The Silent Patriot Movement

For those considering a vacation to Cleveland this July, a modest proposal:

Be a silent patriot. Bring your flag, and simply walk in silence, and stand in silence, wherever you are. Do NOT obstruct traffic, or block businesses. Do NOT answer questions, or wear candidate gear. Do NOT yell, chant, or react to anything people do to you.

Be like Buckingham Palace guards.


  • ATTENTION.  If thousands of people just randomly appear in Cleveland, not just at the convention but other areas also and do this–it will create a firestorm of speculation. What is the message?
  • IMPACT. Imagine 5-6000 people doing this around the convention, and in public parks and elsewhere, with more showing up all the time–and none of them saying anything at all. None reacting to attempts at provocation. 5000 silent people has far more impact than 5000 chanting people–because the viewer has minimal data to go on, the viewer automatically personalizes the message. In other words, the pro-life person sees a pro-life patriot, the Christian sees a Christian soldier…..The less context provided, the easier it is for a viewer to personalize the message.
  • THE MEDIA. The media would be going batty trying to get people to talk, give them ANY information, and they would be speculating endlessly on what we’re doing. This would have even more impact if people around the country pulled silent patriot demonstrations in front of their government buildings or in other public areas the same day.
  • THE LEGAL ANGLE. It is against the law to demonstrate at, or otherwise disrupt, the convention. By doing this, we aren’t “demonstrating” by typical public definition, because we aren’t wearing candidate gear, not chanting, no signs. And we’re not disrupting because we’re not blocking access to the convention or creating a disturbance.

So–picture what would happen if, on the first day of the convention, tens of thousands of silent patriots were around the convention center, and in the public parks in Cleveland, and across the USA in cities and towns, on freeway overpasses…

And further, picture what the American people would think if BLM and paid agitators were getting in our faces, shouting, spitting, being abusive–and we ignored them…And the media were stuffing microphones in our faces, and we acted as though they didn’t exist.

And then the police show up.

This is where it gets interesting. Because if we were lucky enough to be being harassed and assaulted by the paid agitators and BLM types, the police would be forced to arrest them. Not to do so would send a vivid message to everyone watching the events unfold on TV around the world, a message the uniparty can’t afford to send. It would show every American that there is effectively no rule of law, any more. It would show them the true face of these violent movements.

The question then becomes what would they do about us? What would it look like on TV is the police began arresting, around the country and in Cleveland, people who were doing nothing illegal at all?  Who weren’t inciting violence, creating a disturbance, being abusive to anyone? Imagine the message THAT would send around the world, folks. Every American would see themselves in our shoes. The average person would be asking themselves: “If the police can arrest THEM for doing nothing, how safe am I? When did it become illegal to carry a flag? To walk around minding your own business?


We Must Be Silent Patriots.

Why No Third Party?



Once upon a time, there was a  country. And in this country, there were two parties, “Democrat” and “Republican”. There were other parties in existence, of course, and in the past the two main parties had gone by other names. But the other parties had little to no influence in this country, because they were too small to be effective, and the political system was set up to insure they couldn’t grow large enough to be a threat.

Why? Because these two main parties only “look” like two separate parties. In reality, they are working together, as a uniparty. They share the same mega donors, the same information systems, and they have the same goals.

Now if this were a military situation–two major kingdoms that in reality shared the same infrastructure–then a wise general would NEVER try and build a third, rivaling kingdom to fight both, for several reasons:

  • It is never a good idea to open up a multi-front war, as it exponentially increases the variables, the resources required, and the complexity of the campaigns.
  • Instead of needed resources equal to ONE opponent’s capability, you need more than twice as much as BOTH opponents have. The resource requirements are far beyond the amount readily available in most if not all cases.
  • Open warfare in and of itself is NEVER the most efficient way to conquer an opponent. All the best generals will always consider taking an enemy from within where possible.

So, If Sun Tzu, Gaius Marius, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Julius Caesar, Patton, Rommel, or any other general were looking at our current political system with the goal of breaking up the uniparty, they would choose to do so using the most efficient means available.

And that means is taking one side of the uniparty from within. Just as the Spartans were defeated in the end by a single disgruntled person who showed the enemy secret tracks to get around the Spartan forces, Just as Troy fell to a handful of soldiers in a wooden horse, Just as Rahab in the Bible let spies in through a side gate so Jericho could be taken,  The Uniparty can best be broken by co-opting one side of it through infiltration.

The GOP, like any complex system, is quite vulnerable for a very simple reason. The more complex a system becomes, the more efficient it is to consolidate basic necessary infrastructure needs, concentrating them under the control of relatively small parts of the system.

A military leader knows this, as do some “civilians”. The average person often doesn’t understand this basic mathematical consequence of large complex systems. The Romans were, in the late republic, the finest military in the world. They repeatedly won battles against forces that outnumbered them dozens and on occasions hundreds to one. They did so in part because they had a technological advantage. But more often, the real advantage was in understanding leverage and infrastructure.

They understood that if you seize control of a few vital parts of a city’s infrastructure, you could take the largest city with a very small force. And the same principle applies to a political party, because political parties are just like any other complex system. The vast majority of the vital work is done by a relatively small group of people.

A civilian, looking at a city like Tucson AZ, would say you need a large army to take the city. Artillery, tanks, etc. And that civilian would be wrong, unless the goal was replacing the inhabitants. Tucson AZ could be taken, in reality, by less than 1000 people, if the purpose was to gain resources. Why? because all you would need would be to gain control over the infrastructure–water and utilities delivery–and gain control over the services structure, the city council and the first responders.

If a concentrated group of 1000 people or less were to quietly co-opt the basic infrastructure systems through hacking and physical occupation, and another group were to co-opt control of the services structure by either replacing city officials and the command structure of the emergency services or “persuading” those people to work with them, the city could be effectively be taken over. Without a shot fired, with no chaos or disturbance.

Because the goal isn’t to conquer people, in this case, but to gain control and power.  The people of Tucson really don’t care WHO is in charge, so to speak. As long as they have their jobs, their city services, and the same basic life they have now, who provides those things makes NO DIFFERENCE.

Too many people who support a third party move have the “scorched Earth” scenario in mind. That scenario is the least efficient, and least permanent, way to achieve the goals they say they are working towards–a return of the golden age of America. Waging huge political battles and annoying people is a bad idea, when there are far better options.

The average American has no desire to have their life disrupted by revolution of any kind. And there is no need for a physical revolution at the moment to effect political change. A relatively small group of reformers can simply co-opt the existing GOP side of the political system, either compel the elites to work with them or replace the elites, and begin effecting change from that position of power.

Given that the enemy in this case, the GOPer establishment, is essentially an organization with no real security, no vetting process, and many openings in the infrastructure, only someone who hadn’t studied war would try to advance a third party. If we go back to our city analogy:

If you were looking at a city that was totally unguarded, with 30-50% of the buildings and infrastructure jobs vacant–why in the world would you waste time and money building another city from the ground up?

By far the most practical choice is starting an immigrant wave–have your people move into those vacant houses (the PC seats), have your people take those vacant jobs, and then when the idiots who are ostensibly in charge finally pull their heads out of the sand and assess the situation, they find they are in a distinct minority, and all of their resources have been taken over. Granted, if this were a city/country, that would take a while. But considering the ROI, it’s well worth it.

At that point, you offer them 2 choices–either they agree to follow your agenda, under close supervision, and keep their resources–or, they can hit the road. This is where the GOP is, right now. They are distracted by a serious external threat to their gravy train, in the form of Donald Trump and his followers. They are short handed in vital positions, and also dealing with a huge influx of new members.

As such, those of us interested in real party reform have a golden opportunity to walk right into those positions, with little opposition and little to no scrutiny. And from within, we have months to find the weaknesses in our local GOP, and move resources into place to exploit those weaknesses.

The elites in this system are fat, complacent, and comfortable. They aren’t going to want to hit the road, or face criminal charges where applicable. So, like the kleptocrats they are, they WILL make a deal, when they wake up and find out that they have already been taken over.

Precincts And The GOP



In the last post, I laid out the basic information regarding precinct chairs and their importance. As a real world example, someone I know attended a GOPer meeting in her city this past week. Despite being totally unknown in the party, she was able to get chosen as a state delegate, apply for a national delegate slot, and get appointed to the PC seat for her precinct. In my area, out of almost 150 precinct seats, only 42 are filled. I found that out recently. And I am going to get one. If others like me get those seats, then we can have real control over our party.

And once you are in a seat, staying in it is very easy. Where I am, it requires 10 signatures from people in your precinct, and then there is a vote. This vote happens every 2 years, after the elections. Typically, you won’t have a challenger at all, and if you do, you simply have to make sure you have a majority of the Rs in your precinct already committed to voting for you–so any challenger can’t get a majority without going out and recruiting new republicans.

And PCs are the real power position in the GOP, as they control the voter databases. They know who votes, how frequently, who donates. They also get all the inside information. For instance, there is at least one Senate seat being contested right now in the GOP by a good challenger. But that local GOP has already thrown their weight in favor of the incumbent, who will be allowed to serve this last term, and then retire with dignity,  so the already selected new blood can move in. 

This is how the GOPers work. And they can do this because at any given time at least 30% of the PC seats are empty–and the remainder are held by GOPers. So they keep voting in the rules that benefit them, and the people who have been in charge forever. If we take the precinct seats, we take the party.

Unless the people step up and defy the uniparty, this will continue. And any changes Trump does effect, will disappear fast. If the GOP is against him when he gets elected, then the GOPers in congress will feel confident in opposing him. If, on the other hand, the power of the GOP has been co-opted by us, then we can lean on the GOPers through the party.

Taking Back the GOP:

  • Attend the next local meeting, and find out whether your precinct captain/committeeman seat is open.
  • If it IS–ask to be appointed.
  • If it ISN’T, ask to volunteer with the current PC. If that person is a reformer, offer to help. If they are a GOPer, then:
  • Get to know the people in your precinct, and find others who are sick of the uniparty. Get them behind you, so in December when the PC seats come up for grabs again, you can get nominated and chosen.

Right now is the best time to begin, for several reasons:

  • The GOPers are occupied with the campaign cycle, and dealing with an influx of new voters, so they are more than willing to take on volunteers without thinking about it.
  • It gives us time to observe from the inside, and gather information, and get to know the voters in our precinct, and if we live in a place Trump didn’t do well, we can change that before the general.
  • It gives us time to line up challengers for seats occupied by GOPers, and get people in position to vote for the replacements for those seats when the seats are up for grabs in December/January.

Taking back the party is essential, for reasons discussed in the post about No Third Party.

The Third Rail

Once again, there are people calling for a “Third Party”. As always, this argument has an emotional appeal; we’re tired of being treated like trash by the GOP/RNC, being ignored, being abused, and getting no representation in return for our taxation.

Alright. I understand that, I really do. But a third party is not, and will never be, the answer to this issue, because it can’t be. It is simply logistically and economically impossible.

The political landscape needs to be viewed from an economic standpoint, as well as a military standpoint. As such, this post will just be a basic overview, expanded on in the next few posts.

The Nature Of American Politics

Eisenhower, in his farewell address,  spoke about the “military industrial complex”. He saw quite clearly the potential that a major industry sector allied with the government represented. What he didn’t see was the root of the problem; the fundamental economic shift that the creation of the Federal Reserve system, fractional currency, and the income tax would cause over time.

When he was president, it was only a few decades from those seminal events, and the USA was still on the gold standard (mostly). The monster that is Social Security was still in its infancy, and all the entitlement programs the government has since instituted were not yet in place.

Even so, he saw that something had changed, and would continue to change. And it worried him enough that he spoke to the people about it. Not Congress, not on the Senate or house floor. He spoke to his “fellow Americans”. He was warning us to be vigilant, informed, and work to prevent what he saw coming.

Unfortunately, people have short memories, and in the boom years following the war, then the social tumult of the Viet Nam era, we dropped the ball.

The Rise Of The Kleptocrats

As the political, social, and economic landscape changed, politics became the newest industry for kleptocrats–people who believe in rule by theft, in this case theft of money and power through legislation, taxation, and regulation. Kleptocrats are the dominant subset of the political and economic world. They have no intrinsic morals, ethics, or values. They seek only money, and power. But make no mistake, they are entirely sane, rational people. Don’t equate their behavior with mental illness; it isn’t.  They are pragmatists, efficient, and elegant in the scientific sense. They simply see no reason to concern themselves with extraneous issues like the needs of others.

Under certain circumstances, they are extremely effective leaders, as they don’t have to distance themselves from emotional issues to deal with logical ones. There are times when it pays not to be tied down with morals, ethics, or values….When it benefits them to make us happy, then they are more than willing to do so. As such, unlike some other varieties of politician, you can deal with these people.

When a kleptocrat runs for office, it is with these thoughts in mind:

  • What do I have to say, and how must I present myself, to get this job? (pandering to voters and special interest groups, for example)
  • Who do I have to pay, how do I have to pay, and how much, to KEEP this job? (Sending pork back to states and non-profits through legislation, for example)
  • How much personal power and wealth can I accrue to myself, while in this job, and after? (becoming a K Street lobbyist, running a PAC, an ambassadorship, as examples)

And that is all there is to them. They go to Washington under the guise of the “two party system”, and once there, they promptly begin dealing, dickering, and divvying up the money and power. When you read all the legislation and regulation over the years and strip away the language, it doesn’t take long to see the most fundamental aspect of a uniparty kleptocracy:

No matter which party is ostensibly “in charge”, both parties benefit equally in the short and long term. In case you missed that: THEY BOTH BENEFIT EQUALLY. Therefore, they are not only on the same team, they will work together to maintain this system. This leaves the body politic, the people, with a relatively limited set of options:

  • Bloody Revolution/Civil War. Obviously, this should be the absolute last resort, for a long list of reasons. So we’ll skip it for a while.
  • The Ballot Box. Yes, voting can effect temporary change, but without fixing the underlying uniparty structure, it’s a temporary lull in the gravy train.
  • Making a Deal. Yes, we can make deals with kleptocrats, and in some cases, this should be part of “the plan”, as long as there is a mechanism in place to insure both sides of the deal are honored.
  • The Third Party Option. This is an ABSOLUTE NON-STARTER. From all points of view: statistically, mathematically, economically, militarily, it simply doesn’t work in our current system.
  • Hijacking the GOP.

The time has come to get to work–and the optimal choice is choice #4, hijacking the GOP.

Why We Need Option Four

The American people are laboring under a few misconceptions, politically speaking. One of these is that it is possible to field an effective third party, when it isn’t. I’ll go into the logistics and reasons in another post. The other misconception concerns how our political parties are structured, and how the power base within those parties works.

So, here’s a real world analogy: PTA/PTOs

If you’re a parent, you may belong to one of the organizations. And if you do, then you know very well that though such an organization may speak for hundreds of families, and may have dozens of volunteers, all the real power is concentrated in a very small group–typically a dozen members AT MOST. I have been a power player in every PTA/PTO I ever joined, because I understood that in all organizations, 20% of the people or less do 80% of the work–and 1% of the people hold the majority of the power. If you can get voting power, you own the organization. Because we know this in my business (kettle corn), we can get into any school sponsored events in our city simply by making one or 2 phone calls, while other vendors who don’t understand how these groups work may never get into these events.

The GOP is no different–you have “the base”–in this case about 90% or more of the members. They vote for politicians, make donations, buy bumper stickers, and sometimes volunteer as poll watchers etc.

Then you have another 9% who hold the real power–the precinct committee people/precinct captains. These are the real power in the GOP, because they have voting control. They elect delegates at state level, elect the rules committee, vote on policy. They get out the vote and control the databases. Without the support of this group, the big boys can’t become big boys in the first place.

At any given time nationwide, anywhere from 30-50% OR MORE of the precinct seats are empty, despite the fact the position literally involves going to one meeting a month, and contacting precinct republicans as needed, by whatever means the PC chooses.

This is why the GOP is able to function in the uniparty–because these seats are empty, the only people voting on party business are the GOPers in the occupied seats. This is also why the GOP is vulnerable to be hijacked, very easily. If those seats are filled with people who want reform, and other reformers are in place to run for a seat after the general election with a group of people ready to vote them in, the game is over for the GOPers.


Feeding The Beast

Do you get a tax refund?  If not, good for you! If so, Why?

Consider the current state of our runaway federal government. Last year, the IRS collected a record 3 TRILLION dollars, give or take a few billion. Yet we *still had a deficit*. Last year, 80% of Americans got a tax refund, out of the 45% or so that actually paid taxes….

The Role of Government

The government, at the federal level, is supposed to be strictly limited. But more importantly, think about the role of government in YOUR life. Is the government your friend, spouse, child? Is the government something you admire and enjoy having in your life? If either of these is the case, then you might as well stop reading now, as this is about removing them from your life as much as possible.

If you pay the government extra, if you get back a refund of *any* of the payroll taxes you give them, then YOU are part of a big problem. And you are cheating yourself, and your family. The government is taking advantage of you, every single paycheck.


It’s time we began starving this beast we all feed, in every legal way possible. And that means doing a few very simple things:

  • USE THE IRS’S RULES AGAINST THEM. You have the right to change your withholding for federal tax purposes, your “W-2”, as often as you wish. DO THIS. There is a calculator on the IRS website that you should use every 3 months–beginning in the last week of March/ 1st week of April. It is very simple, fast, and shows you where you are in the tax year. Most people find it takes them until June or July to pay their tax burden. IF YOU GOT ALL YOUR TAXES BACK LAST YEAR, AND YOUR INCOME HASN’T CHANGED, CLAIM EXEMPT.
  • Once you have used the calculator, you have a “benchmark”. You know approximately how much you have left to pay, so you can figure out when to CHECK AGAIN. If it seems you are “close”, check in 1 month. If it seems like you’re “half way there”, check in 2-3 months.
  • AS SOON AS YOU ARE PAID UP, CHANGE YOUR W-2 TO WITHHOLD ZERO or as close as possible. This may mean using all your exemptions, or only a few. The goal is to stop giving the government interest free loans.
  • By the middle of the year, you’ll be paying almost no taxes, or no taxes. And at the END of the year, you’ll either owe zero, or a small amount–typically around 100.00 or so. You can use the calculator on the IRS website toward the end of the year to see if you will owe and how much.
  • At this point, just make sure you have that money set aside, or if you get EITC or other credits, you have accounted for that money being taken out. IF you owe, drop a check or money order in the mail on April 10th or so, but no later than the 14th. PAY BY MAIL AND KEEP PROOF LIKE A PHOTO OR CHECK STUB.

Why Should you do this?

Because there is no reason at all to treat the government the way you treat family or friends. THIS IS YOUR MONEY. YOU should be using it, not the government. Even an extra 10.00 a week comes out to 500.00 a year or so. It adds up. That is money you should be using to pay down debt, to go into savings, to take care of the people that matter to you, not the government.

Those who watch the government’s spending remember during the shutdown the government continued to accept money, but stopped refunding money. They also know, and have known for years, that the only reason the government stays open IN THE FIRST PLACE is because of all the Americans and businesses that overpay, every paycheck or every quarter.

It is every citizen’s responsibility to provide for their family and their own welfare, FIRST. And it is definitely NOT your responsibility to enable the government to keep living beyond its means.On the contrary, it is your duty to pay as little taxes as you legally owe.

It is time to stop enabling Washington, and start enabling your family. Otherwise, you’re still part of the problem, instead of the solution.

More Than Words

If nothing else, this election cycle is an excellent illustration of propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and the chicanery of the media and various talking heads. From the media’s deliberate use of creative editing to continually smear Donald Trump, to the blunt intimidation practiced by the increasingly violent “protesters”, both paid and voluntary, we’re witnessing the power of language in action.

And it’s high time people realized just how much power words have. This is especially true in this cycle, as one of our presidential hopefuls, the self-acclaimed “Christian, Constitutional Conservative”, Senator Rafael (Ted) Cruz, is employing Cambridge Analytica to propel him to the White House. Despite his egregious record both politically and personally, his absolutely deplorable associates, and his full embrace of Obama’s leftist tactics, “Lyin Ted” is still in the race, and  there are still millions of sincere (and sincerely deluded) Americans who believe him, and consider him “TrusTED”.

If I told you there was a presidential candidate employing a company that specializes in “shaping public perception”, you probably wouldn’t be too concerned, even though what they do amounts to indoctrination and brain washing, over time.

What if I told you the parent company of that firm specializes in military psyops, misinformation/disinformation for governments, and implementing regime changes in various countries for fun and profit? That’s a little more serious than targeting ads to get you to buy more gizmos on Amazon, or go to one church rather than another.

If I told you there was a presidential candidate whose main money man was a billionaire hedge fund guru, you’d probably shrug your shoulders, as presidential campaigns cost a lot of money.

What if you found out, though, that the money man in this case owed the IRS 10 BILLION dollars? Well, now–it seems *that* money man has a conflict of interest here, as does the candidate he is backing. Who, BTW, is pushing a tax plan that would essentially impose a VAT tax AND other taxes on the people he claims will pay less, while rewarding hedge fund billionaires…..

What if I told you a presidential candidate had been endorsed by people who actively call for genocide–death penalty for gays–as well as forcible conversion/ death for Jews? Now, we have an issue, don’t we? Gee, a Christian candidate would repudiate such horrible people, especially if he was also loudly proclaiming his support for Israel.

Apparently, not so much. This candidate continues to defend these fringe nuts. And is surrounded by others, including his own brand of “Evangelism”, that turns out on closer examination to be slightly less than mainstream, to say the least.

But hey, every candidate attracts nuts, right?? And just because he has been in his religion for years doesn’t mean he actually *believes it*, or even listens, right?? Hmm. 50 Shades of Obama is looking like a good working title for this little play…..

What if I could show you that this candidate consistently votes in favor of things that undermine our Constitution, and our sovereignty? And has proposed a Constitutional amendment that would completely remove the balance of power our founders so carefully built, by altering the very nature of the SCOTUS?

No. That simply wouldn’t be possible, this guy is both conservative AND a Constitutional scholar! Shame on me for questioning him. He has argued 9 case before SCOTUS and WON! Well, sort of…won 2 lost a few, draw in some others…but what’s a few details??? He did win! Sometimes, at least…..

All of these things are absolute facts, as will be outlined very carefully in coming posts. All of them apply to one candidate, the one the GOP is coalescing behind with the brokered convention narrative. In a sane and rational nation where people actually researched candidates and looks at facts objectively, this person wouldn’t have lasted beyond the first round of primaries, if he made it that far (as in his case, he is ineligible to be president anyway, *and knows he is*).

But we have come to rely on language, and memes, and sound bites, pundits, the MSM. And so we have someone running in second place who from a practical and ethical point of view is the end of the world as we know it, who could destroy the very foundations of our republic, backed by some seriously dangerous organizations and people.

It’s high time the voting public looked at more than words. It’s time the voters looked at the actions behind those words, the man behind the mask so carefully crafted by a high priced psy-op firm.

It’s time to examine what the words Christian, Constitutional, and Conservative mean in this man’s case.


The Time Has Come

It is obvious, by now, that this is a watershed election cycle. We are seeing a degree of interest and involvement that is unprecedented. On the left we have career criminal Hillary Clinton and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, whose biggest accomplishment in life is re-naming two post offices.

And on the right, we are finally down to a small field–John Kasich, the son of a mailman and governor of Ohio (the only state he has won), Ted Cruz, the “Christian, Constitutional Conservative” who is none of those things as we shall prove. And then there is Donald J Trump.

Trump is *not* a stereotypical conservative. He is *not* a politician. He is *not* politically correct, in the least. So, what is he? Well, he’s the front runner, though if one listens to the MSM and the GOP/RNC, he is an unmitigated disaster who will spell the end of the world as we know it, should his mouth breathing, knuckle dragging supporters manage to bully him into office.

How is it that a man who has gained the hatred of the left, the right, the world, the media, and various cartoon characters become the driving force in this election, the candidate that won’t die?

The answer is so glaringly obvious that everyone but the knuckle draggers simply can’t comprehend it: he is a patriot. He’s a nationalist, in a good way–America first, and always. He’s an unapologetic capitalist. He is the billionaire Joe Six Pack can imagine throwing a couple of steaks on the grill with and exchanging B.S. stories with on the porch.

Trump is, in an elemental way, the face of America; a face that many Americans are *so used to seeing that it had become effectively invisible*. How many times have you driven the same route to work? When you think of your drive to work, you can probably name a good number of the landmarks, but what can you say about the hundreds of objects between those landmarks? Probably nothing, if you’re the average person–because those hundreds of other objects aren’t important.

You don’t need them to navigate, you don’t shop at them, or you know nobody who lives there. So over time, they literally disappear. And the majority of America has “disappeared”. Trump represents the invisible (before now) America–the part of the country that only becomes a landmark when part of it makes the news, for good or bad reasons.

He is the face of the faceless, the voice of the silent majority. A blend of showman, business man, celebrity, and intelligent, thought provoking old guy. He is saying, out loud, the things we have been saying in private for years and in some cases decades, and through some miracle he isn’t being driven back into the shadows, shamed, bankrupted, arrested, and hasn’t been shot (yet).

And we are finding our voices also, after a long silence. We’re standing up to cyberbullying. We’re wearing our MAGA gear, going to rallies, working phone banks, and voting in record numbers. And the real miracle is that other parts of the silent majority, the independents and blue dog democrats–are joining us. And the millennials are waking up to what the political landscape means in America as well.

After a long and troubled sleep, the time has come. The time has come to wake up, and lift our voices, and be heard. The time has come to cast aside the false and destructive aspects of our current one party kleptocracy, and Make America Great Again.

So in the coming days, and weeks we’ll take a look at what’s really been going on around us for the last 50 years, and begin fixing things. As of today, Donald Trump has already returned many things to us that had been taken. He has gotten conversations started that we have needed for decades. He has forced the MSM, and the political powers that be, to at least acknowledge us, which is a big step forward.

He has exposed the duplicity and mendacity of the press, both political parties, and many aspects of society and our government that we either stopped trying to fix and gave up as lost causes. He has made hundreds of things that are part of the background or invisible in our daily lives visible again. You could make a case that he has already accomplished more in his candidacy than many in Washington and elsewhere have accomplished in years.

But if we want this positive trend to continue, we need to do more than vote and stump for him. The time has come to reclaim our sadly perverted political party.

GOPer season is open.