Cui Bono? GOPers, The Uniparty, and Ted Cruz

Part and parcel of the so called “delegate stealing” is who is actually doing the stealing for Ted Cruz. The answer is, of course, the GOPers. So why in the world would the GOPers be busily rigging the convention for Cruz, with the help of the rest of the uniparty and the media?

Cruz, Kleptocrat Acting As “The Outsider”

Ted Cruz positioned himself as an “outsider”, an anti-establishment candidate whose message is tailored to fit the smallest segment of the GOP–the hard line religious far right. The fact that he isn’t now, nor has he ever been, a “Constitutional Conservative, Anti-Establishment Christian” is irrelevant. Politics is a form of theater, at this point, and Cruz has the bona fides to pass himself off as all the aforementioned things, as long as you sort of cross your eyes and squint real hard when you look at him.

The GOPers know that, of course. It didn’t escape their attention that Cruz’s biggest single money man is Robert Mercer, hedge fund guru and epic tax dodger. It hasn’t escaped their attention that the PACS funding him are stuffed with big banking, big oil, and big business.And they definitely sat u and took notice when Mercer brought along with his endorsement, Cambridge Analytica and a large financial stake in the former king of “conservative alternative/independent media”, Breitbart.

What Cruz Means To The Uniparty

We talked a while back about bargain basement prices on psy-ops and mass perception management, and coups and regime changes. Currently, the government’s home team is a firm named Booz Allen Hamilton. BAH gets literally 99% of their money from the government, to the tune of around 70 billion dollars in 2015. Prior to Cambridge Analytica becoming a major player in America a few years ago, BAH, had precious little competition when it came to government projects.

Now, on the other hand, the government has the potential to acquire the services of a company whose psy-op, mass perception manipulation, and regime changing skills make old BAH look pathetic, at very favorable rates. BAH would still be useful, of course, as they perform many other services for the government outside of their work in intelligence and psy-ops. But why use a distant third place company for the important work, when you can get the best?

So–Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

If the GOPers can keep enough people uninformed about Ted Cruz, his big money connections, his extremely fringe religious endorsements and supporters, and his unconstitutional voting record,  they could take the White House, and the uniparty kleptocracy would have a data mining firm at their disposal that already possesses data the NSA envies. Beyond that, they would have a president that is more than willing to violate every promise he makes to his voters, and apparently has no qualms at all when it comes to using the people’s data against them on a regular basis.

Sure, they’d probably have to come to an agreement with Mercer and write of the majority of his multi-billion dollar tax bill (if not all of it). They’d also have to tolerate having Cruz as president for 4-8 years. But that’s a small price to pay when you’re looking at data acquisition of such massive proportions, and the personnel to best use that data to further their agenda. Cruz benefits, as he gets one of the two jobs he wants (president), while still leaving the door open for the other (SCOTUS Justice). Mercer benefits, as he is deep in the mix of American politics, and can move forward with whatever his own agenda is–something nobody really knows as he is so reclusive, but probably isn’t a good one, as he is a pure technocrat.

Cambridge Analytica and their parent company SCL Group benefit, as they have the power of the government behind them, a guaranteed source of major income, and can flex their muscles and refine their political candidate electing tools. Not to mention the fact that our government is in a way addicted to “nation building”, so they’ll have all kinds of interesting projects to occupy them between election cycles.

The losers are, of course, the American people as a group, and the Republic on the whole. But the kleptocrats and technocrats aren’t really concerned about that. After all, people are a useful resource, but hardly a rare commodity. And in the scope of their plans, we the people are typically either collateral damage, or acceptable losses.



Cruz, The GOPer Choice, Part 1

We’ve been watching Ted Cruz, the banker’s husband, carefully for a while of course. Even before he decided on his run for the presidency, he was obviously setting up for something. There is plenty of evidence t look at in his actions in the past that proves he is far from an “outsider”. On the contrary, old Cruz is as GOPer as you can get.

And now that Wisconsin is passed, and the odds of Cruz getting enough delegates going forward to be an actual viable candidate are somewhere between nearly zero and forget about it, people are wondering why he doesn’t drop out. That is a simply one to answer–math. The goal at the moment isn’t for Cruz to get 1237, it’s to make sure Trump gets 1236 or less.

The GOPer Last Ditch Effort.

At the moment, it looks like old Cruz has likely agreed behind closed doors somewhere to take Kasich as a running mate if absolutely necessary, since Kasich’s delegates from Ohio would follow him. If the convention is brokered and the GOPers scrap Rule 40, as they have threatened to do, then after the binding votes were done, Kaisch could safely withdraw and his delegates would go Cruz. The GOPers have likely also made arrangements for Cruz to get Rubio’s delegates also, to make the Cruz ticket appear to the uninformed to be a “mandate”.

The GOPers also have the MSM running a full on frontal assault on the people, pushing the dual narrative of Trump can’t make 1237+, and Trump’s delegates have already been stolen and are not bound to him. This is, of course, a flat out lie by commission AND omission. But that doesn’t faze the MSM a bit, of course. To complicate the issue, Roger Stone has either been co-opted or has become an utter idiot, and with the help of Alex Jones is trying to incite a “March on Cleveland” and “Days of Rage” that is exactly what the GOPers, AND the administration want, albeit for different reasons.

Good grief, he named it after the Weatherman Riots back in 1969. How obvious can you get? Then he puts in lame disclaimers here and there about the Trump team not advocating violence…And as I pointed out in another article, if you think the GOP wouldn’t use Stone’s association with Trump as an excuse to disqualify him at the convention if this happens, THINK AGAIN. And Stone himself has laid the groundwork for that by saying he still talks to Trump regularly and they “have a rhythm”.

People Have Short Memories.

Remember, Roger Stone is a long time GOPer operative, who has his fair share of political skeletons in the closet, though not nearly as bad as some campaign managers, of course. He’s also known to be the kind of guy who doesn’t hesitate to bite someone who is no longer on his “good” side.

Alex Jones, IN THE PAST, would have taken a look at this campaign and the blatant mass perception manipulation, talk of stolen delegates, the RNC putting up a website explaining brokered conventions, STONE calling for a huge demonstration in an area under secret service protection where the entire section of the state will be saturated with LEOs with full riot gear, MRAPS, and National Guard on standby and screamed “PSY-OP!! FALSE FLAG!! OBAMA WANTS MARTIAL LAW AND TO SUSPEND ELECTIONS!”

Especially since he knows all the players in this game–the government, the RNC, Cambridge Analytica, and even poor Booz Allen Hamilton. He is the one that consistently exposed  Psy-ops over the years. But the number of voices out there saying Alex Jones is part of the problem is growing.  Now, all of a sudden, he is all in favor of running straight into the most obvious psy-op of the decade. He knows the media is lying. He knows the players. He KNOWS about the ongoing project, and has exposed parts of it in the past. To say with all that in mind that he doesn’t KNOW this “Days of Rage”lunacy fits right into the project is entirely illogical.

Stone’s talk of “reverse Alinsky” makes ZERO sense. And I do believe there are a few LAWS around that deal with people who threaten, harass, suborn, or otherwise try to intimidate Delegates as well….Whether they are merely useful tools in the game, or full operatives, is an unknown. But the number one rule in THIS game is you always assume there are no useful idiots or tools. Leaving a margin of error is crucial, especially when you are dealing with large scale crowd scenarios in a fully primed context.

Very strange–but wait, Alex and Stone are on our side! Yep–and these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along…..

This Is How Cruz Is Grabbing Delegates, Part 2

In Part 1, We Set The Stage.

We left off with about where we are now–Cruz and Company, with the eager help of the GOPers BECAUSE CRUZ IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN AN OUTSIDER, PEOPLE–busily working behind the scenes in state already won and  in states that haven’t voted yet, getting people who know how the party system works to position themselves to run for a delegate slot. They are also, if they have any brains, making sure that they are getting the PRECINCT SEAT HOLDERS WHO ACTUALLY VOTE ON THE DELEGATES to commit to vote for their ringers.

Now do you see why I and others have been pleading for people to GET A PRECINCT SEAT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY??? It won’t help NOW, but we will need every single seat possible after the general election no matter what happens. And as the day goes on, information for each state will be posted here.

Sorry, But This “Technically” Isn’t THEFT. This Is “Local Politics”….

So, let’s take a step back from the election, and look at this. Here is a real world example. Let’s say you have a business, like a hot dog cart. You are new to owning a hot dog cart, but you’re confident you’ll be HUGE, because you have the right skill set to actually do the job, and people love you. You can make amazing hot dogs. The Best. So, you set out with your hot dog cart, and take it to a public place where you have seen, and often bought, hot dogs, and begin selling, confident you’re set because you have gotten all your regular permits and licences ..

In an hour or so, some bureaucrat comes along and tells you that sorry, just because you have all your paperwork, doesn’t mean you can sell hot dogs here. There’s a regulation you didn’t know about, that says to sell in this particular public place, you need to get a special permit. So, you confidently wander down to City Hall, buy the special permit, and go back the next day.

And you find 17 other hot dog carts all parked 10 feet apart….But you set up anyway, because you know you have the best hot dogs, at the best price. And a lot of people know you. And sure enough, you get a long long line, and everyone buys your hot dogs. So you figure all these other yo-yos will just go away, and you will win that prize location you are working towards, The best spot for a hot dog cart in the whole city.

But–because you’re not familiar with all the little details in the background (or “local politics”), you don’t know that your closest competitor has 19 zillion people going through every single obscure regulation ever enacted, looking for ways to stop you. Or maybe you do know he is finding “some” things, but figure your popularity will win the day.

Then, it comes down to you and two other hot dog carts, going for the big deal, the whole enchilada (sorry, couldn’t resist). The city is going to award the contract for the ultimate hot dog cart location, and you are sure you have a lock, because all of your customers have been calling and emailing city hall, saying they want your hot dog cart.

The reality of Local Politics…..

But your closest competitor, who insists on sticking in even though he’s losing money, knows people. Lots of people, who are on the inside. Like the guy who cuts the Mayor’s hair, and the mechanic who takes care of his car, etc. He has done them favors. This yo-yo’s wife is a BANKER, friends with every other banker in town, and those bankers hold the loan papers on all kinds of small businesses on Main St. And all of these inside people are talking, quietly, to each other here and there.

And they know exactly how the bidding and awarding process works, and every single vaguely worded regulation and rule and by-law. They wrote those rules and by-laws themselves, to benefit themselves and their friends. The fact that everyone in the city loves your hot dogs does NOT matter. The fact that everyone in the city voted you the honor of best hot dog maker of the year doesn’t either.

What matters here is who you know, and how much you are willing to pay or what favors you are willing to offer, so that the people who have the final authority on that contract will give it to you instead of the husband of the banker…..Now the cause isn’t lost, YET. Because the city does need to give the appearance of being democratically run, and the appearance of  awarding contracts fairly, so there is one path you can take to get the contract.

Granted, that path is exceedingly narrow, and the entrance is in an obsolete drainage culvert outside of town.  And granted it also requires every single person helping you get that contract knows all the rules and can also juggle 7 oranges while riding a unicycle and whistling Dixie. And you may only be able to access the short cut on leap days, between 1:13 a.m. and 1:14 a.m. . Cheer up, though, lavender ties aren’t required, they’re optional….

But hey–THERE IS A WAY THE AVERAGE GUY CAN GET THAT CONTRACT. The system isn’t broken, in any way. No Siree, any good hot dog guy can get that contract. And that is the literal truth. ANY populist candidate like Trump CAN win the White House. You just have to know the rules and also be very aware of “local politics”.

The Happy Ending IS VERY POSSIBLE!

I, and others, are doing everything we can to EDUCATE TRUMP VOTERS–and Bernie voters. And ALL voters, actually, so that we can move power back where it belongs–away from the GOPers. And Trump has hired some of the best delegate herders around, the ones that worked the historic Ford/Reagan convention, and others. Trump staffers around the country are trying to educate voters that in Trump’s case, voting ISN’T ENOUGH. We all need to (as I and others have already done) keep working, get into the system, and get fully engaged. Trump is the biggest phenomenon in American politics, and this election is a watershed event, as I pointed out before.


P.S.–The Tale Of The Hot Dog Cart Is True, But….

It isn’t a hot dog guy, it is a kettle corn company. And the compteitor is actually a drink vendor who does kettle corn on the side, along with other things, who has a girlfriend…. And that company, despite being the largest, oldest and best in the area for over 30 years, is still shut out of a dozen major local events run by the county it’s based in, and has been for the last 6 years. Luckily, the business is big enough, and has enough customers, that the loss isn’t crippling. And at some point, the corrupt county bureaucrat in charge of awarding concession contracts will finally demand too big a kickback, and piss off another food vendor who knows more important people than she does, and she will be gone.

In the meantime, she is following all the rules to the letter, every contract that comes up. And the kettle corn company puts in their application for every event, makes all the expected phone calls, dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s, and the owner laughs, and goes ahead and schedules (tentatively) other events that would conflict with the one he applied for. He makes sure he has enough help and equipment to fulfill them all, just in case the political system changes, or there is a change behind the scenes that he doesn’t know about, because that is what successful business people do. IN OTHER WORDS, HE WORKS LIKE TRUMP.

Those worrying need to keep that last sentence in mind, and remember the various meetings we heard about this week. Because–Trump knows people, too. A LOT of them.




This Is Why And How Cruz Is Grabbing Delegates

America (and the rest of the world, BTW) is now getting a first hand look at how our party system works, and it is coming as a big shock to a lot of people. The state of our political system is especially shocking to all the good, honest voters that have voted for years, but have done little or nothing else with the parties. Yesterday, we saw typical GOPer behavior in Tennessee, and in Colorado.

And the first time voters, and “inexperienced” voters, were stunned. All across cyberspace, Americans who support Trump are crying “voter fraud”, and Cruz supporters are trolling happily. There is talk of rebellion, third party runs, taking our votes and staying home, write in voting for president.

Time To FACE THE FACTS, Everyone.

We all knew the GOP would do whatever it took to STOP TRUMP. We also know Trump is a business man, NOT a politician. And,for those who are honest–WE ALL HAD A CHANCE TO LEARN THE RULES OF THIS GAME, AND MANY DIDN’T TAKE IT.

So, let’s look at what is going on, here, objectively. Cruz and the GOPer herd initially weren’t worried about Trump at all, his campaign was a joke. They felt that because they never expected America was desperately seeking Trump or a man like him. Then he exploded, and weary, concerned Americans rallied behind him.

And he started winning–BIG. But they still weren’t worried; witness Jeb’s comments in this interview. The important remarks in here come from before he ran and then stopped running. Most people missed them. But those who understand the parties got the message–That there was a path to the White House despite the voters. And the GOP was already considering it, just in case–REMEMBERING THE FORD/REAGAN 1976 CONVENTION OUTCOME.

In that convention, as many remember, neither candidate had the “magic number”. So, the contest was on. The candidates sent large ground teams to the convention, to try and woo/steal enough delegates to get their guy the nod. The GOPers tried to put in a new rule, forcing candidates to name their VP choice BEFORE voting, so they could use VP’s as bargaining chips. Concerned republicans coast to coast lived by their radios and TV sets, waiting to see what would happen. And Ford got the nod, just barely.

What Started Happening Next–Which Had Been Predicted Before Trump!

The preceding link, and all the reference links within, is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT LINK ON THIS POST. This is what all the players knew, back in 2014 and BEFORE. The real roots of this were laid back when Reagan got elected, by the will and determination of the people. As the Uniparty and the kleptocrats do NOT want the people to have a say (it can complicate otherwise simple business), they began their work to insure we never had a real say again with Reagan.

The GOPers knew when Trump started winning that they had one major task–keeping as wide a field as possible in the proportional states as possible, to grab stray delegates. The savvy candidates, the career politicians like Cruz, also knew that the average voter in THIS ELECTION CYCLE, DOESN’T KNOW THE RULES. And that many of the seasoned voters, seeing the huge popularity the Trump Train has, would also treat this election cycle as typical–they would vote, and wait complacently for the general to vote again. THEY WOULD NOT TAKE THE NEXT, NECESSARY STEPS TO PROTECT TRUMP. Sadly, even many people who have been voting for decades never really paid attention to the real important part, the delegates. They just naturally assumed (perish the thought) that the delegates would vote as they wished.

Now, this may come as a shock to you–but our founders SET UP AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PROCESS TO GET A PRESIDENT. This is the 2nd most important link in this post, BTW. One every American who wants real freedom should keep, share, and READ, READ, READ. 

But since the uniparty has never allowed the Constitution to get in the way of ordinary business to begin with, they don’t give it any thought. So when Trump kept winning, they didn’t worry. Because they knew that Cruz, being a very smart GOPer, though many bought his bullshit about being an “outsider”, and “anti-establishment”, and “constitutional”, and “conservative”, would be taking care of business, and making sure his voters took the next step.


Ted Cruz Part Two…

In the first post on #LyinTed, we introduced a few of the nuts, and other interesting Cruz tidbits. Now it’s time to revisit a nut or two and add some more. Ted’s Tree has plenty of Nuts in it….

Stay tuned for a closer look at Ted’s odd religious affiliations, financial affiliations, strange ideas about the Constitution and SCOTUS, and Heidi’s place in the NAU/CFR. For the record, in politics, the family is off limits, UNLESS THEY ARE ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL. Heidi is on the trail, stumping and fundraising and has been since Ted ran for Senate, so she’s fair game. Melania is NOT officially on the trail, and has made few appearances.

Is Cruz The Man You Want For President? Seriously?

For those who are looking for dirt on Cruz, here are a few things you might find interesting:

  • Cruz defends endorsements from a preacher who wants to kill Gays, and kill girl scout leaders who “promote homosexuality”– Kevin Swanson, Nut Number One More On Nut One 
  • Cruz defends endorser who called  Hitler a Jew Hunter Sent From God. Who also talks about death camps, and the Jews Needing to convert or die–Mike Bickle, Nut Number Two  More on Nut Two
  • And then there’s Cambridge Analytica, a company that specializes in Psychographic Segmentation. As a matter of fact, they pioneered much of the work in this field. By the way, their parent company, SCL Group, brags about fomenting coups for fun and profit, and military/government psy-ops, disinformation campaigns–The Creepy Mind Control Geeks
  • The money man behind Cambridge Analytica and Cruz is hedge fund guru Mercer, who coincidentally owes over 6 BILLION IN BACK TAXES TO THE IRS. Yep, Mercer owes the IRS big time–Why Cruz Wants to Abolish the IRS, Perhaps? More on The Money Man
  • And back to religion, since Cruz is apparently a fan (if not an actual practitioner), His Father, and the other 7 Mountains Dominionists, have a few interesting ideas concerning his role in life–The Annointed One? Seriously??
  • Then there are his financial shenanigans, from the unrecorded loans that are actually illegal, as they came from his WIFE’S GS Account–Undocumented Money, And Illegal
  • And the 500,000.00 he gave to Carly Fiorina’s PAC–Donating To Your OPPONENT? LOLWUT??
  • Then there’s the money Fiorina’s staffer, Sarah Ingur Flores, got paid. She is one of the women implicated in the #CubanMistressCrisis–Wow–Nice Starting Analysis Of The Funny Money
  • Perhaps I should have mentioned the National Enquirer Story about Cruz’s five affairs first. But I sincerely believe the Nutball endorsements and ties to government psy-ops companies are just a touch more important. So here is the #CubanMistressCrisis–The Daily Mail’s Got The Goods On Cruz
  • Lest we forget his dirty voting tricks, here’s the newest. Cruz trying to get Kasich kicked off the Ballot in Montana–If at first you don’t succeed–CHEAT
  • And the shaming letter in Iowa–SHAME On You, Rafael!
  • And lying about Dr. Carson Leaving the race in Iowa–which may have started with one of the alleged MISTRESSES, Amanda Carpenter–Bye Bye Ben?? NOT Really, Rafael..But Nice Try

This is just an off the cuff list of the largest issues. There is far more dirt out there on good old Ted Cruz. But for those in need of social media ammunition, this is a good start. I have found that people in CA are most concerned with the Cambridge Analytica information, and the information on his religious ties.

And if you think the Democrat side of the uniparty doesn’t know all this and more, THINK AGAIN. I can just imagine the headlines and articles sitting in computers at every MSM outlet in existence, here and abroad, waiting to be released.