vote uniformly leftist loon. Not only that, it likely characterizes a lot of the BUSINESS OWNERS THAT USE HIS SERVICE as ignorant male rednecks. As an urban, intelligent, FEMALE business owner whose other half also owns a business, I found this an unacceptable level of unprofessional behavior.

THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR DOES NOT BELONG IN BUSINESS. Over the years, we have worked with a LOT of people whose ideas are not in line with ours. It’s part of business, sometimes. And whatever our PRIVATE feelings, we have ALWAYS treated all of our customers the same–with courtesy and professionalism. THAT IS GOOD BUSINESS. THIS IS NOT.

Use The Lack Of Professionalism In Your Favor…

So far, I have gotten 8 businesses in my area to ditch this jerk. I didn’t do it as a Trump supporter. I did it as a business person and customer who finds unprofessional behavior unacceptable. Only 2 of those businesses were open Trump supporters. The rest were probably just pragmatic business people.

By approaching this boycott from the point of view of PROFESSIONALISM, I can give even the most liberal business owner a good reason to ditch and switch, without offending their leftist loon customers. Since I went to each meeting also armed with this yo-yo’s egregious email (which EVERY BUSINESS OWNER AGREED CREATED A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT, BTW), this tweet, and a list of competing companies in the area who had NOT shown such unprofessionalism (and their rate details), they had no solid reason to say NO. If they received complaints, they could point to the email, or the tweet, cite unprofessional behavior. Or, they could point out the new delivery services offered better, more professional services.

Maybelline Is A Long Term Proposition, As Is GrubHub.

Running an effective social media perception campaign requires patience and planning. With GrubHub, I send a daily reminder on Twitter and Facebook, asking BUSINESSES AND CUSTOMERS if they like knowing a company they work with is run by a jerk–but in more diplomatic terms.

With Maybelline, I do the same, and cite their complete failure to address customer concerns. Altering public perception takes TIME. With Maybelline, the best weapon is a combination of pictures and carefully worded comments, as mentioned in part 1. Employing software to clean up social media is extremely cost effective.

Once you have to assign HUMANS to monitor social media–the costs mount up rapidly. And the best way to make them dedicate people to their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages is to use positive language to say Negative things, and use Pictures–as software programs can’t easily identify or interpret pictures. Tagging the pictures with Positive tags like LOVING IT will further confuse automated efforts to clean up.

Using Your Social Media Effectively.

Here are few tips that will help effect public perception:

  1. Go the Selfie and Positively worded NEGATIVE sentiments on their social pages–daily. Change the messages and titles on pics so you’re less likely to get blocked immediately.
  2. When you buy new makeup, Show it off on your own social media pages and blogs, and if you see any coupons or deals on other companies–POST THEM for others, with comments about buying from businesses whose spokespeople aren’t bullies, or remarks about other companies taking the time to address customer concerns.
  3. When you buy new makeup, ALSO tag your posts to show on the social media of the store you bought it in. Make sure your message informs everyone you deliberate CHOSE a new brand, will NOT buy Maybelline, and you HOPE THE BUSINESS YOU BUY FROM RESPECTS YOUR CHOICES AND CONCERNS. This way, the retailer, be it a small local chain or a big chain, will see the kind of boycotter they consider a “real” threat to their bottom line.
  4. Ask your friends to do the same, and like and share such posts whenever you see them.

Two Types Of Boycott Participants–Be The Right Type!

Retail stores have been using psychographic segmentation for years now to learn about their customer base. And they know that boycott participants fall into two basic categories– We’ll call them Type B and Type A.

A Type B Boycott participant DOES NOT WORRY THEM VERY MUCH–these are the hotheads that spam their social media with badly written, abusive posts full of trigger words. Those posts will disappear as fast as they are made, and the person will be quickly blocked, if they use simple software.

They ALSO know the Type B’s will LOSE INTEREST long before they can do real damage in the rest of their customer base–once they are blocked, or they have moved on to another boycott.

Type A boycott participants are the real problem, and they make up a small percentage of the total boycott. BUT they have an magnified affect, because they use the techniques I laid out to continue costing the company money on their social media. And because the comments are thoughtful, NON-PARTISAN, and focus on neutral issues–OTHER CUSTOMERS who go to the social pages may be persuaded to look more deeply at the subject. SO WORD SPREADS.

They know the Type A will STILL be reminding everyone they know, at every opportunity, that there are valid non-partisan reasons to avoid the company. Type A’s will go out of their way, quietly, for months and months to introduce friends, family, blog subscribers, Facebook and Twitter followers to OTHER OPTIONS. Over time, the Type A Boycott will have a far greater impact per person than the type B initial reaction.

So a company like Grubhub or Maybelline does give some thought to the huge pile on at the START of a boycott by Type B people. But what they really watch for is the Type A boycott–because those cost money. Those are the ones that skew market share in ways that increase over time–because we who are Type A are listened to. We are the “voice of reason”, so to speak. So become a Type A.



How To Run An Effective Boycott….

The Ever Growing List Of Unprofessional/ Idiotic CEOs….

So now APPARENTLY Celebrity Cruise Lines rolled out this commercial : CLICK HERE  a while ago, and it’s now impinging on the public consciousness. Celebrity, of course, could aptly rename itself leftistloon Cruises, as they have been full on open borders etc  for years. HINT–ALL CRUISE LINES ARE, THEY DEPEND ON H1B VISAS TO FUNCTION!!

So, without further Ado, we’ll look at the anatomy of a SUCCESSFUL boycott. Because with the right game plan and organization, a very small group can have a real impact.

A “Successful Boycott” ? Don’t Need No PLAN To Boycott….

Yes, you do–if you want it to WORK. The typical boycott goes like this:

  1. Public hears about company stance. Public gets p*ssed off.
  2. Public begins screaming all over Social Media, spam bombs the FB and Twitter pages. Sometimes, the public pickets a store or two.
  4. Public gets bored/ declares victory over stock dip, moves on to the next boycott.

AND IT IS BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL–MAKING MONEY. And BTW, it’s not uncommon for companies to DELIBERATELY LEAK “internal memos”, emails, etc. Because for the cost of a few BOTS to delete all the obvious negative spam, they get the opportunity to profit on stock price changes, while also testing the integrity of their customer base.

A Boycott Gives A Business TONS OF Valuable Customer Information.

So, we need to make that information VERY costly. Which leads to the blueprint for successful boycotts…. We’ll take a look at 2 separate cases, as 2 different boycotts are on that are useful for illustrative purposes> Maybelline and Grub Hub.

Different Industry Sectors Need Different Types Of Boycotts.

Maybelline, for instance, has 2 “customer bases”–retail business outlets, and the average consumer buying from those outlets. Obviously, it would be tough to get Walmart or Macy’s, for instance, to drop the Maybelline line–it CAN be done, but is a long term, large scale effort.

So for Maybelline, the best boycott is the consumer. And costing them MONEY also, by effectively disrupting their social media so instead of using batch deletes and BOTS, they have to hire a HUMAN Social Media Management Team.

GrubHub also has two types of customers–the direct consumer, and Businesses. But Grub Hub is EXTREMELY VULNERABLE, because restaurants now have quite a few delivery choices–AND LOCAL EATERIES CAN BE PERSUADED TO DITCH AND SWITCH.

Boycotts Are Numbers Games. Make The Numbers Work For You.

With Maybelline type businesses, the key is long term consistent presence on their social media, USING NEUTRAL LANGUAGE and ambiguous language. And Photos–such as a selfie you take pouring your Maybelline in the trash can. Or you with your other makeup choices around you and a sign saying “PROUDLY MAYBELLINE FREE” And VERY AMBIGUOUS TEXT:

Wow, I just LOVE the feeling I get removing Maybelline from my life! You guys are the BEST!! 

Messages like this confuse the various types of auto-removal programs on the market. So, Maybelline has to pay a lot of people to keep an eye on posts, and hand remove. Their own employees are the best option, as they are a lot cheaper than a professional team–but money is money. And as each post disappears–make another. Or have a friend do so. 24/7, for days, weeks, months… And also let your local businesses that carry the products know you’re NOT buying, and are telling others not to do so either.

Because shelf space is expensive. So IF you can keep a steady level of dissatisfaction on the social media, and IF you can work on a local level to keep sales down, even chain stores will look at giving that store space to another company.

The local initiative works best on small businesses/ mom and pop stores. But it CAN work on larger stores if enough people stay involved for long enough. You know you’re making progress if you keep an eye on the availability of local coupons for the products, and local sales. Those are signals from a company that market share figures are not what they expect.

Boycotts Of Consumer Clearing House Businesses–Like Grub Hub.

GrubHub is vulnerable–and far more so than Maybelline. Why? Several reasons:

  1. This field is now seeing an influx of competitors in urban areas.
  2. The local eateries that use their service are very vulnerable to boycotts.
  3. You can present reasons to boycott THIS company that are NOT political.

With Grubhub, if one consumer gives the app a 1 star and cancels, they lose out on between 10 and 15 commissions a month on average from this person. Yes, that’s money. BUT–restaurants pay Grubhub, on average, 13% commissions on each order, and a popular pizza place by a college may process 100 or more orders a DAY. With the industry Average in this case being around 3.00–by getting ONE pizza place to ditch and switch, you can cost Grubhub hundreds of dollars a DAY.

In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look at long term social media boycotting, and ways to “frame” a boycott that are NOT based in hot button issues, and more. In the meantime, back to Twitter to post my DAILY REMINDER about Grubhub…

More On Buying Gold And Silver

In Part 1, We Looked At “Junk Silver”….

So now, before we move on to other options, let’s look at STORAGE. Silver is the first choice for most precious metals buyers, for a few reasons:

  1. Inexpensive. Silver generally is running between 15.00 and 20.00 per ounce, while gold is around 1300.00/ounce.
  2. Silver is easy to recognize, and spend. Everyone can identify older American silver coins.
  3. Not mentioned before–but you sometimes still find 1964 Roosevelt dimes, “war nickels”–1942-1944 nickels were silver, and 1965-1969 Kennedy Half Dollars, which were also partially silver.

So, what are the drawbacks to buying silver, then?

  1. STORAGE. 2.2 pounds / 1 Kilo of junk silver runs around 400.-500.00 dollars. Great price, but the coins take up space, and are heavy if you’re going to be on the move.
  2. Because it is so inexpensive, it’s getting tough to find. Even in my largish city, there are regular occasions when NOBODY has any.

Best Ways To Store Junk Silver Coins.

Around here, we roll them up, and mark each roll with the weight in grams. We also keep a few handfuls of the larger coins–half dollars, as a rule, loose so if we need to we can sell/spend them. But storing the rolls does take up space, and if you end up with 30-40 POUNDS, you’ll need a small safe. We store ours in a portable Sentry fire safe, inside the gun safe.

If you are tight on storage space, then gold is the best option, as the 1/20th of an ounce “Panda” coins, from China, are extremely small. You can easily carry a few ounces of gold in a small change purse, or more.

We also like to roll the silver as that way, it is less subject to tarnishing and easy to keep track of.

How Much Gold And Silver Do You Need, Anyway?

Well now–that depends. As a general rule, we keep about 30 pounds of silver and 10-15 ounces of gold around, though the amount of gold can vary wildly based on the amount of cash available and current prices. We try to keep enough cash around to buy a few ounces in case the price temporarily drops by more than 5% or so, or we run into a really good deal.

The ultimate goal for US is to have a year’s worth of coins around to pay bills if needed, and a few months’ worth of paper money as well. But it takes TIME to get there, and dedication–buying coins week in and week out. We taught our children to invest 10% of each paycheck into metals, with the proviso that if they needed cash for emergencies, we’d buy the coins at the spot price for the day, saving them the premium.

Wait–I Thought There Was Only A Premium On BUYING!

NOPE. Most dealers also charge you a premium when they buy gold or silver from YOU. That’s why it’s a good idea, when possible, to sell your coins to a friend or see if you can use them to pay for services. Many small business owners, self-employed professionals, and even doctors will take precious metals in payment for services–we have made arrangements in the past with everyone from the guy we bought our house from to my doctors.

The key to properly stocking up on metals is being CONSISTENT. ANY amount you can commit to monthly, or per paycheck, is a good place to start. This is especially true with silver as the rise in price is typically a higher percentage at one time than gold. It’s not uncommon for the price of silver to rise 10-15% on a “hot” day, while a change in the gold price of more than the typical premium–therefore yielding a profit for you even if you sell back to a dealer–is far less common.

By spending the same amount over time, you can take advantage of “dollar cost averaging”, in two ways. “Dollar cost averaging” simply means you spend a set amount each week or month on an item, like stocks or metals. In weeks when the market is hot, you get less. But on weeks with lower prices, you get more.

Another thing you can do with silver is when there is a good spike in price–sell 1/4 of what you have. Then, when the prices drops down again–use the cash to buy more. In the nest article, we’ll look at buying metals online, and start to look at other options, like mining stocks.

The Convention Of States Rears Its Ugly Head–AGAIN.

Yep–The Leftist Loons And So-Called “CONSERVATIVES” Alike Want To Destroy The Republic.

Every once in a while–far more often since Mark Levin decided to write a book on the issue–the subject of a convention of states comes up. This is seen by some people who call themselves “conservatives” as the best chance to rein in Federal power and bring control back to the states themselves. And they CLAIM that there wouldn’t be a “run away” convention–it would NOT overstep its authority–because of the 3/4s rule requiring a super-majority to ratify changes.

So, What’s Wrong With This Picture?


So any so-called “conservative” pushing this idiotic notion needs to RESEARCH THE OTHER SUPPORTERS. DIG DEEP. DO YOU WANT TO BE IN BED WITH THE LEFTIST LOONS?

Well, Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows….

Why would conservatives want to do this? Because they are either constitutionally ignorant (usually the case) OR THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES.  To get some perspective here, we have to re-visit the big Hoorah over the GOP convention, and the “rules committee”. You see, when it comes to the GOP convention, THE RULES FOR THE PRIMARY HAVE TO BE ADOPTED BY THE RULES COMMITTEE FOR THE GENERAL. So until the GOP RATIFIED THE EXISTING RULES–The first order of business–they had the ability TO MAKE UP NEW RULES.

And guess what? THE SAME APPLIES TO A CONVENTION OF STATES. Because in reality, under the Constitution, the CONGRESS sets the rules, up to and including scrapping the entire Constitution itself.

Wow. That Doesn’t Sound Right…

BUT IT IS. In 1787, we had “Articles of Confederation”. And the original purpose of the “Constitutional Convention was to AMEND THOSE. But they weren’t “amended”–THEY WERE REPLACED. AND IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN. HERE is a link to the issues from a Constitutional point of view:  CLICK HERE, AND READ ALL THE ASSOCIATED REFERENCES!

If this were such a good idea, would Hamilton have been against it? Would truly CONSERVATIVE SCOTUS justices have been against it? NOPE. They were against this because it is a perfect opportunity to lose everything we have left. Just as people freaked out over the idea that the GOP could change the rules in the middle of the game, people SHOULD BE SAYING NO WAY TO THIS LUNACY. Especially when you research the long long list of leftist loons supporting this.

Until we have drained the swamp–and even AFTER WE HAVE DRAINED THE SWAMP–the ONLY safe way to amend the Constitution is through the standard amendment process. Anything else is absolutely suicidal. SHAME ON THE SO-CALLED CONSERVATIVES/REPUBLICANS ON THIS BANDWAGON. Do your research.