Good Analysis Is So Hard To Find (unless you freqent T_D or Treehouse)

As is often the case, Conservative Treehouse has advanced a theory regarding the leaks, and the leakers, that is both internally and externally logical (complete with good links to other sources on the site and elsewhere).

Quite a few people have been complaining of late about the supposed inaction of AG Sessions. However, the DOJ/FBI has been quite busy with some things that are high on the president’s agenda– the arrest, detention and deportation of illegal aliens (specifically MS-13, for instance), the breaking up of child sex trafficking rings and child pornography rings (more arrests in this department in one year then in the previous 4 years AT LEAST), and the war on opiates. And given the language used by the fraudulent media vs. Trump’s written language and body language when around Sessions, I would guess that Trump and Sessions are indeed working quietly under the radar on both the issue below– and other issues.

DOJ/FBI has been extremely active for the last year, as evidenced by the press releases and other statements on the DOJ and FBI websites, and the few things that have surfaced in the fraudulent media, both clearing out a backlog of cases from the failed previous administration and initiating new investigations, and partnering with law enforcement in a few states to conduct major raids. One of the big advantages of the whole amazing– and amusing– “muh Russian Conspiracy” situation is it keeps the fraudulent media occupied while Trump and his (few) cabinet appointees can actually get things done.

Sadly, this is also a disadvantage as Americans have gotten used to the quislings in Congress and the fraudulent media spoon feeding them information daily– much of it false or not necessary for us to know at the moment– rather than going looking for information, or WAITING FOR SOMETHING WORTH REPORTING TO HAPPEN. The latter doesn’t work now, as the fraudulent media has imposed a near total blackout on any positive news coming from Trump’s administration.

At any rate, the article below is well worth reading, as are the other articles on the current happenings.


via The News is Fake, The Leaks Are Real…


So Facebook Made A Mistake…They Sent Me a Survey On Bullying…


That is why I am on Facebook, and Twitter. Because unlike many, I realize that if we intend to change the course this nation is on, WE MUST SECURE THE INFORMATION STREAM–ALL OF IT.

And today, facebook asked me to answer a survey on bullying on their platform. The last question was an open ended answer, asking me to describe the issues I am dealing with–in detail.

This Was My Diplomatic Response….

As ALWAYS–FOR THE LAST YEAR+, VERBAL ATTACKS AND ACTUAL THREATS FROM THE LEFTISTS/DEMOCRATS, UP TO AND INCLUDING DEATH, RAPE, AND DOXXING. And now lately, tons of porn spam in messenger, and being added against my wishes to disgusting/obscene porn groups, that often feature illegal activities as well. I have complained to facebook multiple times. I keep my messenger OFF now, and check it as seldom as possible. I have reported people, I have avoided people, I have reported people TO THE POLICE WITH SCREEN SHOTS.

I HAVE REPORTED MULTIPLE USERS IN THE LAST DAY ALONE DIRECTLY TO THE SECRET SERVICE AND THE FBI, AS WELL AS THEIR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT WHEN THEIR PROFILE SHOWED LOCATION–I didn’t bother reporting them to you because you have zero interest in discouraging the terrorism the left is practicing.

Frankly, were it not for the fact I use your platform for work and social research, I would have abandoned facebook years ago. Your choices of reasons for reporting are pitiful, and your supposed “community standards” even more so–as they are never enforced. why are they not enforced? WELL, APPARENTLY, IF YOU ARE A VIOLENT, MENTALLY DISTURBED LEFTIST WHO WANTS TO MURDER FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS FOR THEIR POLITICAL BELIEFS, OR ASSASSINATE PUBLIC FIGURES, YOU GET A FREE PASS.

Why is it that you do not include being bullied or threatened for your political beliefs as an option in the harassment category?

I find your deliberate blindness when it comes to the highly toxic political environment you help encourage to be beneath contempt. If Facebook as a business entity showed even the slightest concern for the welfare of members, or simple common DECENCY, the community standards would clearly prohibit threatening people over political views–BECAUSE TO USE THREATS OF VIOLENCE, OR DIRECT VIOLENCE, TO TRY AND EFFECT POLITICAL CHANGE IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Which makes your “social media company” AN ACCESSORY BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER THE FACT, to any crimes committed by members on your platform that you do not even give us the means to report to you.

And when you allow your members to meet up, and plan terrorist acts in the real world–as happened during the last campaign when groups like BLM and Occupy were openly setting up Facebook groups to organize violent protests, the blocking of FEDERAL AND STATE HIGHWAYS (a felony, you know) and other miscellaneous acts of domestic terrorism, and when people OPENLY SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO ISIS AND POST THEIR ACTS OF TERROR LIVE ON YOUR PLATFORM, YOU ARE FACILITATING DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

But, I suppose it must be worth the money and support you get from your evil, degenerate, mentally unbalanced liberal member base–and the business and hate groups they enjoy. And the tax breaks and H1B visa abuse you get for being a de facto arm of the DNC is probably just a fringe benefit.

If I don’t get banned for this–I will be surprised. Just in case, I gave my facebook friends a heads up, and posted this rant as my status.

Thoughts On Memorial Day….

Today, Stores across the country are having sales. Car dealerships are draped with red white and blue banners where I am. Many of our game websites offer us the chance to get lots more virtual coins, so we can have a shot at winning “the big one”.

The grocery store shelves are picked bare of hotdog and hamburger buns, the delis can hardly keep up with the demand for potato salad, and if you forgot to buy your charcoal, you might be out of luck.

And that is the nature of this day– that they have returned to the Earth, and to that source from which all things were born. That we who are here remember them. Some remember them with prayer, and flags, wreaths placed on their graves. Others remember them in celebration–living and enjoying time with family and friends, savoring the freedom that carries the highest price tag of all.


For freedom requires not only personal responsibility, morality, and the assumption of duty before pleasure, payment before reward–freedom also requires, far more often than should be the case, the blood of our parents. Our children. Our spouses. The surest way to lose freedom, forever, is to forget that is IS a treasure, a gift, and must be guarded.

The surest way to lose freedom, and render the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers worse than meaningless, is for the common man to assume “somebody will fix it”. To assume that “the government” will preserve it. To assume that you are “doing your part” by voting, working, and paying taxes alone. These things are only the beginning of preserving this treasure.

Preserving freedom requires each and every citizen, of any nation, to resist at all costs ANY form of government intervention, social “justice”, or shaming that removes the inherent freedoms all are born with. We must be willing to say NO to tempting visions of “FREE” services–be they healthcare, student loans, housing–promised by governments.

Because a government, by its very nature, is a parasite. It does not create, it only consumes. It is, by its very nature, the antithesis of freedom–for it restricts, it regulates, it takes from some to give to others.

Does this mean we must have NO government? No–because there are some things that work best if done by one agency, in one place. But it DOES mean that to allow ourselves to rely on a government to provide those basic necessities required to live comfortably–or live at all–is a dangerous road to travel. Because the government consumes all things, without distinction. And the appetite of government is insatiable.

So whenever D.C.–or Any government seat says they will give you something free, remember: it is only free because someone else is paying in your place. And—what happens when the people run out of sustenance to feed this beast we have allowed to flourish in our midst?

And when we have been sacrificed to the beast that is our government–if there is a hereafter, and our fallen heroes are there….How can we apologize for the way we treated the treasure they died to preserve?

A Letter To Michael Reed–A Gatlinburg Story

The Gatlinburg Story Timeline

chloe reed

michael reed lily reed

michael reed constance reed

Constance Reed’s Story

Dear Mr. Reed:

Since Monday night, I and tens of thousands of people around the world have been watching the tragedy unfold in Gatlinburg. We saw your plea to the people there to help you find your beloved family, and we prayed for you and for them. We prayed that they would be found, and you would be reunited.

And today, we’re crying with you. We’re crying with your family. And I have seen some comments from hateful people, mocking us for our faith, saying our prayers didn’t work. That “the imaginary sky fairy” doesn’t exist.

And I know from personal experience that when the pain is so deep it freezes your blood, when the despair is so wide and so strong there seems to be no light, love, or life left, even those with deep faith may question–Why? Why does our Father not hear us, not answer us? I say he DOES hear us–but his plans as a parent to ALL, don’t always seem fair to one. Or even many.

I am NOT saying that is how you feel. But I do know that right now, when the pain is the worst, it can be so very hard to breathe, to endure, to take one. More. Moment.

Your Story, And Your Family, Matter.

At the beginning of this tragedy, the big networks didn’t care. Most regional networks didn’t care either. News coverage was almost non-existent. But then, you gave an interview about your missing family–and something happened. People saw you–your honesty, your deep grief and fear, the obvious love you have for your wife and daughters, and they responded. The interview began spreading on social media.

Then the MSM began to notice, and the press began reporting. And around the world, people became aware of the horrible tragedy that has taken so much from the people of Gatlinburg, and Sevierville, And Pigeon Forge. Donations began pouring in to both local charities and Red cross. YOUR story, and the awareness it brought, has helped raise money to pay vet bills for a little autistic girl’s therapy pony. Your honest face, the face of a loving, frightened grieving father, has moved literally hundreds of people to contact me and ask–“What can I do to help Gatlinburg and Michael Reed”?

Were it not for your story, sir, who knows how many people wouldn’t have CARED enough to help? I don’t know. But I do know that it was YOUR story that is still leading people to my facebook, asking me how they can help.

Believe me– had prayer been enough, your family and the others who died would have been wrapped in the prayers of hundreds, then thousands of people, and they would still be with you. And the others who have died would be alive also. But The Lord called your family, and the others who we all mourn now, home to him. And all the prayers we had couldn’t change HIS will.

But He never gives us a burden greater than we can bear And he never closes a door, without opening an even bigger one. The heart-wrenching video your wife made is already going viral, and only The Lord knows how many little girls, innocents in harm’s way, will be saved by it. And your personal story has brought so much attention to the Gatlinburg Story. The Lord is using that story to call people to help, to give. Your story is showing people how important it is to love your family, to never take life or those you love for granted. Your story is drawing many people from around the nation to Gatlinburg, to help you, and your fellow citizens, get back on your feet. To bring Gatlinburg, Sevierville, and Pigeon Forge, new life, new hope, and a brighter future.

And much of that came because of your initial interview, Mr. Reed. Your interview, and your family, are such a force for good. Constance, through her video, will be a continuing force, for good. Heavenly Father, for reasons only He knows, has called your beautiful wife and daughters home. But he also made sure, when he did, that he made their plight and your count for something far larger than any of us can see right now.

And I hope that when times are hard for you in the future–on those special days when the memories are strongest–you look around and count all the blessings. Count the new homes and businesses, the opportunities, the people, and realize that a part of that came from you. And know that just because they have been found now doesn’t mean we won’t all still be praying for you, your son, and the rest of your family–because we will. they’re our family now, too, you see.


80,000 Weddings–A Gatlinburg Story

The Gatlinburg Story Timeline

The Reverend Ed Taylor lived 89 years. When his family last heard from him, he told them he was at home, and had been told there was no need to evacuate.

But when they were unable to contact him again, they knew that something was wrong–and when his teacup poodle was located at a veterinarian’s office, they knew that he was in all likelihood, dead.

80,000 Weddings….

Reverend Taylor probably had all of the usual ups and downs in his ministry that happen to any man of God–after all, not everyone who turns to a Reverend does so for GOOD reasons. But Rev. Taylor also can be noted for something else–in his long service to God, he officiated at 80,000 weddings.

What an amazing, and wonderful, thing to try and imagine–in this man’s life, he had 80,000 couples, all ages and walks of life, come to him to share what is one of the most profound moments in the lives of two people–the moment they stand together in the sight of God, to pledge their lives to each other. To pledge to stand together, in sickness and in health, not to part until death.

While we all have probably hears the statistics concerning marriage–especially the sad fact that almost half end in divorce–that doesn’t change the impact that Reverend Taylor and other men and women like him are participating in something that is profound, something meaningful, something central to a person’s life.

This man worked in a part of the world that doesn’t typically take marriage lightly, either. Having watched this story develop, one of the striking things about the people of Gatlinburg, and the many people in the USA and internationally that are showing up on the news sites to follow the story, is the deep level of faith they exhibit–which is for the next article.

But even if we take basic statistics from the USA, this man touched a LOT of lives. Consider that statistics–1/2 of all marriages end in divorce, and the average couple in the USA has 2 children.

That means, statistically–about 35,000 of the couples married by the Reverend are likely still together. And Then go the children–statistically, most people get married between 20 and 35–so most of his marriages ere probably people in the child rearing age group.

Not I am not a math whiz–but it’s possible this one man had an indirect role in the lives of around 80-100,000 children being brought into the world. And folks–that’s the equivalent of a small American town. If you want to get technical, the wedding couples ALONE, no children counted, amounts to a town larger than Yuma Arizona where my brother in law lives. With any luck, some of those couples will see this post, and contact me with their stories :-).

Who Are The People?

Here is a testimonial on the Reverend, found on WBIR’s comments on his passing:


“He performed marriage ceremonies for many years and he has performed over 80,000 wedding ceremonies. Like us, there are many other couples that were fortunate enough to get married by this wonderful man, and many that can also say he performs one of the prettiest ceremonies I have ever seen. The words that have stuck with us and we will never forget are the words that were spoken to us on our wedding day by Rev. Taylor, “Never go to bed mad at one another.” He offered so many words of encouragement for our marriage that day and we will carry those words in our hearts and minds forever. We have pictures, as well as a video to carry with us, but no amount of material things could replace his beautiful presence on this earth. We are sending our condolences out to his family that have endured this tragic loss. May you find peace and comfort in the days ahead, knowing that Rev. Taylor has grown his wings and is now watching over us from above. R.I.P. Rev. Ed Taylor. You will be missed by many.”

And that is just one I have found so far.

A Celebration Of Life…

There will be more coming on the Reverend–but in the meantime, the mere fact that he participated in the weddings of 80,000 couples is the real story here. 80,000 couples, with hope and love in their hearts, stood before this man in what is a celebration of life–their wedding day. 80,000 beautiful brides walked down his aisle, with that stomach tightening mixture of love, expectation, and dreams rising up so strong they probably wanted to just scream it out (I’ve been there). 80,000 grooms stood watching the woman they love coming to them with trust, faith and love–trusting them to be there. To be strong. To protect and cherish them.

Who knows how many christenings this man performed? Who knows how many people received comfort from him when loved ones were ill or had died? Who knows how many people in the community turned to him on days less happy than their wedding day? Probably noone knows these things. But I do know one thing–The Reverend Taylor was probably one of the happiest men on Earth. Because when you stand in the presence of love as often as he did–how can you be anything other than happy?

Rest In Peace, Reverend Taylor–your life was one well lived, your rest deserved. And you will be remembered.

A Letter To Michael Reed–A Gatlinburg Story