Good Analysis Is So Hard To Find (unless you freqent T_D or Treehouse)

As is often the case, Conservative Treehouse has advanced a theory regarding the leaks, and the leakers, that is both internally and externally logical (complete with good links to other sources on the site and elsewhere).

Quite a few people have been complaining of late about the supposed inaction of AG Sessions. However, the DOJ/FBI has been quite busy with some things that are high on the president’s agenda– the arrest, detention and deportation of illegal aliens (specifically MS-13, for instance), the breaking up of child sex trafficking rings and child pornography rings (more arrests in this department in one year then in the previous 4 years AT LEAST), and the war on opiates. And given the language used by the fraudulent media vs. Trump’s written language and body language when around Sessions, I would guess that Trump and Sessions are indeed working quietly under the radar on both the issue below– and other issues.

DOJ/FBI has been extremely active for the last year, as evidenced by the press releases and other statements on the DOJ and FBI websites, and the few things that have surfaced in the fraudulent media, both clearing out a backlog of cases from the failed previous administration and initiating new investigations, and partnering with law enforcement in a few states to conduct major raids. One of the big advantages of the whole amazing– and amusing– “muh Russian Conspiracy” situation is it keeps the fraudulent media occupied while Trump and his (few) cabinet appointees can actually get things done.

Sadly, this is also a disadvantage as Americans have gotten used to the quislings in Congress and the fraudulent media spoon feeding them information daily– much of it false or not necessary for us to know at the moment– rather than going looking for information, or WAITING FOR SOMETHING WORTH REPORTING TO HAPPEN. The latter doesn’t work now, as the fraudulent media has imposed a near total blackout on any positive news coming from Trump’s administration.

At any rate, the article below is well worth reading, as are the other articles on the current happenings.


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