The Cleveland Endgame & Math Geeks From Hades

We’ve been talking now, a bit, about Psychographic Segmentation, Cambridge Analytica, SCL Group, and the math geeks from Hades. For those new to this, Cruz, the “Banker’s Husband”, hired Cambridge Analytica, the top company in the world in this esoteric field, to work with his campaign. You can find the back story on this here, and here. Given that this firm specializes in (to put it diplomatically) “sweeping political change”, they bear close watching.

And some people have indeed been watching, tracking, analyzing and planning a counter move to the predicted endgame, whatever the trigger would be, for a very long time. The research began over a decade ago, when SCL Group’s participation in those sweeping political changes was finally proven mathematically, as far as it could be. The plan itself, Silent Patriot, went into final design phase over 2 years ago.

While it may seem odd to talk about something like a political demonstration as having a “design phase”, keep in mind–when you are dealing with PS, you are dealing with mathematics, and constructing a model, an equation. On one side, you are setting up a series of circumstances, or a series of metrics you want to target, for instance. On the other side of the equal sign, you will get an “answer”, which if you are selling pink poodle purses will tell you exactly where to place your ads, and how to design them. If you’re staging an uprising, it will tell you what to expect.

Different “models”–sets of equations that fit together like puzzle pieces–yield different outcomes. so you can “game” different scenarios. For instance, what would happen if we had a nice natural disaster, and the military started confiscating firearms? Or, what if you had a terrorist attack in some small country that had been bragging about how peaceful it was? How could the presentation of the event in another, larger country far away, shape public perception and change the mass dynamic?

Remember, these people don’t just use specific language, in terms of spoken language. Visual images and audio are also forms of language. The visual and audio component of everything from news forecasts to presidential debates is very carefully designed to elicit certain responses in target audiences. If you take an event like those in Ferguson, for instance, the contextual framework, the narrative, was designed to elicit a specific response from a certain demographic metric.

Because the news was out live and “raw”, the very first story set the narrative–one of a “gentle giant”, just an over-sized teen, being gunned down in cold blood. The resulting “demonstrations” were framed as righteous anger from despairing friends and family, in reaction to what was perceived as just the most recent injustice in a long string of injustices. As the narrative progressed and the inconvenient “facts” started to combat that narrative, other contextual information was put in place to “balance” the equation, so the first side equaled the desired answer. So that 2+2 really did equal 4.

And all across cyberspace, data was being retrieved, and millions of individual data points were tracked, collated, categorized, and analyzed by math geeks in dozens of think tanks, firms like C.A. and SCL Group, government agencies and military intelligence units. And the resulting analyses were added to mountains of other incidents that had been analysed, some spontaneous things like reactions to the Tsunami in Japan, and some planned things that were carried out by different interests.

And sometimes, they get lucky and get a combination–a convenient natural disaster occurs, and some active intelligence group uses the opportunity to test a possible future scenario, and measure the outcome and rebound, because that particular disaster fit within the parameters of a potential operation. So if someone wanted to test how easily citizens would allow themselves to be disarmed at the worst possible time, right after a major natural disaster for instance, and a fire, tornado, earthquake or hurricane pops up in an area where the population fits within the parameters of the original question, they count themselves lucky and get to work.

Every event that happens isn’t planned, of course–too many variables have to be taken into account. But companies like this, and the governments and individuals that hire them, are working on very long project times, because it does take a decade or so to set up a target population. When you’re working towards a goal a decade or more away, it’s rather like thin streams of water eroding rock over centuries. you can set off very small changes, in very localized areas, and watch them spread and grow, and begin to take on a life of their own. Over days, weeks, months and years of steady tweaking of language, be it verbal, written, visual or auditory (or all of those), mass perception changes, and when spontaneous events happen, or natural disasters or economic meltdowns, they are opportunities to make more drastic changes, and speed up the process.

Manipulation of mass perception is nothing new–it’s been around since at least Viet Nam. But what can be done now is far more comprehensive than what could be done then. Just like the first VCRs were the size of suitcases and cost 400.00, while the newest DVD player is the size of a trade paperback and costs 30.00, technology moves on. And in this case, that technology has some very disturbing implications, given how it is already being used.




4 thoughts on “The Cleveland Endgame & Math Geeks From Hades

  1. Which is why you see the Stones/Jones calls for demonstrations in Cleveland as an ill-conceived knee-jerk reaction to the RNC plans to hand the nom to Their Chosen Establishment candidate.


    I still think it’s Bush.

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    • I’m fairly sure the GOPers think it’s Bush too. But the math on Bush doesn’t work out.

      And yes, Stone’s current lunacy tags him as either an utter fool or part of the endgame for this project, and I am betting on endgame given his propensity for survival in a hostile environment despite pi$$ing off the wrong people more than once.

      With A. Jones, you never know. HE is more than aware of the math geeks, and has been for some time. But he also serves his own interests.

      One of the most annoying aspects of these things is the way the number of outliers and randoms increases when you get close to an endgame. Every nut in existence come out of the woodwork….

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