Cruz, The GOPer Choice, Part 1

We’ve been watching Ted Cruz, the banker’s husband, carefully for a while of course. Even before he decided on his run for the presidency, he was obviously setting up for something. There is plenty of evidence t look at in his actions in the past that proves he is far from an “outsider”. On the contrary, old Cruz is as GOPer as you can get.

And now that Wisconsin is passed, and the odds of Cruz getting enough delegates going forward to be an actual viable candidate are somewhere between nearly zero and forget about it, people are wondering why he doesn’t drop out. That is a simply one to answer–math. The goal at the moment isn’t for Cruz to get 1237, it’s to make sure Trump gets 1236 or less.

The GOPer Last Ditch Effort.

At the moment, it looks like old Cruz has likely agreed behind closed doors somewhere to take Kasich as a running mate if absolutely necessary, since Kasich’s delegates from Ohio would follow him. If the convention is brokered and the GOPers scrap Rule 40, as they have threatened to do, then after the binding votes were done, Kaisch could safely withdraw and his delegates would go Cruz. The GOPers have likely also made arrangements for Cruz to get Rubio’s delegates also, to make the Cruz ticket appear to the uninformed to be a “mandate”.

The GOPers also have the MSM running a full on frontal assault on the people, pushing the dual narrative of Trump can’t make 1237+, and Trump’s delegates have already been stolen and are not bound to him. This is, of course, a flat out lie by commission AND omission. But that doesn’t faze the MSM a bit, of course. To complicate the issue, Roger Stone has either been co-opted or has become an utter idiot, and with the help of Alex Jones is trying to incite a “March on Cleveland” and “Days of Rage” that is exactly what the GOPers, AND the administration want, albeit for different reasons.

Good grief, he named it after the Weatherman Riots back in 1969. How obvious can you get? Then he puts in lame disclaimers here and there about the Trump team not advocating violence…And as I pointed out in another article, if you think the GOP wouldn’t use Stone’s association with Trump as an excuse to disqualify him at the convention if this happens, THINK AGAIN. And Stone himself has laid the groundwork for that by saying he still talks to Trump regularly and they “have a rhythm”.

People Have Short Memories.

Remember, Roger Stone is a long time GOPer operative, who has his fair share of political skeletons in the closet, though not nearly as bad as some campaign managers, of course. He’s also known to be the kind of guy who doesn’t hesitate to bite someone who is no longer on his “good” side.

Alex Jones, IN THE PAST, would have taken a look at this campaign and the blatant mass perception manipulation, talk of stolen delegates, the RNC putting up a website explaining brokered conventions, STONE calling for a huge demonstration in an area under secret service protection where the entire section of the state will be saturated with LEOs with full riot gear, MRAPS, and National Guard on standby and screamed “PSY-OP!! FALSE FLAG!! OBAMA WANTS MARTIAL LAW AND TO SUSPEND ELECTIONS!”

Especially since he knows all the players in this game–the government, the RNC, Cambridge Analytica, and even poor Booz Allen Hamilton. He is the one that consistently exposed  Psy-ops over the years. But the number of voices out there saying Alex Jones is part of the problem is growing.  Now, all of a sudden, he is all in favor of running straight into the most obvious psy-op of the decade. He knows the media is lying. He knows the players. He KNOWS about the ongoing project, and has exposed parts of it in the past. To say with all that in mind that he doesn’t KNOW this “Days of Rage”lunacy fits right into the project is entirely illogical.

Stone’s talk of “reverse Alinsky” makes ZERO sense. And I do believe there are a few LAWS around that deal with people who threaten, harass, suborn, or otherwise try to intimidate Delegates as well….Whether they are merely useful tools in the game, or full operatives, is an unknown. But the number one rule in THIS game is you always assume there are no useful idiots or tools. Leaving a margin of error is crucial, especially when you are dealing with large scale crowd scenarios in a fully primed context.

Very strange–but wait, Alex and Stone are on our side! Yep–and these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. You can go about your business. Move along…..


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