This Is Why And How Cruz Is Grabbing Delegates

America (and the rest of the world, BTW) is now getting a first hand look at how our party system works, and it is coming as a big shock to a lot of people. The state of our political system is especially shocking to all the good, honest voters that have voted for years, but have done little or nothing else with the parties. Yesterday, we saw typical GOPer behavior in Tennessee, and in Colorado.

And the first time voters, and “inexperienced” voters, were stunned. All across cyberspace, Americans who support Trump are crying “voter fraud”, and Cruz supporters are trolling happily. There is talk of rebellion, third party runs, taking our votes and staying home, write in voting for president.

Time To FACE THE FACTS, Everyone.

We all knew the GOP would do whatever it took to STOP TRUMP. We also know Trump is a business man, NOT a politician. And,for those who are honest–WE ALL HAD A CHANCE TO LEARN THE RULES OF THIS GAME, AND MANY DIDN’T TAKE IT.

So, let’s look at what is going on, here, objectively. Cruz and the GOPer herd initially weren’t worried about Trump at all, his campaign was a joke. They felt that because they never expected America was desperately seeking Trump or a man like him. Then he exploded, and weary, concerned Americans rallied behind him.

And he started winning–BIG. But they still weren’t worried; witness Jeb’s comments in this interview. The important remarks in here come from before he ran and then stopped running. Most people missed them. But those who understand the parties got the message–That there was a path to the White House despite the voters. And the GOP was already considering it, just in case–REMEMBERING THE FORD/REAGAN 1976 CONVENTION OUTCOME.

In that convention, as many remember, neither candidate had the “magic number”. So, the contest was on. The candidates sent large ground teams to the convention, to try and woo/steal enough delegates to get their guy the nod. The GOPers tried to put in a new rule, forcing candidates to name their VP choice BEFORE voting, so they could use VP’s as bargaining chips. Concerned republicans coast to coast lived by their radios and TV sets, waiting to see what would happen. And Ford got the nod, just barely.

What Started Happening Next–Which Had Been Predicted Before Trump!

The preceding link, and all the reference links within, is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT LINK ON THIS POST. This is what all the players knew, back in 2014 and BEFORE. The real roots of this were laid back when Reagan got elected, by the will and determination of the people. As the Uniparty and the kleptocrats do NOT want the people to have a say (it can complicate otherwise simple business), they began their work to insure we never had a real say again with Reagan.

The GOPers knew when Trump started winning that they had one major task–keeping as wide a field as possible in the proportional states as possible, to grab stray delegates. The savvy candidates, the career politicians like Cruz, also knew that the average voter in THIS ELECTION CYCLE, DOESN’T KNOW THE RULES. And that many of the seasoned voters, seeing the huge popularity the Trump Train has, would also treat this election cycle as typical–they would vote, and wait complacently for the general to vote again. THEY WOULD NOT TAKE THE NEXT, NECESSARY STEPS TO PROTECT TRUMP. Sadly, even many people who have been voting for decades never really paid attention to the real important part, the delegates. They just naturally assumed (perish the thought) that the delegates would vote as they wished.

Now, this may come as a shock to you–but our founders SET UP AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PROCESS TO GET A PRESIDENT. This is the 2nd most important link in this post, BTW. One every American who wants real freedom should keep, share, and READ, READ, READ. 

But since the uniparty has never allowed the Constitution to get in the way of ordinary business to begin with, they don’t give it any thought. So when Trump kept winning, they didn’t worry. Because they knew that Cruz, being a very smart GOPer, though many bought his bullshit about being an “outsider”, and “anti-establishment”, and “constitutional”, and “conservative”, would be taking care of business, and making sure his voters took the next step.



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