The “Delegate Stealing” Frenzy–Part 1

The media is still hyping, for every state, the narrative that “Cruz is grabbing Trump Delegates”.


The Republican voters who DO know the rules and play, or have played, the game, are very familiar with this. For the rest of the voters, PLEASE DON’T PANIC. THIS HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, AND EVERY CONVENTION. If anything, we are lucky at the moment, because states passed laws binding delegates.

In the past, THE LAST TIME THEY CONSIDERED BINDING DELEGATES  AT ALL WAS AT THE 1976 CONTESTED FORD/REAGAN CONVENTION.  I don’t generally cite Wikipedia, but that gives a decent account of the events at the convention. Other than that, Convention Delegates have always voted “their conscience”, or with the people–since the two usually went together.

Here is a good Q&A Regarding The Convention.

So, Where Are We, Then?

  • If your state hasn’t voted yet–then you need to help Team Trump get out the vote, by any means possible.
  • If your delegates are already chosen to the State convention, then you need to work on getting PRECINCT SEATS, NOW.
  • If you can find out who your delegates are for your district, then meet with them, and bring other Trump voters with you, and find out where they stand.

CALM DOWN. The Delegates are not being “Stolen”.

And as long as Trump gets 1237 before the convention he will be fine. Even the GOPers are not insane enough to try and “change the Rules” there–THOUGH THEY CAN. BECAUSE THE RULES COMMITTEE CAN DO WHATEVER IT WANTS.

If This Is A Non-Story, Why IS The Media Hyping It So Much???

The media and the Cruz team, and the GOPers, ARE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO GET US TO BREAK THE RULES, THROUGH ANGER OR IGNORANCE. You need to read the links above, and pass this post and Part 2 and 3 to everyone you know. Because if we can’t GET THE WORD OUT AND GET PEOPLE INFORMED WE HAVE A REAL PROBLEM.




7 thoughts on “The “Delegate Stealing” Frenzy–Part 1

  1. It’s time for Armageddon, gang.

    One of you guys can probably come up with a better hashtag than this, but here’s what I’m throwing out:


    If Trump loses fair and square, and I’m not talking about them playing their little games with the rules, we stay with the party regardless of who is the duly chosen nominee. If they screw Trump, we vote Democrat up and down the ticket. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET THESE PEOPLE TO LISTEN AND TO TAKE US SERIOUSLY.


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    • If we fight SMART, then we can get Trump. This is the time to fight smart. To follow Sun Tzu–who is taught in every business school AND military academy for a reason.

      Trump studied him, as should we all. You can get the Art Of War free on kindle at amazon, if you haven’t read it yet.
      A Quote:

      Thus the highest form of generalship is to balk the enemy’s plans, the next best is to prevent the junction of the enemy’s forces, the next in order is to attack the enemy’s army in the field, and the worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.
      – Sun Tzu, the Art of War

      Step 1: Balk the enemy’s plans. They want us to be fooled into doing what they expect, so we don’t.

      Step 2: prevent the junction of his forces–I did it along with others in AZ by posing as a GOPer/Cruz supporters and getting them to elect me as a delegate. And now that I am on the inside, I can get valuable intel, *and work to support Trump*.

      Ste 3: Attack in the field. Good ground game, good social media and REDDIT game. Out all of Cruz’s dirt (plenty on this blog). Line up people to be ringers and go for delegate slots in CA, there is still time to sign up there. Get precinct seats, and use the position to gather intel so you can fight locally.

      Step 4: take them from within–never besiege from the outside.

      This is a war–so we need to know our enemy, anticipate what they expect us to do–and do something different.

      Never follow the enemy’s battle plan.

      That’s how we win. And if Trump loses fair and square, I will write him in anyway, get enough people into the AZGOP to effectively challenge their rules, and take it over.

      Because their behavior, as far as I am concerned, is unacceptable, as are their rules.


  2. Thanks for the very informative clarification! Has eased some of my anguish of late! Although I will say we have our own set of challenges here in CO … tomorrow!

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    • Go CO! whatever the outcome, be sure to find out how to get involved at the local level. It’s an excellent chance to learn how the party process works and gain valuable intelligence :-).


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