Building The Progressive Utopia For Dummies–How To Program A Nation Part 3

Time To Start Digging, Again….

In Part Two of this series, there is a list of conditions necessary to bring about a managed society. Here it is again, for those who need to be reminded:

  1. Control of the information stream, from inception to delivery.
  2. Societal/cultural pressure to break down existing ethical standards of any kind
  3. Weakening the concept of the nuclear family
  4. Removing the care of children from parents
  5. Weakening any religious foundations, and the ethics that go with them
  6. Increasing the size and power of a central government, by any means possible
  7. The removal  or weakening of rights
  8. The weakening of civil discourse and common courtesy behaviors
  9. The strengthening of apparent (or actual) class/race/gender disparities
  10. Reduction of and eventual extinction of the common sense data base
  11. Reduction of, and eventual extinction of, critical thinking skills
  12. Reduction and eventual extinction of long term memory.

We dealt with Number One on the list–so now to number two.

Out With The Old, In With The New–The Post-Modern Society

Prior to the growth of Post Modernism and Cultural Marxism, and feminism (an inevitable offshoot of these poisonous plants), The U.S.A. along with most of the western world, had a fairly rigid ethical and societal structure, centered around principles that included personal responsibility and accountability, financial responsibility and common courtesy –to name a few of the largest factors. We also had a fairly strong and rigid set of sexual mores; nuclear families, marriage, strong societal pressure against premarital sex.

To see how this cultural structure got derailed, we need to go across the pond, to Europe and the early days of communist Russia. Communism is a working construct of the post modernist worldview– a system in which  there can be no individual success–“YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT”. In theory, everyone would provide maximum resources and labor happily, in exchange for having their needs met, because “the people” would own everything in common.

Now this may sound like a wonderful idea–John Lennon certainly seemed thrilled–but in practice, communism/collectivism can only work in very small groups, under very narrow conditions, in part because human beings are the most successful animals on this planet. To a great extent , our success stems from being “efficient”, and efficiency, in the truest form, is getting the most resources with the least effort. So in a communist society–productivity is the first casualty.

After all–if you can receive the same amount of resources from working 10 hours a week as you can from working 20–why would you work 20? And more importantly–if working the extra 10 not only gets you NO recognition, NO “reward”–and instead represents a direct loss, either through excess taxation or through the extra resources being taken from you and given to others–you are essentially being “punished” for being more highly motivated than those around you.


But the great minds who came up with this lunacy to begin with saw a solution to this end result–simply remove all of the ethical restraints and societal mores that had worked for literally thousands of years. Convince people that nuclear families were unnecessary (and possibly unhealthy), sexual morality is bad, personal responsibility and accountability are counterproductive, and leave behind only the most basic elements of humanity. The perfect worker would be one who questioned nothing, had no ambition, no familial or cultural ties, and lived only for himself and his gratification, which would be provided only by service to the state.

In return for his labor, this worker would be given everything free, from cradle to grave, and the state– an emotionless, remote machine of sorts, would replace all other associations. The state would provide the home for you and your partner. The state would test your offspring and decide what they would do for a living. The state provides all, and IS all–but that’s ok, because the state is actually wholly owned by the people. The people, in short, live in a peculiarly toxic dichotomy where they have the illusion of owning that which in fact has totally enslaved them.

In return for surrendering individuality, all types of freedom, and all the natural aspirations that make us human: competition, ambition, the desire to be unique and individual exceptionalism, the worker is assured  that he shall receive all that he needs, and there will be no envy or war or other unpleasant things, because everyone will be “equal” and “one”.

Perhaps the best distillation of the goals of Communism and the rest of the toxic ideologies within it, we need only look at one of John Lennon’s best known works:


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

This is the goal of the progressive, the communist, the socialist. No God/heaven/hell means pure moral relativism–there is no consequence for ANYTHING you do, beyond any that occurs at the time. Live for TODAY–do what you wish, when you wish, to or with whoever you wish. So no personal accountability, and no external moral codes to worry about.

No countries means no collective identity–you’ve already got no PERSONAL identity because in this perfect world, there is nothing to distinguish you from “the other guy”. You own nothing. All you produce is lumped in with everyone else’s production. Your home, your clothes, everything in your environment is meaningless–because IT ISN’T YOURS. YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT. So not only can you leave no mark as an individual to show you ever were here–you are essentially a cipher–there is no group identity either.

The progressive  robs you of your individuality. They have robbed you of the healthy aspects of personality–ambition, the rewards of success, personal exceptionalism, the things that make YOU a unique being. They rob you of the solace and strength that religion and faith can provide–because it isn’t enough to tell you that YOU ARE NOTHING–they also want you to believe that everything around you is just random chance. That there is no meaning to life.

This toxic ideology not only gives you no reason to want to anything other than the bare minimum you must do–if you retain enough personality to try to do more–you are punished actively for doing so. Because in a system where everything is allowed, where you can engage in the most heinous acts if you wish–with consequences only following if you are caught–where there is no outlet for the natural human desire to be regarded as a unique and special person, where there is no acknowledgement of any group exceptionalism either, or even species exceptionalism, ANY expression of ideas that do not conform to those of the progressive state endangers the narrative.

 When You Actually Think About What Lennon Was Saying….

You need to ask yourself–what sort of human being would willingly participate in this ultimate form of slavery–the complete deconstruction of their native personality? If you offered this deal to every generation from the dawn of written history, without the pretty packaging, the vast majority of the people who have ever lived would run screaming in the other direction–or drag you to a court, convict you of whatever crimes they could attach to this philosophy, and execute you.

Yet in the space of less than 100 years, this poisonous ideology and all of the damaging mental illnesses that go with it, has gained a strong foothold in all of the developed nations of the world.

For an ideology that contains so many elements that are absolutely suicidal on both an individual level and a societal/species level to have made the progress it has made required a great deal of effort–and also a level of mass perception management that only became practical around the end of World War 2.

And in part 4 of this series, we’ll go back to the list and examine the final items not covered in this section–HOW the science behind mass perception management and psychographic segmentation has permeated every facet of our society, and WHY it is being accepted so easily.


Building The Progressive Utopia For Dummies–How To Program A Nation Part 2

Can You Create A Reality? You Sure Can…

In part one, I gave you some light background and heavy reading on where the concept of mass perception management came from. As is often the case with really dangerous ideas–it was a military intelligence development.

But What Circumstances need to be in place for this to really work? Orwell gave us the basic outline, so here is where we start:

  1. Control of the information stream, from inception to delivery.
  2. Societal/cultural pressure to break down existing ethical standards of any kind
  3. Weakening the concept of the nuclear family
  4. Removing the care of children from parents
  5. Weakening any religious foundations, and the ethics that go with them
  6. Increasing the size and power of a central government, by any means possible
  7. The removal  or weakening of rights
  8. The weakening of civil discourse and common courtesy behaviors
  9. The strengthening of apparent (or actual) class/race/gender disparities
  10. Reduction of and eventual extinction of the common sense data base
  11. Reduction of, and eventual extinction of, critical thinking skills
  12. Reduction and eventual extinction of long term memory.


Well, Then–We’re Safe! That’s A Long List!

Well–not really. That’s only the beginning. And remember, this began back when we hadn’t even gotten to the moon yet. To accomplish this lofty goal, the “supply list” is surprisingly short, and requires only money and dedication to “the cause”:

  1. Acquire and centralize as much of the information stream as possible. This is a simple money game–whenever a media outlet comes up for sale–BUY  IT! This also applies to textbook companies, publishing houses, cable and internet concerns. Once upon a time, well over 30 companies controlled 90%+ of our information stream. Now–thanks to past Congresses removing Sherman Anti-Trust restrictions from our information sector, we are down to 5. YEP–FIVE. And in reality, those 5 all own parts of each other–and over 30% of them is owned, through multi-layered shell companies, by foreign governments and individuals. Because of course you don’t have to buy them lock, stock, and barrel–just enough stock publicly traded to get a majority of board seats.   Here is the depressing picture from 2012–and the pond has gotten smaller since then: THIS IS OUR INFORMATION STREAM  . NOW, FOLLOW THE MONEY ON THOSE COMPANIES. RIGHT INTO THE DNC.


And here’s a look at the top 5 publishing houses for trade books. Note that NEWS CORP–Rupert Murdoch and minions–own 2 of them: The Big Five–technically, the Big Three .  And in textbooks/educational testing and materials, we have Three: Pearson–yes, it’s a huffpo link. But even the Loon Platoon can be right occasionally. Mc Graw-Hill Education . Once again, not a normal citation–Wikipedia IS NOT RELIABLE. However, this particular listing gives you a decent list of all the tangles alliances and influences on the largest Textbook/ curriculum group around–and if you take the time to wade through the Byzantine connections past and present, the results are, to say the least, interesting and rather unsettling. And Last (not least)–Houghton Mifflin-Harcourt. Another wiki citation, but a good place to start. Older folk may also remember the Harcourt-Brace-Jovanovich imprint. When you are tracking the money and connections in education it is extremely important to follow the money. Notice how many of the textbook firms operate at a LOSS for long periods of time, and who bails them out….

The Big takeaway here is a simple one–the deeper you dig into the information stream, from inception to delivery, the more unsettling the picture becomes, because so many of the players have shady ties (many to data collection firms and psychographic segmentation companies, as well as major hedge funds and shell corporations). If you buy the government’s excuse for allowing communications monopolies–that they are “critical national security infrastructure”–then you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Before the government broke up the Bell Telephone monopoly, their excuse for there being a monopoly in phone service in the first place was the same one used to justify media monopolies–critical national security infrastructure. So, why break up Bell? And why, now, allow telephone service to once again become a monopoly?
  2. If something is a critical part of our national security, then why allow foreign interests to gain significant financial control of it? This also applies to food and energy, by the way, as the most recent administration allowed CHINA to acquire the majority of our pork product agricultural sector, and has allowed foreign interests to purchase large chunks of our energy infrastructure–not to mention HILLARY CLINTON selling of 20% of our uranium reserves to Russia, and the vast majority of the rare earths used to produce parts for wind plants and other non-green energy came from out of the country–China and parts of Africa. One would think that those parts of the infrastructure that are essential to keep under U.S. control, for national defense and national security reasons, would be wholely owned by American companies, as would the resources needed to maintain them. Yet our last few administrations were more than willing to allow these industry sectors to become foreign property….

Wow. That Looks A Little Bit Scary. But HEY, it’s a LONG List, Right?

In the next section, we’ll dig into the list above…..  So on to Part Three.

Building The Progressive Utopia For Dummies–How To Program A Nation

Since the election, more and more relatively “sane” people are waking up wondering what the hell is wrong with the democrats, and the media, and Congress. Well, it’s fairly simple: in the case of the progressive loons–they are literally insane. Delusional psychopaths with a persecution complex. The victims of a toxic blend of post-modernism, cultural marxism, technology, and decades of 24/7 programming.

In the case of the media–many fall into the above description of progressive loons (the people formerly called Democrats). The others are simply mercenaries–paid mouthpieces for the uniparty/kleptocracy.

Congress hasn’t been two distinct parties for literally over half a century now–the entity known as Congress is a functioning kleptocracy, a single party body ruling through theft. Theft through taxation and regulation has been the norm for far longer than many people realize, and it stands to reason they are not too happy with the concept of ceding power.

But…But…How the Heck Did THIS Happen?

To answer that question, we need to step into the way back machine, and travel back to the years shortly after World War 2, when A writer named Orwell began looking around and realized that communists were infiltrating otherwise healthy countries, as well as the earliest examples of mass perception management. So, he did what any reasonable person would do–he wrote 2 books. Animal Farm, and 1984.

For Those Who Are Curious–Here Is Where You Begin:

Perception Management –Psychology Wiki

While I seldom cite any Wiki as a source, this particular one gives consistently accurate, easy to digest information on the beginning of the military/government use of mass perception management. Not that a law was passed in 1948 forbidding use of such tactics on our own population.


This PDF report was written/published around a decade ago, and highlights some of the challenges our government faces employing perception management globally. It is used as a teaching aid in the Joint Advanced Warfighting School. While dry and tough to follow in places, it is essential reading for those who want to understand how commonplace this weapon is in the information warfare arsenal.

The Art of Perception Management in Information Warfare Today

This gem of a PDF is from–India. And it gives quite a few illuminating examples of how the media works hand in hand with military groups to further the spread of the symbology and contextual elements of an operation as well as the actual language involved.

Well, Since There’s a LAW against it, And Only the Military Uses It–it Isn’t Happening…..

YES–IT IS. Once upon a time, the military might have been the main players in this game. But with the advent of Psychographic Segmentation technology and mathematics that worked, and the civilian application of these techniques as marketing tools back some 40 years ago (give or take)–the rules changed.

Remember also that there are more than a few civilian firms that hire out to any government or individual that feels like setting off a regime change, for a fee–and they use the weaponized military approach. Those players were listed in the earliest articles on psychographic segmentation– you can refresh your memory by starting Way back at the beginning–but here are a few of the main players in the civilian aspect of militarized mass perception management:

SCL GROUP– Parent Firm for Cambridge Analytica

The Rendon Group– CIA’s Choice In Iraq

Booz Allen Hamilton– the Government’s Civilian “Home team”

There are many more. At the moment, Booz Allen is being investigated by the DOJ for “billing irregularities”–funny, given that over 95% of their money comes to them courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. Also funny, given how very useful they were to the ex-administration during the campaign cycle…

So– What The Heck Happened?

What happened is back in the days when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth and we had just entered Viet Nam, mass perception management started being used on the civilian population–despite the “law” in place forbidding this. At this point, knowing whose brilliant idea this was is NOT necessary (and we may never know, really, who jumped in then). We DO know this:

  1. The Russians had embraced social programming very early in the field, and put a lot of research and effort into developing tools that would work in the civilian population of a country at “peace”.
  2. That at least one of our alphabets–the CIA–was actively testing drugging and programming models, in violation of a boatload of laws and regulations.
  3. That a strong possibility exists that BOTH these parties were testing live operations and projects in the USA during thew Viet Nam War.

And now–it’s time to get to the good part. How you can turn a reasonably healthy civilian population, in a free country, into a large pack of insane, paranoiac, dangerous people in a generation and a half.

Now–Part 2: What Needs To Be In Place To Create A Managed Reality…..

Bernie Bro – Full Archived Facebook of DC Shooter James Hodgkison (461 page pdf conversion)…



Source: Bernie Bro – Full Archived Facebook of DC Shooter James Hodgkison (461 page pdf conversion)…

Effective Boycotting Part 2

The Higher Purpose Of A Good Boycott.

In part 1, I chose two companies whose spokespeople/CEOs are idiotic jerks. The issue they are being jerks on AT THE MOMENT is Trump, of course, But they were jerks before and will be long after. The Original reason for boycotts should ALWAYS be something deeper than a current issue. In my case–it’s CUSTOMER SERVICE. Large companies have become complacent when it comes to treating all customers with equal levels of courtesy, and I for one am sick and tired of that trend.

In this part, we’ll look more closely at Grubhub FIRST, as getting local businesses to ditch and switch can be done without the political element. That’s very handy in liberal college towns like mine. Here is the tweet that got me after Grubhub: 1grub

The characterization of me didn’t bother me at all–since I KNOW it’s a lie. What offended me is that a CEO would casually tweet something so childish, petty, elitist and rude on social media. Sure, his customers probably skew that way. But that doesn’t mean they ALL vote uniformly leftist loon. Not only that, it likely characterizes a lot of the BUSINESS OWNERS THAT USE HIS SERVICE as ignorant male rednecks. As an urban, intelligent, FEMALE business owner whose other half also owns a business, I found this an unacceptable level of unprofessional behavior.

THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR DOES NOT BELONG IN BUSINESS. Over the years, we have worked with a LOT of people whose ideas are not in line with ours. It’s part of business, sometimes. And whatever our PRIVATE feelings, we have ALWAYS treated all of our customers the same–with courtesy and professionalism. THAT IS GOOD BUSINESS. THIS IS NOT.

Use The Lack Of Professionalism In Your Favor…

So far, I have gotten 8 businesses in my area to ditch this jerk. I didn’t do it as a Trump supporter. I did it as a business person and customer who finds unprofessional behavior unacceptable. Only 2 of those businesses were open Trump supporters. The rest were probably just pragmatic business people.

By approaching this boycott from the point of view of PROFESSIONALISM, I can give even the most liberal business owner a good reason to ditch and switch, without offending their leftist loon customers. Since I went to each meeting also armed with this yo-yo’s egregious email (which EVERY BUSINESS OWNER AGREED CREATED A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT, BTW), this tweet, and a list of competing companies in the area who had NOT shown such unprofessionalism (and their rate details), they had no solid reason to say NO. If they received complaints, they could point to the email, or the tweet, cite unprofessional behavior. Or, they could point out the new delivery services offered better, more professional services.

Maybelline Is A Long Term Proposition, As Is GrubHub.

Running an effective social media perception campaign requires patience and planning. With GrubHub, I send a daily reminder on Twitter and Facebook, asking BUSINESSES AND CUSTOMERS if they like knowing a company they work with is run by a jerk–but in more diplomatic terms.

With Maybelline, I do the same, and cite their complete failure to address customer concerns. Altering public perception takes TIME. With Maybelline, the best weapon is a combination of pictures and carefully worded comments, as mentioned in part 1. Employing software to clean up social media is extremely cost effective.

Once you have to assign HUMANS to monitor social media–the costs mount up rapidly. And the best way to make them dedicate people to their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages is to use positive language to say Negative things, and use Pictures–as software programs can’t easily identify or interpret pictures. Tagging the pictures with Positive tags like LOVING IT will further confuse automated efforts to clean up.

Using Your Social Media Effectively.

Here are few tips that will help effect public perception:

  1. Go the Selfie and Positively worded NEGATIVE sentiments on their social pages–daily. Change the messages and titles on pics so you’re less likely to get blocked immediately.
  2. When you buy new makeup, Show it off on your own social media pages and blogs, and if you see any coupons or deals on other companies–POST THEM for others, with comments about buying from businesses whose spokespeople aren’t bullies, or remarks about other companies taking the time to address customer concerns.
  3. When you buy new makeup, ALSO tag your posts to show on the social media of the store you bought it in. Make sure your message informs everyone you deliberate CHOSE a new brand, will NOT buy Maybelline, and you HOPE THE BUSINESS YOU BUY FROM RESPECTS YOUR CHOICES AND CONCERNS. This way, the retailer, be it a small local chain or a big chain, will see the kind of boycotter they consider a “real” threat to their bottom line.
  4. Ask your friends to do the same, and like and share such posts whenever you see them.

Two Types Of Boycott Participants–Be The Right Type!

Retail stores have been using psychographic segmentation for years now to learn about their customer base. And they know that boycott participants fall into two basic categories– We’ll call them Type B and Type A.

A Type B Boycott participant DOES NOT WORRY THEM VERY MUCH–these are the hotheads that spam their social media with badly written, abusive posts full of trigger words. Those posts will disappear as fast as they are made, and the person will be quickly blocked, if they use simple software.

They ALSO know the Type B’s will LOSE INTEREST long before they can do real damage in the rest of their customer base–once they are blocked, or they have moved on to another boycott.

Type A boycott participants are the real problem, and they make up a small percentage of the total boycott. BUT they have an magnified affect, because they use the techniques I laid out to continue costing the company money on their social media. And because the comments are thoughtful, NON-PARTISAN, and focus on neutral issues–OTHER CUSTOMERS who go to the social pages may be persuaded to look more deeply at the subject. SO WORD SPREADS.

They know the Type A will STILL be reminding everyone they know, at every opportunity, that there are valid non-partisan reasons to avoid the company. Type A’s will go out of their way, quietly, for months and months to introduce friends, family, blog subscribers, Facebook and Twitter followers to OTHER OPTIONS. Over time, the Type A Boycott will have a far greater impact per person than the type B initial reaction.

So a company like Grubhub or Maybelline does give some thought to the huge pile on at the START of a boycott by Type B people. But what they really watch for is the Type A boycott–because those cost money. Those are the ones that skew market share in ways that increase over time–because we who are Type A are listened to. We are the “voice of reason”, so to speak. So become a Type A.



The Convention Of States Rears Its Ugly Head–AGAIN.

Yep–The Leftist Loons And So-Called “CONSERVATIVES” Alike Want To Destroy The Republic.

Every once in a while–far more often since Mark Levin decided to write a book on the issue–the subject of a convention of states comes up. This is seen by some people who call themselves “conservatives” as the best chance to rein in Federal power and bring control back to the states themselves. And they CLAIM that there wouldn’t be a “run away” convention–it would NOT overstep its authority–because of the 3/4s rule requiring a super-majority to ratify changes.

So, What’s Wrong With This Picture?


So any so-called “conservative” pushing this idiotic notion needs to RESEARCH THE OTHER SUPPORTERS. DIG DEEP. DO YOU WANT TO BE IN BED WITH THE LEFTIST LOONS?

Well, Politics Makes For Strange Bedfellows….

Why would conservatives want to do this? Because they are either constitutionally ignorant (usually the case) OR THEY ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES.  To get some perspective here, we have to re-visit the big Hoorah over the GOP convention, and the “rules committee”. You see, when it comes to the GOP convention, THE RULES FOR THE PRIMARY HAVE TO BE ADOPTED BY THE RULES COMMITTEE FOR THE GENERAL. So until the GOP RATIFIED THE EXISTING RULES–The first order of business–they had the ability TO MAKE UP NEW RULES.

And guess what? THE SAME APPLIES TO A CONVENTION OF STATES. Because in reality, under the Constitution, the CONGRESS sets the rules, up to and including scrapping the entire Constitution itself.

Wow. That Doesn’t Sound Right…

BUT IT IS. In 1787, we had “Articles of Confederation”. And the original purpose of the “Constitutional Convention was to AMEND THOSE. But they weren’t “amended”–THEY WERE REPLACED. AND IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN. HERE is a link to the issues from a Constitutional point of view:  CLICK HERE, AND READ ALL THE ASSOCIATED REFERENCES!

If this were such a good idea, would Hamilton have been against it? Would truly CONSERVATIVE SCOTUS justices have been against it? NOPE. They were against this because it is a perfect opportunity to lose everything we have left. Just as people freaked out over the idea that the GOP could change the rules in the middle of the game, people SHOULD BE SAYING NO WAY TO THIS LUNACY. Especially when you research the long long list of leftist loons supporting this.

Until we have drained the swamp–and even AFTER WE HAVE DRAINED THE SWAMP–the ONLY safe way to amend the Constitution is through the standard amendment process. Anything else is absolutely suicidal. SHAME ON THE SO-CALLED CONSERVATIVES/REPUBLICANS ON THIS BANDWAGON. Do your research.

The Electoral College–Part 3

But….What Happens If NEITHER Hillary NOR Trump Have 270?

Well, this is where things get…Interesting. You see, BEFORE we trashed this part of the Constitution by ratifying the 17th Amendment, this wouldn’t have been an issue. If you want to learn about WHY the 17th Amendment was pushed by the leftist loons–and also why the leftist loons are pushing for a national popular vote–THEN YOU NEED TO STUDY THIS WEBSITE. When you read and LEARN what our Constitution really gave us in terms of liberty, you’ll be surprised.

But as it stands now–IF neither candidate got the magic 270, then none other than the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES chooses the President from the 3 candidates with the most votes. And the Senate choose the VP from the 2 candidates with the most electoral votes.

So Choosing The President Would Be In The Hands Of Our Representatives…

And this is why we NEED TO GET ON OUR ELECTORS AND MAKE SURE THEY KEEP FAITH. Because we sure as HELL can’t trust the House and Senate to do so. Meanwhile, there is another issue rearing its ugly head again–the “convention of states” is back. READ why that is a horrible idea also at the above website–the first link. I will write more on the issue shortly.

The Facts Are Quite Simple.

  1. OUR CURRENT ELECTION SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING. There are way too many issues with electronic machines, potential voter fraud, non-citizens and illegal aliens may be allowed to vote in local elections in some places.
  2. We also have the recent SCOTUS ruling that recognizes illegals aliens as “constituents” when districts are re-drawn each election cycle. This is a DISASTER, as it gives illegal aliens status equal to citizens for representation in congress. This is the first step, a precedent that opens the door to non-citizens voting in local elections–and potentially states gaining more representatives and electoral votes in future elections. The link above is to the PEW report that explains this lunacy. Justice warren is quoted in there, from an earlier SCOTUS case–and note, he said: LEGISLATORS ARE ELECTED BY VOTERS. Well, obviously, illegal aliens and non-citizens don’t vote….YET.
  3. The leftist loons are once again trying to scrap what is left of the power of the electoral college. And that would mean, as stated a few articles ago, that about 15% of the country would have a lock on–a stranglehold on–the rest of the USA.
  4. We have now seen with obama what happens when we have a president run amok. IF WE GET RID OF THE 17TH AND GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN–THIS WON’T HAPPEN NEARLY AS EASILY, IF AT ALL.