The Electoral College–Part 3

But….What Happens If NEITHER Hillary NOR Trump Have 270?

Well, this is where things get…Interesting. You see, BEFORE we trashed this part of the Constitution by ratifying the 17th Amendment, this wouldn’t have been an issue. If you want to learn about WHY the 17th Amendment was pushed by the leftist loons–and also why the leftist loons are pushing for a national popular vote–THEN YOU NEED TO STUDY THIS WEBSITE. When you read and LEARN what our Constitution really gave us in terms of liberty, you’ll be surprised.

But as it stands now–IF neither candidate got the magic 270, then none other than the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES chooses the President from the 3 candidates with the most votes. And the Senate choose the VP from the 2 candidates with the most electoral votes.

So Choosing The President Would Be In The Hands Of Our Representatives…

And this is why we NEED TO GET ON OUR ELECTORS AND MAKE SURE THEY KEEP FAITH. Because we sure as HELL can’t trust the House and Senate to do so. Meanwhile, there is another issue rearing its ugly head again–the “convention of states” is back. READ why that is a horrible idea also at the above website–the first link. I will write more on the issue shortly.

The Facts Are Quite Simple.

  1. OUR CURRENT ELECTION SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING. There are way too many issues with electronic machines, potential voter fraud, non-citizens and illegal aliens may be allowed to vote in local elections in some places.
  2. We also have the recent SCOTUS ruling that recognizes illegals aliens as “constituents” when districts are re-drawn each election cycle. This is a DISASTER, as it gives illegal aliens status equal to citizens for representation in congress. This is the first step, a precedent that opens the door to non-citizens voting in local elections–and potentially states gaining more representatives and electoral votes in future elections. The link above is to the PEW report that explains this lunacy. Justice warren is quoted in there, from an earlier SCOTUS case–and note, he said: LEGISLATORS ARE ELECTED BY VOTERS. Well, obviously, illegal aliens and non-citizens don’t vote….YET.
  3. The leftist loons are once again trying to scrap what is left of the power of the electoral college. And that would mean, as stated a few articles ago, that about 15% of the country would have a lock on–a stranglehold on–the rest of the USA.
  4. We have now seen with obama what happens when we have a president run amok. IF WE GET RID OF THE 17TH AND GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN–THIS WON’T HAPPEN NEARLY AS EASILY, IF AT ALL.

The Electoral College–Part 2

Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Crazier….

Apparently, Dr. Jill Stein–the woman who spent the last half of her campaign cycle saying NEVER HILLARY in as many different ways as possible–has now raised millions in a matter of days to challenge results in at least FOUR states.

Never mind that the deadline has PASSED in at least one–Pennsylvania–and she’d have to go to court. Never mind that NONE of these challenges can benefit her or The Green Party IN ANY WAY AT ALL. Never mind that it says ON HER OWN WEBSITE THAT SHE’S NOT GUARANTEEING THERE WILL BE RECOUNTS.

SHE IS DOING THIS ANYWAY. And No, Jill–we don’t believe you’re doing this to push national, publicly owned voting machines. What we NEED are:


Number three would also help drastically reduce the incidence of long term ID theft/Social Security number fraud as well.But here is the really interesting part: somehow, she has raised far more in a few DAYS than her entire campaign–two times more, at least. And as of yet, I can’t find an outside accounting of where is money is coming from.

Even The Leftist Loons At SLATE Are Telling The Hillbots NOT TO DONATE…..

And their reasoning is sound. We have NO IDEA where any money will go if recounts don’t happen–to the Green Party? To Jill? To a Home for Superannuated Spaniels?  Inquiring minds want to know, Jill.

What Does All This Mean?

This means a few things. First, despite what she SAYS, she KNOWS danged well that if she DID flip 3 states and get Hillary the White House, She’d be in line for BIG favors. She also knows that what she is doing is WRONG. Why? Because, again, she is NOT calling for recounts where it would actually benefit the public–border states with large illegal alien populations, states with no ID and shoddy election practices, states where ACTUAL VOTER ISSUES WERE REPORTED ON ELECTION DAY….

Will it do any good? The odds are astonishingly small–just as the odds that 40+ electors will turn “faithless” and vote for Hillary. Even the few electors who have stated they are planning to be faithless have NOT said they will vote Hillary. For more information on the danger of faithless electors, SEE HERE.

What Should Be Done About Faithless Electors….

Faithless electors endanger the republic, and the Constitution. At this time, we not only need ALL states to have strong criminal or civil penalties on the books for punishing such people–those who live where such laws are in place MUST be punished.

The reasoning here is simple. These people are SUPPOSED to be voting the will of the PEOPLE, since the ratification of the 17th Amendment. To not do so is prima facie evidence they DO NOT RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION OR RULE OF LAW. PERIOD. Just as a juror is told they can not allow their feelings to impact a guilty or innocent vote in a court of law, electors should NOT be allowed to impose their personal morals or feelings on their vote.



Well in this the leftist loons are right–we need to call our electors, email them, and if allowed in your state, GO AND WITNESS THE VOTE. We must let them know that they accepted this position of trust on our behalf, and that we the people will NOT TAKE KINDLY TO THEM BOWING TO THREATS. You can find out from your republican party who the electors are, or from your state voting commission/Secretary of State.

A Look At The Electoral College.


Sorry, folks–this is still (nominally speaking) a REPRESENTATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  Our founders never intended for us to elect the president–or senators, for that matter.

Originally, We, the people, voted on our state legislatures and the house of representatives–and the STATE LEGISLATORS voted on our state senators, and also chose the ELECTORS. Then the ELECTORS would choose the president and VP. The system was set up this way so that the Senate would directly represent the interest of the several states, and the STATES would have the final check against an executive branch run amok (OBAMA, ANYONE?? ANYONE???).

And Then–In 1913–The Dismantling Of Our Constitutional Representative Republic Began.

1913 was a bad year for the Republic, all the way around–we were in the middle of the 1st World War, and this watershed year saw the birth of the IRS and Income Tax, the watering down of the 10th amendment by the 17th Amendment, and the Federal Reserve. For those who are unfamiliar with the Original plan, I highly recommend you go and read what Publius Huldah has to say–a strict constructionist.

So now we have an electoral college that is chosen based on the popular vote in a state. This offers us SOME protection, but not what we once had. Now, what the heck is going on with the electoral college?

The Current State Of Affairs…

At the moment, Trump has 306 electoral votes, and Clinton has the remainder–232. As you only need 270 to become president, this is a good thing. But the current social state of the country is unlike any we have seen before. Hillary Clinton–after claiming that failing to honor the election results is “a direct threat to democracy” in the final debate, is remaining silent while her leftist loon supporters are rioting and threatening the electors. Buzzfeed, a popular leftist loon website, reported that an organization has produced a spreadsheet of electors in Republican states that may be open to “persuasion” and change their electoral vote.

To put this in perspective, Trump would have to lose 37 electors to get un-elected at this point, and as only 157 electors have EVER become “faithless”, this is a pipe dream. Or would be, if the leftist loons weren’t sending death threats, and people weren’t seeing large scale RIOTS causing millions of dollars in damage with little or no intervention from law enforcement. Fear is contagious, and given the fact camp Hillary has said NOTHING to stop the loons from rioting, Obama has stated he won’t tell them to stop , and Justice Sotomayor  has also approved of this lawlessness, I couldn’t blame the average Joe who is an elector if they were quite nervous. We have already heard of 2 electors who are planning to be faithless.

We also have an abysmally stupid lawmaker–Barbara Boxer–planning to introduce a law to end the electoral college. And in the middle of all this Hoorah, where is the media?

The Media Is, As Usual, Either Silent, Or Manufacturing News…..

The MSM is studiously ignoring, for the most part, the high level of threats electors are receiving–though several news outlets have reported on the “faithless” electors that have spoken openly. The media has also failed abysmally when it comes to informing the leftist loons that Barbara Boxer’s “law” is not only utterly UNCONSTITUTIONAL, BUT WOULD NOT APPLY TO THIS ELECTION EVEN IF IT WERE LEGAL.


So, here’s a few 64,000.00 questions:

  1. Why the hell isn’t the media widely reporting the high number of threatening emails the electors in republican states are receiving?
  2. Why the hell isn’t the media laughing their collective asses off over Ms. Boxer’s absolutely idiotic “law”, and explaining to the leftist loons that this is NOT how things work?
  3. Why isn’t Hillary “direct threat to democracy” Clinton telling her “supporters” to BEHAVE THEMSELVES, AND ACCEPT THE ELECTION RESULTS?


  1. Why is Jill Stein suddenly trying to mount recounts/ audits, in 3 KEY SWING STATES ONLY?
  2. is it mere coincidence that all three states Trump won with low margins, the voter fraud would be minimal–and flipping those states back would put Clinton at 280 and Trump at 260?

The last is the real issue, here. Note that Stein and Company are NOT asking for recounts in states where she has ANY LEGITIMATE CHANCE of gaining enough votes for the Green party itself to get up to the 5% threshold needed to be on the ballot as an OFFICIAL PARTY.

Were Dr. Stein doing this on her own behalf or that of the Green Party–with the goal of the party becoming “official”–they would be mounting recounts in BLUE states, and places she already had a better than average showing. So it is safe to assume this is NOT to help the Green Party.

Were she interested in ACTUAL VOTER FRAUD, AS SHE CLAIMS, she would be recounting  California, for instance. California is a particular concern, as they do NOT have voter ID–and anyone who applied for a driver’s license is automatically registered to vote. And Governor Brown signed a bill allowing illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses. AND OVER 400,000 DID. Now California CLAIMS you must show “proof of age” to be registered. And that illegal aliens are not registered. But given the fact that there is NO VOTER ID required to vote in California, it would indeed be very easy for non-citizens to vote.

Here in AZ, I have PERSONALLY WITNESSED MEXICAN NATIONALS at the county recorder’s office being removed from the Jury Duty rolls–which are based on driver’s licenses. SO ARE OUR VOTING ROLLS. Yet the county recorder did NOT ascertain that the couple in front of me were not registered to vote.  And we have voter ID.

Why Does The Electoral College Matter So Much To Democrats?

Simple–LOOK AT A MAP OF COUNTIES HILLARY WON.  Business Insider offers a very good collection of maps. Clinton only won 14% of counties, compared to Trump’s 86%. But the 14% she won had BIG populations–like Los Angeles County.  This is why whenever they lose, especially, Democrats begin screaming to get rid of the electoral college– because metropolitan areas tend to vote BLUE.

Were it not for the electoral college, 14% of the counties in America would effectively be in a position to overpower THE ENTIRE REST OF THE COUNTRY. Our founders went with the electoral system for a very simple reason–they wanted to insure that such a situation would never arise–that ALL states would have a voice in the election process.

That voice was significantly weakened in 1913. But if you look at the maps in that link, you’ll see that the electoral college is more important than ever–because without it, a tiny handful of states would effectively hold the nation’s highest office for as long as the democrats hold control of those states.

And candidates, like Trump, wouldn’t bother campaigning anywhere else. Nor would candidates from any other state have a real chance of winning the presidency–unless they were amazing in one form or another. And given that ONE of those states, California, is doing everything in its power to NOT police the voting system to prevent fraud, that is a frightening prospect indeed.

The democrats began this assault in 1913. And they are not about to stop.

Analyzing Social Perception In Real Time–Part 2

Now That I’ve Eaten Too Much Turkey…..

In Part 1, linked above, I brought us quickly to where we are right now, looking at a live operation in progress.

What We Know:

  1. George Soros and the DNC, through a large number of shell “grassroots” groups, are causing mayhem with the riots.
  2. The obama administration, far from stepping in to stop this, is encouraging it, while Hillary remains silent, despite claiming in the last debate that anyone not willing to accept the results of the election is a “threat to democracy”.
  3. Deliberate assassination of police officers is rising.
  4. The MSM is spreading misinformation/disinformation as fast as they can create it.
  5. A large number of brand new “fake news” right wing websites are churning out FAKE NEWS–and the MSM is blaming those sites on Russian Federation scam artists making cash from the Adsense ads–true in some cases, blatantly false in others.
  6. Trump’s transition team is hard at work, ahead of schedule.


  1. Dr. Jill Stein, for reasons as yet undetermined, is raising money to force a recount in three key states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As she had NO chance anywhere, this is odd.
  2. As of this writing, Dr. Stein has reached the amount of money needed to pay for a recount in WI. APPARENTLY–according to that link, she will be filing the papers tomorrow.
  3. The Clinton campaign has still said NOTHING to stop the various protests/ riots still occurring–though they have lessened considerably over the last several days. They also haven’t commented on Stein’s recount initiative.
  4. More CEOs are crawling out of the woodwork, with the head of an SEO company, 1st In SEO, flatly stating he will not serve known Trump supporters or Republicans. This is the strongest stance yet, and will be subject to deep analysis later.
  5. We have now confirmed that the CEO of REDDIT was going into accounts and redirecting negative comments about /u/spez (his username) to the moderators of the subreddit. We also know that REDDIT has actively suppressed The_Donald to insure the subreddit wasn’t on the Front Page or /r/all, and I personally suspect the CEO also insured that the few posts that DID make it to the top of Reddit were deliberately chosen to frame the narrative that The_Donald is some hotbed of nazi tin foil hatters.
  6. REDDIT also banned the subreddit involving #pizzagate, and is actively banning/removing all references to #spiritcooking and #pizzagate as well. That will be discussed later.
  7. Facebook is taking the opportunity to suspend literally tens of thousands of facebook pages, from business and fan pages to pro-Trump groups and pages, following their public announcement regarding “fake news”–which will also be discussed in detail in another post. While there is justification for removing SOME “fan pages” under Facebook terms, anecdotal evidence is rapidly mounting concerning suspended/ deleted Facebook pages that had been operating for years in some cases without issue–that do NOT appear to violate TOS.
  8. Twitter has also been actively manipulating algorithms to keep terms from trending, and allegedly has been deleting posts. Twitter has also banned / suspended the accounts of several prominent self-proclaimed “alt-right” figureheads, including Richard Spencer
  9. MSM continues to push the narrative that “alt-right” is equal to white supremacists/ nazis, and makes much of Richard Spencer. NOTE–THE LINK WAS DELIBERATELY CHOSEN, as a good example of the use of language and rhetoric in framing a narrative. RICHARD SPENCER IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ALT-RIGHT. He’s a neo-nazi/ white supremacist, who has re-branded a toxic movement using psychographic segmentation and mass perception management. But note, the article places Trump cabinet choices like Senator Sessions– a staunch civil rights advocate–with Spencer.

Above Is A Still Partial List Of What We Know….

Now comes the “fun” part. As I write this, analysts everywhere are running keyword searches using specialized software on social media, and on the internet in general, to see which of the above topics are propagating, and at what rate they are “going viral”.

They are also determining through semantic analysis and data mining which of these items are propagating NATURALLY–through real, concerned people “liking” and “sharing”, and which are being deliberately propagated by paid posters or bot programs to further a narrative–and who is doing the spreading.

based on what I am seeing and conversation with others, I can SURMISE:

  1. The Soros funded riots are lessening in number–because mounting a riot isn’t cheap. My conservative estimate leads me to believe Soros likely sunk 25-30 million dollars into several days of rioting. IF the strategy were effective, by the 2nd day we would have been seeing organic riots springing up, as well as organic protests. While we ARE seeing some organic protest activity–non-violent–it isn’t sufficient to warrant spending extra money on paid riots at this time. Given the support by the administration and a sitting SCOTUS justice didn’t produce a firestorm of violence, it appears, for the moment, Soros will be scaling back on expenses–at least until the electoral college vote is in.
  2. ALL OF THE MSM IS STILL IN THE FAKE NEWS BUSINESS–and they are creating that “news” based on social perception metrics obtained from social media. The public is being conditioned to accept the existence of “fake news”–ostensibly produced by enterprising ad sense scammers–to facilitate the censoring/redirecting of news that is not useful to the narrative on social media and on the internet as a whole. It should be noted this is spilling over to Wikipedia, where “editors” have been editing pages of Trump supporters and right wing personalities. 
  3. There is a strong possibility that Dr. Stein, the Green Party, or both, are calling for recounts in the three swing states because they have made a deal with Hillary, the DNC, or BOTH. Changing the vote in those three states would NOT benefit the Green Party–they need 5% nationwide to become “official”. It wouldn’t benefit Trump–quite the opposite, if those three states were to “flip” again, Hillary would win the electoral vote by 10 votes. And it hardly seems possible that such a small party, even backed with donations from angry leftist loons, could raise millions in hours to mount the first recount application tomorrow. This would not be the first time an outlying party or candidate decided to cooperate with the DNC for financial advantage.
  4. The push to brand Trump–and his supporter by default–as a toxic “alt-right” blend of neo-nazis and white supremacists will continue and increase, while Trump supporters waste their time throwing temper tantrums over Mitt Romney rising from the political coffin.

MITTENS IS NOT THE ISSUE, PEOPLE–GETTING THROWN UNDER THE NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST BUS IS THE ISSUE HERE. Trump and his team have excellent reasons for meeting with GOPers and establishment hacks–as this “transition” is the most dangerous part of the campaign to date. The bigger issue is how we are being tarred with the most toxic brush the leftist loons have. 

This is an issue because leftist loons ARE DELUSIONAL. Their leadership and all their news sources are busy convincing them that they are in a fight for their lives. Lucky for us, at the moment they haven’t snapped. But if this level of provocation continues, there can be very serious repercussions. Because the next riots that break out won’t be about breaking windows, they’ll be about breaking heads. And Soros won’t have to pay for them, either.

Part Three will be finished later..gotta clean up after the turkey.