Why Is The Media Pushing The “Delegate Stealing” Narrative?

The media, in typical fashion, is creating a national furor by playing up the DELEGATE STEALING NARRATIVE. There’s only a few problems with this narrative of theirs:

  • THE DELEGATES ARE NOT BEING STOLEN. Delegates aren’t magic beings–they are ordinary people from Main street. Anyone who is a republican can be elected a state delegate, and get to the National convention as well. What is happening is very simple. Cruz is playing the game, making sure that those who vote for HIM go the extra step and go for a delegate slot. And the GOPers are busily helping him, by making sure that their PRECINCT PEOPLE, OR THOSE WHO VOTE ON DELEGATES, ARE EITHER CRUZ SUPPORTERS OR ARE VOTING FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE. This is how the delegate system works. It is NOT the GOP’s “job” to make sure a candidate’s delegates actually support them. Does it stink?? Oh, yes it does. This is kind of like those situations where someone offers you a “free” mobile home, and you just say YES without finding out the details. Then it’s your fault for not ASKING if you had to pay the moving costs, or provide the axles, whatever. THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS. And the delegates are at least in this election cycle “bound”–which means that for however long they are bound, they are Trump’s. Beyond that, all bets are off. The opposition and the GOPers are merely doing everything they can withing the rules of the game, to insure IF they get a contested convention, they have an edge. IF WE GET 1237+, NO PROBLEM.
  • The media is deliberately trying to create panic and civil unrest, by allowing people to think we’re “doomed”, WHEN THIS IS NOT THE CASE.
  • The media is also making sure that they don’t tell you the whole story, because if they told you what I wrote above, you’d do 2 things–you’d say “oh, OK, so I’ll LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE GAME SO MY VOTE COUNTS”, and you’d stop worrying about delegates in states where they have already been chosen, and start worrying about states going forward, and lock in THOSE delegates.
  • They are NOT telling you the whole story, or telling what they ARE telling you accurately, because they are hoping either Trump or the voters do something stupid that violates some arcane RNC by-law, so they can nullify the binding pledge, making ALL THE DELEGATES UNBOUND AT THE CONVENTION. They are doing this at the behest of the GOPers.

So, Why Are the Media And The GOPers Trying To Scare Us?

I really shouldn’t have to spell this out, but I will anyway. THE GOPers KNOW CRUZ IS NEARLY COOKED. They also know that Trump IS our choice, which scares the Bejeevers out of them, for good reason. If Trump gets 1237+ the ONLY thing they can do to stop him is change the rules at the convention (which they do have the right to do BTW, yet ANOTHER reason we need to take back the GOP). They also know if they do that, we’ll likely go write in, or revolt. To prevent Trump REACHING 1237+, they have to demoralize the voting base. They have to convince people Trump is losing (look at the news and nonsense over WI, for instance), or that Trump HAS ALREADY LOST PLEDGED DELEGATES WHEN HE HASN’T.

But, and this is far more important at this point: The media and the uniparty, both GOPers, AND Dems, are trying to get the people angry enough to fall for idiocy like Roger Stone’s “Days of Rage”, and march on Cleveland “just to be sure the people are listened to”. 


Under the RNC rules, if the convention isn’t “safe”, they can suspend it. Technically, as the rules expire THE NIGHT BEFORE THE CONVENTION, They can just change them anyway.

The RNC also has rules in place that allow them to nominate who they choose, if the binding of delegates is nullified by some action on the part of the candidate. Do you think they couldn’t make a case that Roger Stone is employed by Trump? Or that Roger Stone is trying to create civil unrest because Trump told him to? THINK AGAIN.

But beyond that–they already have the National Guard training focusing on civil unrest and terrorism, foreign or domestic, at the Conventions. The Cleveland Police are getting an extra several thousand sets of riot gear. There are extra MRAPS being sent to Ohio. Occupy, Soros, and the BLM agitators are being whipped into a frenzy all over social media, to go to Cleveland to protest Trump’s nomination.

Cleveland is about a 1/2 million people. Hotels, motels, campgrounds etc. are already being booked out 40 miles or more from “ground zero”. The local infrastructure is hardly big enough to adequately support typical convention needs. IT WILL NOT SUPPORT ANYWHERE FROM 2-5 MILLION ANGRY PEOPLE DESCENDING ON IT.

Roger Stone’s flamboyant, severely ill-advised ranting  all over the place is giving the police, the national guard, and the administration ammunition to militarize an entire flipping half of a state, and making Trump supporters look like what the media tries to portray us as–a bunch of angry, racist, xenophobic,nascent domestic terrorists. And this WILL hurt Trump over time, if it isn’t stopped.

It is also fueling the violent impulses of every nutball in this country, giving any “lone wolf” Islamic terrorist or group of them visions of pulling off a terror attack that would make 9/11 look small (imagine, for instance, 8 or 10 small private planes loaded with explosives and nails, auguring into huge crowds or the Convention center itself, just for starters–and any video gamer can probably come up with far worse scenarios), and giving the gov’t reason to quietly shift all kinds of supplies and personnel into the area to “prepare” for trouble, “just in case”.

Either the man is an utter fool drunk with power, or he is deliberately trying to incite violence on someone’s behalf–and it isn’t on Trump’s behalf or ours, either. His rhetoric is playing right into the hands of the opposition here, and anyone willing to view the situation objectively can see that.


NOT Trump. The convention would get suspended, and the RNC would use the rules in place to choose their candidate. Even if it didn’t get suspended, and he DID get the nomination, a low of independents, moderates, Dems/Bernie people etc. who were considering voting for him would take one look at THAT mess and say “nope”. Because for years now, the media has been using mass perception manipulation to convince average people that  only “certain types” of “demonstrations” are acceptable. Others are bad, evil  and dangerous. And as we know, the media is very good at using the kinds of tools Cambridge Analytica and other companies like them provide to influence and dramatically alter public perception. Of course there is no PROOF that C.A. or its parent company is involved in any “projects” here….But P.S. has been a part of our media and more for quite a while.

BEYOND THAT, Ask yourself, who really benefits if there is a major civil disturbance DURING AN EVENT THAT IS COVERED BY LAWS GOVERNING NATIONAL EVENTS SECURED BY THE SECRET SERVICE?? The convention is NOT like a Trump rally, Secret Service wise. This is an entirely different thing, that falls under NATIONAL SECURITY all the way.

And that means that if it is DISRUPTED, OR PROTESTS OCCUR, THERE ARE FELONY CHARGES, and more, that can be levied–up to and including terrorism.

And that, people, is exactly why the events Roger Stone is trying to cause, deliberately, must NOT occur.

The Media is Actively Lying. As Are The GOPers. And People WHO KNOW BETTER Are Promoting Actions They KNOW Will Benefit Only The Government, The GOPers, Or Other Parties Intent On Continuance Of The Current System–NOT AMERICA, OR AMERICANS.

Does this seem logical to you? The Tin Foil Hat crowd would call this a “psy-op”, or a “false flag”.  Many of them are, as a matter of fact–and given the utter lack of internal or external logic here, when you view the actions of all the parties in the context of the current state America is in, I’d say they are absolutely 100%v correct to do so.

And I know a psy-op when I see one.

Everyone needs to put their own emotions aside, and consider Stone’s actions of late OBJECTIVELY. Also look at his past associations, and present ones. This is NOT a man whose advice I’d be following at any time. And especially NOT NOW, and not this advice. Because he knows better–and he is encouraging the worse course of action anyway.

There is another course of action that CAN work, and that is a small demonstration (10-20,000) at the convention, and demonstrations of all sizes, in every city and state across the nation, simultaneously. Mobilizing 30-40 MILLION Americans nationwide while giving the feds NO REASON TO CALL IN THE GUARD OR CANCEL THE CONVENTION IN CLEVELAND is the only reasonable choice, if we want to prevail.

Stone knows that. Alex Jones also knows that. So you might want to ask yourself in the case of Stone, why am I listening to him when I know how dangerous his “idea” is?  

In the case of Alex Jones, who as THE foremost investigator of conspiracies and the inner workings of our government ABSOLUTELY KNOWS WHAT PLANS THEY HAVE IN PLACE AND ALSO KNOWS WHAT KINDS OF PEOPLE  ARE MANIPULATING OUR THINKING AND HAVE BEEN FOR DECADES NOW–

Why isn’t he sounding the alarm about plans HE KNOWS ARE IN PLACE, plans that will forever alter our republic if an event like this happens? And why is he encouraging Roger Stone?

Inquiring Minds want to know….


11 thoughts on “Why Is The Media Pushing The “Delegate Stealing” Narrative?

  1. I am encouraged by the discovery of your site, I think. I found this information on delegates and conventions to be very accurate and useful. The addition your perspective and experience to the rhetorical, if shared around enough, might be a very effective counterbalance to the media’s bomb throwing on the subjects. However, I would like to point out that the comments about Roger Stone’s statement about the Cleveland convention are virtually direct quotes of the media’s misrepresentations and compound false innuendo about his statement(s). At first reading, I got that he was just saying that going to Cleveland and knowing where the problematic delegates are (available at the front desk in all probability) might be useful – not to do violence, and the media suggests, but to find them to communicate with them about their candidate support – perhaps not everyone in the country descending on Cleveland, but that is highly unlikely anyway, the aggreived being Republicans/former Republicans. Further, I understand that both/all sides in this party have people who have used strong and effective campaign techniques – the label of dirty trickster can be accurately applied to many people in all political campaigns, whether they are directly connected or ‘hidden’ at arms length but obviously supportive (by their actions and words) of individual candidates. I wonder why Stone and InfoWars are the parting tainting shot in an otherwise useful and reasonably argued essay. This technique is the specialty of the professional MSM lying class, sadly.

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    • Yes, they are nearly direct quotes, and for a reason. Because *that is the narrative that is being shaped*. And everyone needs to be very aware that however “peaceful” Stone may claim he is intending on being, his deliberate choice of name for his “event” belies his rather cagey statements. Those of us who have spent years in semantic analysis know a false narrative when we see one, as well as when someone is being more than a little careful with their words.

      If any number of people larger than a few thousand show up there under *that name, especially*, there will be some serious issues.

      When you’re planning “peaceful” solutions, you don’t name your event after riots planned and carried out by domestic terrorists to begin with.

      The young may not remember the original context of “days of Rage”, but the media and my generation certainly do. Any credibility he had up to that point went right out the window.

      And BTW, Alex Jones remembers also. Not only that, he has been tracking most of the players in this project and earlier ones for decades, so he also knows better. And I am not the first to call him out when he ignores very big elephants in the room (nor will I be the last).

      Alex is a highly intelligent man, with a great deal of experience and a large knowledge base, and a dedicated following who depend on his analysis the same way some people never question anything said by FOX,CNN, or their alphabet news agency of choice, no matter how ridiculous it might sound.

      They also *act as they are advised to, even when a logical objective examination of the “advice” shows them there’s a very high likelihood its BAD advice*. As such, he has a responsibility above that of the average person, not to encourage things that as I rightly pointed out he would have been screaming warnings about less than a year ago.


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  3. I think I missed out on the chosing of delegates in WA state. We have a primary this year to vote, instead of caucuses. It looks like it’s possible to attend the state convention as a guest, but I’m not sure that would be helpful. I do think I will start to see what it would take to get into the system for the next election.

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    • Going as a guest if it isn’t expensive is very helpful–it gives you a chance to observe how the process works, meet people, seek out like minds, and gather good intel. I’m taking a guest with me to the AZGOP convention when I go for that purpose. Always helpful to observe the opposition in their natural habitat ;-).


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    • Quite true. And anyone that does try doing that will really drive the intended context home.

      Someone I know does an ongoing “air time minute” analysis of thousands of random You Tube videos from people’s London vacations for a client.

      When you look at “air time minutes” the amount of time that vacation video devotes to different subjects, it turns out that time spent trying to get the Palace Guard to break their silence outweighs everything else by anything from 5-20 times LOL.

      It’s as bad as the latest air time minutes between Trump and obama–currently about 110 minutes to 5 minutes or less, and to add insult to injury, obama’s minutes are only there because he is trying to frame an anti-Trump narrative.

      And , if they do infiltrate and open their mouths–we ignore them. They are invisible.

      That way, their behavior can’t be framed in any way that even approaches the narrative the media has created to for them.

      Picture the contrast–a group of silent patriots holding flags, neatly arranged in a grid (think spacing similar to a military cemetery, the symmetry is important) with one lunatic in the middle screaming something that relates to…nothing.

      Or people infiltrating and surrounding the SP’s shouting in their faces and trying to incite, and getting zero response.

      That shatters the narrative.


  5. Thanks, this is great info. I plan to use it to talk a family member down off the ledge (a FOX addict).

    I’ve been really concerned about Stone’s insane idea of having millions descend on Cleveland, seemed to me he’s intent on recreating 1968 Chicago, but even bigger, and this time the stakes are much, much greater.

    I liked your idea of peaceful demonstrations nationwide during the convention. I recently read this book:http://www.amazon.com/America-Rising-Tom-Paine-ebook/dp/B00784Y6NS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459941779&sr=8-1&keywords=America+rising and was struck by the similarities to what’s been going on. It eventually culminates in a peaceful rebellion by the American people who make a quiet stand in parks and on public lands (but not like #Occupy). This book illustrates just how far the powers that be will go to retain power, complete with a radio personality who incites rioting.

    Maybe it would be a good idea to begin quietly lining up any necessary permits so Trump supporters can make a stand during the convention.

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    • I’ll be putting up a multi-post segment starting in an hour or two about design and contextual language , and giving some basic examples of how the narrative has been framed and the two different contextual frameworks have been used over the last several years–it’s going to be a long few days.

      Paine was a truly amazing man–all of our founders understood the power of language and framing a narrative. They ran a multi-year project in a time when the lack of timely communication alone should have doomed the project.

      And yet they succeeded, brilliantly. Those on *this side* of the science involved consider those men to be our model :-).

      And I have read that one–I have read and cherish every book that is out there on the founders and the revolution. You might want to check out this one:


      It gives the view from G.Washington’s side, very illuminating.

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