How To Run An Effective Boycott….

The Ever Growing List Of Unprofessional/ Idiotic CEOs….

So now APPARENTLY Celebrity Cruise Lines rolled out this commercial : CLICK HERE  a while ago, and it’s now impinging on the public consciousness. Celebrity, of course, could aptly rename itself leftistloon Cruises, as they have been full on open borders etc  for years. HINT–ALL CRUISE LINES ARE, THEY DEPEND ON H1B VISAS TO FUNCTION!!

So, without further Ado, we’ll look at the anatomy of a SUCCESSFUL boycott. Because with the right game plan and organization, a very small group can have a real impact.

A “Successful Boycott” ? Don’t Need No PLAN To Boycott….

Yes, you do–if you want it to WORK. The typical boycott goes like this:

  1. Public hears about company stance. Public gets p*ssed off.
  2. Public begins screaming all over Social Media, spam bombs the FB and Twitter pages. Sometimes, the public pickets a store or two.
  4. Public gets bored/ declares victory over stock dip, moves on to the next boycott.

AND IT IS BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL–MAKING MONEY. And BTW, it’s not uncommon for companies to DELIBERATELY LEAK “internal memos”, emails, etc. Because for the cost of a few BOTS to delete all the obvious negative spam, they get the opportunity to profit on stock price changes, while also testing the integrity of their customer base.

A Boycott Gives A Business TONS OF Valuable Customer Information.

So, we need to make that information VERY costly. Which leads to the blueprint for successful boycotts…. We’ll take a look at 2 separate cases, as 2 different boycotts are on that are useful for illustrative purposes> Maybelline and Grub Hub.

Different Industry Sectors Need Different Types Of Boycotts.

Maybelline, for instance, has 2 “customer bases”–retail business outlets, and the average consumer buying from those outlets. Obviously, it would be tough to get Walmart or Macy’s, for instance, to drop the Maybelline line–it CAN be done, but is a long term, large scale effort.

So for Maybelline, the best boycott is the consumer. And costing them MONEY also, by effectively disrupting their social media so instead of using batch deletes and BOTS, they have to hire a HUMAN Social Media Management Team.

GrubHub also has two types of customers–the direct consumer, and Businesses. But Grub Hub is EXTREMELY VULNERABLE, because restaurants now have quite a few delivery choices–AND LOCAL EATERIES CAN BE PERSUADED TO DITCH AND SWITCH.

Boycotts Are Numbers Games. Make The Numbers Work For You.

With Maybelline type businesses, the key is long term consistent presence on their social media, USING NEUTRAL LANGUAGE and ambiguous language. And Photos–such as a selfie you take pouring your Maybelline in the trash can. Or you with your other makeup choices around you and a sign saying “PROUDLY MAYBELLINE FREE” And VERY AMBIGUOUS TEXT:

Wow, I just LOVE the feeling I get removing Maybelline from my life! You guys are the BEST!! 

Messages like this confuse the various types of auto-removal programs on the market. So, Maybelline has to pay a lot of people to keep an eye on posts, and hand remove. Their own employees are the best option, as they are a lot cheaper than a professional team–but money is money. And as each post disappears–make another. Or have a friend do so. 24/7, for days, weeks, months… And also let your local businesses that carry the products know you’re NOT buying, and are telling others not to do so either.

Because shelf space is expensive. So IF you can keep a steady level of dissatisfaction on the social media, and IF you can work on a local level to keep sales down, even chain stores will look at giving that store space to another company.

The local initiative works best on small businesses/ mom and pop stores. But it CAN work on larger stores if enough people stay involved for long enough. You know you’re making progress if you keep an eye on the availability of local coupons for the products, and local sales. Those are signals from a company that market share figures are not what they expect.

Boycotts Of Consumer Clearing House Businesses–Like Grub Hub.

GrubHub is vulnerable–and far more so than Maybelline. Why? Several reasons:

  1. This field is now seeing an influx of competitors in urban areas.
  2. The local eateries that use their service are very vulnerable to boycotts.
  3. You can present reasons to boycott THIS company that are NOT political.

With Grubhub, if one consumer gives the app a 1 star and cancels, they lose out on between 10 and 15 commissions a month on average from this person. Yes, that’s money. BUT–restaurants pay Grubhub, on average, 13% commissions on each order, and a popular pizza place by a college may process 100 or more orders a DAY. With the industry Average in this case being around 3.00–by getting ONE pizza place to ditch and switch, you can cost Grubhub hundreds of dollars a DAY.

In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look at long term social media boycotting, and ways to “frame” a boycott that are NOT based in hot button issues, and more. In the meantime, back to Twitter to post my DAILY REMINDER about Grubhub…

The Electoral College–Part 3

But….What Happens If NEITHER Hillary NOR Trump Have 270?

Well, this is where things get…Interesting. You see, BEFORE we trashed this part of the Constitution by ratifying the 17th Amendment, this wouldn’t have been an issue. If you want to learn about WHY the 17th Amendment was pushed by the leftist loons–and also why the leftist loons are pushing for a national popular vote–THEN YOU NEED TO STUDY THIS WEBSITE. When you read and LEARN what our Constitution really gave us in terms of liberty, you’ll be surprised.

But as it stands now–IF neither candidate got the magic 270, then none other than the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES chooses the President from the 3 candidates with the most votes. And the Senate choose the VP from the 2 candidates with the most electoral votes.

So Choosing The President Would Be In The Hands Of Our Representatives…

And this is why we NEED TO GET ON OUR ELECTORS AND MAKE SURE THEY KEEP FAITH. Because we sure as HELL can’t trust the House and Senate to do so. Meanwhile, there is another issue rearing its ugly head again–the “convention of states” is back. READ why that is a horrible idea also at the above website–the first link. I will write more on the issue shortly.

The Facts Are Quite Simple.

  1. OUR CURRENT ELECTION SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING. There are way too many issues with electronic machines, potential voter fraud, non-citizens and illegal aliens may be allowed to vote in local elections in some places.
  2. We also have the recent SCOTUS ruling that recognizes illegals aliens as “constituents” when districts are re-drawn each election cycle. This is a DISASTER, as it gives illegal aliens status equal to citizens for representation in congress. This is the first step, a precedent that opens the door to non-citizens voting in local elections–and potentially states gaining more representatives and electoral votes in future elections. The link above is to the PEW report that explains this lunacy. Justice warren is quoted in there, from an earlier SCOTUS case–and note, he said: LEGISLATORS ARE ELECTED BY VOTERS. Well, obviously, illegal aliens and non-citizens don’t vote….YET.
  3. The leftist loons are once again trying to scrap what is left of the power of the electoral college. And that would mean, as stated a few articles ago, that about 15% of the country would have a lock on–a stranglehold on–the rest of the USA.
  4. We have now seen with obama what happens when we have a president run amok. IF WE GET RID OF THE 17TH AND GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN–THIS WON’T HAPPEN NEARLY AS EASILY, IF AT ALL.

The Electoral College–Part 2

Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Crazier….

Apparently, Dr. Jill Stein–the woman who spent the last half of her campaign cycle saying NEVER HILLARY in as many different ways as possible–has now raised millions in a matter of days to challenge results in at least FOUR states.

Never mind that the deadline has PASSED in at least one–Pennsylvania–and she’d have to go to court. Never mind that NONE of these challenges can benefit her or The Green Party IN ANY WAY AT ALL. Never mind that it says ON HER OWN WEBSITE THAT SHE’S NOT GUARANTEEING THERE WILL BE RECOUNTS.

SHE IS DOING THIS ANYWAY. And No, Jill–we don’t believe you’re doing this to push national, publicly owned voting machines. What we NEED are:


Number three would also help drastically reduce the incidence of long term ID theft/Social Security number fraud as well.But here is the really interesting part: somehow, she has raised far more in a few DAYS than her entire campaign–two times more, at least. And as of yet, I can’t find an outside accounting of where is money is coming from.

Even The Leftist Loons At SLATE Are Telling The Hillbots NOT TO DONATE…..

And their reasoning is sound. We have NO IDEA where any money will go if recounts don’t happen–to the Green Party? To Jill? To a Home for Superannuated Spaniels?  Inquiring minds want to know, Jill.

What Does All This Mean?

This means a few things. First, despite what she SAYS, she KNOWS danged well that if she DID flip 3 states and get Hillary the White House, She’d be in line for BIG favors. She also knows that what she is doing is WRONG. Why? Because, again, she is NOT calling for recounts where it would actually benefit the public–border states with large illegal alien populations, states with no ID and shoddy election practices, states where ACTUAL VOTER ISSUES WERE REPORTED ON ELECTION DAY….

Will it do any good? The odds are astonishingly small–just as the odds that 40+ electors will turn “faithless” and vote for Hillary. Even the few electors who have stated they are planning to be faithless have NOT said they will vote Hillary. For more information on the danger of faithless electors, SEE HERE.

What Should Be Done About Faithless Electors….

Faithless electors endanger the republic, and the Constitution. At this time, we not only need ALL states to have strong criminal or civil penalties on the books for punishing such people–those who live where such laws are in place MUST be punished.

The reasoning here is simple. These people are SUPPOSED to be voting the will of the PEOPLE, since the ratification of the 17th Amendment. To not do so is prima facie evidence they DO NOT RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION OR RULE OF LAW. PERIOD. Just as a juror is told they can not allow their feelings to impact a guilty or innocent vote in a court of law, electors should NOT be allowed to impose their personal morals or feelings on their vote.



Well in this the leftist loons are right–we need to call our electors, email them, and if allowed in your state, GO AND WITNESS THE VOTE. We must let them know that they accepted this position of trust on our behalf, and that we the people will NOT TAKE KINDLY TO THEM BOWING TO THREATS. You can find out from your republican party who the electors are, or from your state voting commission/Secretary of State.

When Entertainers Decide To Join CEOs On The Political Soap Box…Part 3

I Guess The So-Called Celebrities Were Feeling Ignored…

SADLY, PEOPLE STILL PAY ATTENTION TO THE CLOWNS IN SO-CALLED “ENTERTAINMENT”. Sorry, actors, singers, etc… Prancing around on a stage and getting paid 7 figures should NOT, in and of itself, make you a role model for anyone. Nor do I give a flying frog who you voted–or didn’t–vote for. The same goes for sports figures.

When I turn on a Music Award Program or go to a concert or play, I am doing so for ESCAPISM. TO BE ENTERTAINED. IF I WANT POLITICAL OPINION,  I WILL WATCH THE FAKE NEWS. Given the cost of a concert or play these days, the last thing I want to end up paying for is to listen to someone who is SUPPOSED TO BE ACTING, OR SINGING, RANTING ABOUT POLITICS.

I’m glad Kanye West apparently now supports Trump. Way cool. But had I been at his concerts before he got checked into a hospital and  had been subjected to his rants–I’d feel cheated, as I would only spend that kind of money for his music (were I a fan, and I am not).

Enter The Clowns On Broadway–And The Misconstruing Of The 1st Amendment….

Hamilton, the musical, has now become household news. Not because it is good–given it’s entirely fictional, and any resemblance to the beliefs or life of Alexander Hamilton is strictly coincidental, if you’re looking for accuracy, SELL YOUR TICKETS NOW.  And from the thoughtful reviews I have read, it is a typical complete fabrication steeped with leftist lunacy and SJW themes.

Not to mention the casting director is a complete racist…

YEP–Even Snopes got this one. NON-WHITE ACTORS… Funny, given Hamilton and everyone of note in his career was white. But racial issues aside, the ad likely violates the SJW driven laws in NYC, as you can see in the above link. Gotta love the leftist loons. Not only re-write the man’s life, but let’s throw in some overt racism.

And Then Came The SoapBox Moment At The End…

Mike Pence, our new VP elect, took his family to see this trash. But this isn’t about his lamentable lack of taste, it’s about the lamentable lack of professionalism on the part of Aaron Burr (I didn’t know he was black…). Pence and family were BOOED by leftist loons when they arrived–incredibly rude in and of itself. As much as I despise Obama and his merrie minions, if I were unlucky enough to be in the same theater with him and his family, I at least would have the manners not to BOO. Or applaud their arrival. THEY ARE PLAY GOERS, THERE TO BE ENTERTAINED, PEOPLE.

But expecting leftist loons to have any courtesy is to be a cockeyed optimist.

Then, at the end of the play, Aaron Burr decided to lecture our VP elect, and make a public appeal for kindness, or some such nonsense. Which is entirely out of bounds, because as I stated at the outset of this article–THESE ARE ENTERTAINERS. THE MAN WAS NOT THERE IN AN OFFICIAL CAPACITY, HE WAS SIMPLY TRYING TO SEE THE SIGHTS OF NEW YORK CITY. This behavior is utterly rude, tasteless and classless regardless of the tone or content of the speech. 

Of course the rest of the leftist loons thought this was utterly amazing, wonderful, powerful, whatever the buzzword/talking point of the day is. No, it isn’t. Back when common courtesy was still common, this would have been roundly condemned, and rightly so–BECAUSE THEATER AND ENTERTAINMENT ARE MEANT TO GIVE YOU A BREAK FROM THE WORLD.

Which Leads Us To  Misconstruing The 1st Amendment.


Sorry, conservatives and leftist loons alike–Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, and every website on the internet can lay down rules and “censor” your speech. THAT IS WHY WEBSITES HAVE TERMS OF SERVICE, THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO READ BEFORE AGREEING TO THEM. EVEN IF YOUR SPEECH ITSELF IS PROTECTED SPEECH, YOU CAN BE CENSORED IF YOU ACCEPTED CENSORSHIP. 

The same holds true with your 4th amendment rights. If you take a job where random drug tests are a condition of employment, you have actively chosen to partially surrender your 4th amendment rights. The same is true if you fly commercially–TSA and their procedures are a condition of travel. If you don’t want to be treated like cattle–STOP FLYING. PERIOD.

The entertainers and actors discussed above were, in fact, engaging in protected speech. They just happened to be doing it in a context that is inappropriate and rude. So they are rude, boorish, and believe they have relevance they don’t have–other than with other leftist loons, of course. I boycott such people and the events they hold because they have provided ample evidence that I run the risk of having to stomach a lecture or rant when I only want theater, or a concert. And if enough people boycott–they will either learn manners and keep their Soapbox speeches for after show interviews, or new stars will rise that get the message.

And For Those Screaming CENSORSHIP On Facebook And Twitter–


There are things you can do to make a difference:

  1. BUY STOCK. As a stockholder, you have a voice and a right you can exercise. If even 30% of Twitter users who are sick of the shadow banning and censorship buy 1 share of stock–less than 20.00–and even a fraction of THOSE people show up at a meeting…There would be significant policy changes.
  2. CENSOR THE ADS. Both Facebook and Twitter give you the means to control the content you see. SHUT DOWN EVERY AD THAT YOU DISAGREE WITH, AND BLOCK EVERY USER YOU DISAGREE WITH. As one who spends money on these platforms, I can tell you I watch my analytics very closely. And if I see that my ads are not being seen–I won’t spend money.
  3. Invite your friends to join you. One of the reasons we are in this untenable social mess is because of all the conservative purists who took their toys and went home, rather than fighting to be heard on a slanted playing field. SHAME ON YOU. NEVER SURRENDER GROUND TO THE ENEMY. PERIOD. IF YOU AREN’T OUT IN THE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER TRENCHES, THEN YOU HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF THAT YOUR VIEWS ARE NOT SEEN BY THE WORLD.  Don’t spend the time and money building your own conservative echo chamber social media site–THAT IS ADMITTING DEFEAT. TAKE YOUR SHARE OF WHAT ALREADY EXISTS. Walking away and taking the moral high ground just marginalizes us, and makes the mass perception management much easier, and much more powerful. So get off your sanctimonious asses and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE SEEN.

I am pAst the point of patience with many conservatives and right wing people, because rather than stand your ground and work within the system to change it–and we have the numbers to do so–they choose to get sanctimonious, grab their toys and go home, then they have the idiocy to complain all over the place that there is no conservative alternative to the current toxic social media. WE CAN’T FIX THINGS UNLESS WE GET INVOLVED, PEOPLE. OUR FOUNDERS WOULDN’T HAVE WALKED AWAY. THEY DIDN’T WALK AWAY. THEY FOUGHT. SO IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FIGHT, SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THOSE OF US WHO ARE FIGHTING.

More Ridiculous Soapbox Politicization of Business..Part 2

When Will CEOs Realize That Partisan Politics And Business Don’t Mix??

We saw the great GrubHub  debacle, plus the Tech CEOs who stepped in the mess and were unable to get free despite their best excuses–“I WAS HACKED!” “IT WAS A BAD JOKE!”


  1. Generally, JOKES are supposed to be funny. They do not include explicit details concerning how to snipe someone in a white house bedroom. They usually included smiley faces. And it also helps if the rest of your Facebook page doesn’t have angry, profane statements regarding the country and voters.
  2. The “I’VE BEEN HACKED” Excuse doesn’t work. When even a non-techie like ME can tell the rest of your twitter feed is the same tone and language–you haven’t been hacked, you’re just a loon. Unless, of course, your hacker hung out in your Twitter feed tweeting on your behalf for most of the election season….

Enter More Clowns–Pepsico and Renzey’s Spices.


That being said–

Pepsico is in a long term partnership with none other than the CLINTON FOUNDATION. For those who have missed the news, the Clinton foundation isn’t a real charity. It’s a thinly veiled cash cow/personal piggy bank for Hillary and family.


  1. The Clinton Foundation used funds collected to pay for things like Chelsea’s multi-million dollar wedding.
  2. The Clinton foundation, according to IRS filings, typically gives LESS THAN 10% OF THE COLLECTED FUNDS TO ACTUAL POOR PEOPLE.
  3. The Clintons, and their associate, John Podesta, are tied up with #spiritcooking and #pizzagate. #Spiritcooking is touched on in that link, and more information is online.
  4. Recently, Monica Petersen, a child advocate from Denver, was in Haiti investigating child sex trafficking–when to the shock and bewilderment of co-workers and family–SHE COMMITTED SUICIDE.  And years ago, Hillary Clinton was connected to a woman who was accused of child trafficking following the Haitian Earthquake….
  5. The Clinton Foundation was SUPPOSED to build a multi-million dollar hospital in Haiti following that earthquake–one they collected funds for, that has never been built. Not to mention the Clinton brother who was ostensibly down there on Foundation work, but instead was trying to get people involved in a gold mining scam….


As for Penzey’s…Leftist Loon CEO Delivers Email Rant. Then Doubles Down On Rant.

So the Penzey’s CEO–who basically stole the name from his sister, who now runs  The Spice House, flat out said in his email that if you voted for the racist, then you could take a hike. Fine. His choice.

But he didn’t stop there–read his follow up Facebook post. Apparently, we who voted for the racist and thereby committed the single most racist act in the history of this nation, are supposed to atone by making a generous donation to one of his two favorite hate groups–the ACLU or the SPLC, and leave the receipt out so our younger, more evolved and tolerant children can see the depth of our atonement.

The Arrogance, Elitism and Condescension Is Mind Boggling.

I’m glad I hadn’t stocked up on my gourmet spices yet–I went to the Spice House online instead, and got some nice items. And with any luck, as more ordinary Americans who know better than to always believe the Main Stream Media find out what an absolute ass this man is, they will do the same.

It’s bad enough that the owner of a business would decide to label 60 million people as racists. But to then lecture us, and deign to offer us advice on how to regain the companionship of our families is going way, way too far.



On The Ridiculous Soap Box Battles In The Corporate And Entertainment World Part 1

It Seems That CEOs Want To Lose Business.

Why do I say that? Well, in the last few weeks since the election–WHICH TRUMP WON LEGITIMATELY, WITH 86% OF THE COUNTIES IN THE USA AND THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE– corporate America and the Entertainment Industry have gone insane. 

We had one CEO who had to resign after discussing sniper rifles and making direct threats on Facebook–and claiming it was a JOKE. Excuse me–no reasonable person reading what that unhinged leftist wrote would have thought he was joking. Then we had ANOTHER Tech CEO who tweeted threats–and claimed he was HACKED. The two shopworn excuses of leftist loons.

Then, we have this lovely gentleman–Matt Maloney, who runs GrubHub. Grubhub, for those not familiar with it, is a delivery service. Restaurants pay on average a 13% commission to use this service. As you can see by that tweet, HIS customers skew Urban, Female, and Intelligent–and he directly states that Trump supporters are none of the above. Note the date on the tweet–he was an utter ASS even BEFORE THIS EGREGIOUS EMAIL. 

Matt Maloney Certainly Had A Meltdown.

So Matt insisted that his email had been “misconstrued”. Really, now. I have shown the email–with no other context–to literally a few hundred people online and in the real world. Ordinary people, all races, ages,  colors, political leanings. And even the liberals read it as I did: that if you believe in Trump–and by default IF YOU VOTED FOR THE MAN YOU LIKELY SHARE HIS VIEWS–YOU SHOULD RESIGN. That, my friends, is called creating a hostile work environment.

READ THE ARTICLE LINKED ABOVE, AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. Based on the tweet from weeks before and this email, the CEO of Grubhub comes off very well–an elitist ass, who has no problem with the idea of mocking current and potential customers AND RESTAURANT OWNERS on Twitter, and no problem creating a hostile work environment either.

But That’s Not The End! Wait Until You Read This…

Here is an excerpt from the article linked above on his excuse that he was “misconstrued”:

At Grubhub, we welcome and accept employees with all political beliefs, no matter who they voted for in this or any election,” he said. “We do not discriminate on the basis of someone’s principles, or otherwise. The message was intended to advocate for inclusion and tolerance — regardless of political affiliation — during this time of transition for our country.”

I want to clarify that I did not ask for anyone to resign if they voted for Trump,” the statement said. “I would never make such a demand.”

In a tweet that was later deleted, Maloney added: “To be clear, GrubHub does not tolerate hate and we are proud of all our employees – even those who voted for Trump.”

Notice, he claims he never asked trump voters to resign. 


If you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here,” he wrote. “We do not tolerate hateful attitudes on our team.

Maloney said he rejects the “nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics of Donald Trump.” 

  1. If you voted for TRUMP–you’re likely a nationalist rather than a globalist.

He also stated that if employees of his acted as Trump did, they would have been fired. And of course the actions in question were taken out of context and have been debunked multiple times.

And the paragraph above states quite clearly–if you do not agree with Matt’s assessment of TRUMP–then quit.


If my employer stated that anyone who agreed with nationalism and the rule of law should submit their resignation, I would certainly interpret that as a hostile work environment, and a direct invitation to leave the company. And for the record, everyone I showed his first message to thought the same.

And when I showed them his excuse–including the later deleted tweet–they said he was full of it. it’s no surprise that their stock has taken a dramatic downturn. I have shown his tweets and emails to local businesses who USED TO USE GRUB HUB–and they don’t any more. Because this is just plain unprofessional and borderline illegal. Successful lawsuits for hostile work environments have risen out of far less direct evidence.

If You Feel This Is Wrong….

THEN GET YOUR LOCAL EATERY TO DUMP GRUB HUB. THIS IS A VERY COMPETITIVE FIELD IN ANY MAJOR CITY, SO THERE ARE PLENTY OF CHOICES. And for the record–if a right wing business had done the same thing when Obama got elected–I’d be calling them out also. Business is not the place for strident politics–and certainly not taken to this level. SHAME ON YOU, YOU ELITIST ASS.


Hillary’s Victims Speak

Exclusive Interview With Three Of Hillary’s Victims–Video Linked Below

Well now—it’s high time someone decided to talk to the three women who were first victims of Bill Clinton’s unwanted sexual advances, and THEN victims of Hillary’s enabling and active attempts to insure their story never saw the light of day.

Yep–the SAME WOMAN who had a fit of the vapors over TRUMP’s hot mic comments in a private conversation OVER A DECADE AGO, was the woman who referred to VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT  as  “bimbo eruption”, “trailer trash”, “wh*res”, “sl*ts”…and threatened them as well.

Leftist Lunacy, The Decade Old “P” Word, and Hypocrisy

So, over a decade ago TRUMP was having a conversation with a guy. And he said something that back in those days–AND PROBABLY NOW, IF WE WANT TO BE HONEST–was largely true. If you had a YUUUUGE pile of money, you could get any chick to sleep with you. You could grab them where you wished as well–in this case, that would be the “P” word, and also dropping an “F” bomb. He said he went after this married chick “like a b*tch”, and she turned him down. And the OTHER guy(s)  in the conversation were just as ridiculous.

But here is the thing–I have heard more than one conversation between WOMEN, in locker rooms and dressing rooms, just as casually crass as this about men. Heck, I have heard WOMEN say things this tasteless AND WORSE, ABOUT THE MEN THEY ARE IN RELATIONSHIPS WITH, AT PARTIES–AND NOBODY RAISED AN EYEBROW.

Just this past weekend I listened to a woman in line at Walmart telling her husband he should consider himself lucky he got to “hit it” AT ALL. And she was in my age group (antique), as was he.That just happened to be the most tasteless part of the verbal abuse she was inflicting on him. And yet NOBODY raised an eyebrow. Had the situation been reversed and a male had been calling his wife useless, unattractive, a failure, and saying she should consider herself lucky she received any intimate attention–all h*ll would have likely ensued.

Now, for those who missed this audio–which sounds for all the world like GUYS BEING GUYS, OR HIGH SCHOOL JOCKS IN A LOCKER ROOM:

Trump And His Locker Room Banter

Now the video of course bears no relation to the audio–but as a 50 something female who has spent a LOT of time around males in all kinds of settings, this falls under my heading of “typical male p*ssing contest/bonding ritual”. And guess what? I found NOTHING about that any more offensive than the pure filth and trash rappers, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and a host of Reality TV mutants foist on society daily. As a matter of fact I found that audio to be far LESS OFFENSIVE than 90% of the tripe offered as “entertainment” today.

And yet we have HILLARY–a woman who called the victims of her predatory husband far worse names all over the media (as opposed to “hot mic” private conversations), trying to take the moral high ground.

Not only that, we have Ms. Twerk herself, along with a bevy of other disgraceful sl*ts, shrieking like Vestal Virgins and screaming that TRUMP is so “offensive”. Well, sorry, Miley and company–YOU are offensive. You are a disgrace to your gender, and you sicken me. I’m fairly sure you sicken a great many confident, strong, REAL women.Do us all a favor and begin self identifying as ANYTHING OTHER THAN FEMALE.

And Now We Hear From Hillary’s Victims–

The Double Victims Speak Out

That video says it all. Women who were physically and sexually assaulted. Women who were threatened, and made to feel in danger. Women who had their names dragged through the national press by HILLARY CLINTON, WIFE OF THE SEXUAL PREDATOR.

Hillary didn’t call those women what she called them when she thought nobody could hear.

She did it publicly, at every opportunity.

Hillary–who DURING THIS CAMPAIGN MADE DEFENDING THE VICTIMS OF MEN LIKE HER HUSBAND A PART OF HER PLATFORM–not only never even tried to hear what these women had to say–she made it her mission in life to destroy their lives in any way she could.

Where was the stalwart defender of helpless women when her own husband was the attacker, the predator? Where was the champion for equal pay for equal work when her husband held public office–and now, when she pays female staffers less than males?

Where is the woman who claimed that EVERY victim of sexual assault should be heard and given support when THESE WOMEN NEEDED HER? Well, she was right where you’d expect her to be given that all she cares about is power. And money. Oh, and did I mention POWER?

These women weren’t just assaulted once, by a sleazy sexual predator who was also a long time associate of a panderer with a private island populated by underage girls. The guy who screwed his intern in the oval office, during working hours.

These women were also assaulted by his wife, HILLARY CLINTON. WHO KNEW, AND KNOWS, ABOUT BILLY BOY’S INABILITY TO CONTROL HIMSELF. And yet she not only stands by her man, she also goes out of her way to protect him, cover for him, and enable him.

And then these women continued to be victimized, by the press, every time HILLARY  slandered them. Every time the press refused to give them air time and fawned all over HILLARY AND THE PREDATOR. They have had to live with this for decades, something that only people who have lived through it can understand fully. And now, it’s all coming back to them again–and again, instead of people listening, they are being blown off.

At least this time HILLARY isn’t calling them the names that some of her endorsers so richly deserve. But in a way, she is doing something far worse with the full support of the rogue media–she is sidelining them. She is saying, though not in words, in actions:


These women, in the video above, are HILLARY’S victims, as well as her predator husband’s. They are the ones she set out to destroy decades ago.

The ones she says are no longer relevant because it was so long ago. The new narrative from the looney Leftists is that the Machado Person, whose apparent insult also occurred 20 YEARS ago or more, is the “real issue”.

GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK. Person gets elected Ms Universe–supposedly exemplifying the apex of feminine pulchritude. Personally, I thought she was homely, I saw the pictures.

Once she gets the title, the cash and everything else, she proceeds to eat her way to a 60 POUND WEIGHT GAIN, in about a year. Sorry, people–unless you win the Ms Queen Size Universe, you should lose your crown over that. And if you read the press stories at the time, TRUMP spoke up for her–more than I would have done by a long shot.

But we’re supposed to be more concerned with her being called “Miss Piggy” (which I consider an insult to a very sophisticated Muppet, BTW). And we’re supposed to be utterly sickened by TRUMP using the F word, and the P word, in what was thought to be a private conversation. And we’re supposed to be further sickened because some of the trashiest, filthiest, most blatant trollops in entertainment today are apparently “offended” by words they use routinely.

A dialogue that, were it turned into a rap song and sung by the talent-less trash listed above, would rocket to platinum record status.

Sorry, HILLARY. Sorry, Miley, Madonna, all females named Kardashian, Beyonce, and other assorted guttersnipes, trollops, and filth. As far as I am concerned, the women in that video are the real issue here–not some histrionic beauty pageant winner, or other female oddity.

As far as I am concerned, an accidentally picked up conversation from a decade ago is not the issue. 33,000+ emails, selling our uranium to Russia, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Pay to Play Politics, and the most uncharitable charity ever to gain 501C3 status are the issue here.

Those are the issues in this election–and at this point, they make a great deal of difference–at least to ME.