Thoughts On Memorial Day….

Today, Stores across the country are having sales. Car dealerships are draped with red white and blue banners where I am. Many of our game websites offer us the chance to get lots more virtual coins, so we can have a shot at winning “the big one”.

The grocery store shelves are picked bare of hotdog and hamburger buns, the delis can hardly keep up with the demand for potato salad, and if you forgot to buy your charcoal, you might be out of luck.

And that is the nature of this day– that they have returned to the Earth, and to that source from which all things were born. That we who are here remember them. Some remember them with prayer, and flags, wreaths placed on their graves. Others remember them in celebration–living and enjoying time with family and friends, savoring the freedom that carries the highest price tag of all.


For freedom requires not only personal responsibility, morality, and the assumption of duty before pleasure, payment before reward–freedom also requires, far more often than should be the case, the blood of our parents. Our children. Our spouses. The surest way to lose freedom, forever, is to forget that is IS a treasure, a gift, and must be guarded.

The surest way to lose freedom, and render the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers worse than meaningless, is for the common man to assume “somebody will fix it”. To assume that “the government” will preserve it. To assume that you are “doing your part” by voting, working, and paying taxes alone. These things are only the beginning of preserving this treasure.

Preserving freedom requires each and every citizen, of any nation, to resist at all costs ANY form of government intervention, social “justice”, or shaming that removes the inherent freedoms all are born with. We must be willing to say NO to tempting visions of “FREE” services–be they healthcare, student loans, housing–promised by governments.

Because a government, by its very nature, is a parasite. It does not create, it only consumes. It is, by its very nature, the antithesis of freedom–for it restricts, it regulates, it takes from some to give to others.

Does this mean we must have NO government? No–because there are some things that work best if done by one agency, in one place. But it DOES mean that to allow ourselves to rely on a government to provide those basic necessities required to live comfortably–or live at all–is a dangerous road to travel. Because the government consumes all things, without distinction. And the appetite of government is insatiable.

So whenever D.C.–or Any government seat says they will give you something free, remember: it is only free because someone else is paying in your place. And—what happens when the people run out of sustenance to feed this beast we have allowed to flourish in our midst?

And when we have been sacrificed to the beast that is our government–if there is a hereafter, and our fallen heroes are there….How can we apologize for the way we treated the treasure they died to preserve?


When Entertainers Decide To Join CEOs On The Political Soap Box…Part 3

I Guess The So-Called Celebrities Were Feeling Ignored…

SADLY, PEOPLE STILL PAY ATTENTION TO THE CLOWNS IN SO-CALLED “ENTERTAINMENT”. Sorry, actors, singers, etc… Prancing around on a stage and getting paid 7 figures should NOT, in and of itself, make you a role model for anyone. Nor do I give a flying frog who you voted–or didn’t–vote for. The same goes for sports figures.

When I turn on a Music Award Program or go to a concert or play, I am doing so for ESCAPISM. TO BE ENTERTAINED. IF I WANT POLITICAL OPINION,  I WILL WATCH THE FAKE NEWS. Given the cost of a concert or play these days, the last thing I want to end up paying for is to listen to someone who is SUPPOSED TO BE ACTING, OR SINGING, RANTING ABOUT POLITICS.

I’m glad Kanye West apparently now supports Trump. Way cool. But had I been at his concerts before he got checked into a hospital and  had been subjected to his rants–I’d feel cheated, as I would only spend that kind of money for his music (were I a fan, and I am not).

Enter The Clowns On Broadway–And The Misconstruing Of The 1st Amendment….

Hamilton, the musical, has now become household news. Not because it is good–given it’s entirely fictional, and any resemblance to the beliefs or life of Alexander Hamilton is strictly coincidental, if you’re looking for accuracy, SELL YOUR TICKETS NOW.  And from the thoughtful reviews I have read, it is a typical complete fabrication steeped with leftist lunacy and SJW themes.

Not to mention the casting director is a complete racist…

YEP–Even Snopes got this one. NON-WHITE ACTORS… Funny, given Hamilton and everyone of note in his career was white. But racial issues aside, the ad likely violates the SJW driven laws in NYC, as you can see in the above link. Gotta love the leftist loons. Not only re-write the man’s life, but let’s throw in some overt racism.

And Then Came The SoapBox Moment At The End…

Mike Pence, our new VP elect, took his family to see this trash. But this isn’t about his lamentable lack of taste, it’s about the lamentable lack of professionalism on the part of Aaron Burr (I didn’t know he was black…). Pence and family were BOOED by leftist loons when they arrived–incredibly rude in and of itself. As much as I despise Obama and his merrie minions, if I were unlucky enough to be in the same theater with him and his family, I at least would have the manners not to BOO. Or applaud their arrival. THEY ARE PLAY GOERS, THERE TO BE ENTERTAINED, PEOPLE.

But expecting leftist loons to have any courtesy is to be a cockeyed optimist.

Then, at the end of the play, Aaron Burr decided to lecture our VP elect, and make a public appeal for kindness, or some such nonsense. Which is entirely out of bounds, because as I stated at the outset of this article–THESE ARE ENTERTAINERS. THE MAN WAS NOT THERE IN AN OFFICIAL CAPACITY, HE WAS SIMPLY TRYING TO SEE THE SIGHTS OF NEW YORK CITY. This behavior is utterly rude, tasteless and classless regardless of the tone or content of the speech. 

Of course the rest of the leftist loons thought this was utterly amazing, wonderful, powerful, whatever the buzzword/talking point of the day is. No, it isn’t. Back when common courtesy was still common, this would have been roundly condemned, and rightly so–BECAUSE THEATER AND ENTERTAINMENT ARE MEANT TO GIVE YOU A BREAK FROM THE WORLD.

Which Leads Us To  Misconstruing The 1st Amendment.


Sorry, conservatives and leftist loons alike–Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, and every website on the internet can lay down rules and “censor” your speech. THAT IS WHY WEBSITES HAVE TERMS OF SERVICE, THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO READ BEFORE AGREEING TO THEM. EVEN IF YOUR SPEECH ITSELF IS PROTECTED SPEECH, YOU CAN BE CENSORED IF YOU ACCEPTED CENSORSHIP. 

The same holds true with your 4th amendment rights. If you take a job where random drug tests are a condition of employment, you have actively chosen to partially surrender your 4th amendment rights. The same is true if you fly commercially–TSA and their procedures are a condition of travel. If you don’t want to be treated like cattle–STOP FLYING. PERIOD.

The entertainers and actors discussed above were, in fact, engaging in protected speech. They just happened to be doing it in a context that is inappropriate and rude. So they are rude, boorish, and believe they have relevance they don’t have–other than with other leftist loons, of course. I boycott such people and the events they hold because they have provided ample evidence that I run the risk of having to stomach a lecture or rant when I only want theater, or a concert. And if enough people boycott–they will either learn manners and keep their Soapbox speeches for after show interviews, or new stars will rise that get the message.

And For Those Screaming CENSORSHIP On Facebook And Twitter–


There are things you can do to make a difference:

  1. BUY STOCK. As a stockholder, you have a voice and a right you can exercise. If even 30% of Twitter users who are sick of the shadow banning and censorship buy 1 share of stock–less than 20.00–and even a fraction of THOSE people show up at a meeting…There would be significant policy changes.
  2. CENSOR THE ADS. Both Facebook and Twitter give you the means to control the content you see. SHUT DOWN EVERY AD THAT YOU DISAGREE WITH, AND BLOCK EVERY USER YOU DISAGREE WITH. As one who spends money on these platforms, I can tell you I watch my analytics very closely. And if I see that my ads are not being seen–I won’t spend money.
  3. Invite your friends to join you. One of the reasons we are in this untenable social mess is because of all the conservative purists who took their toys and went home, rather than fighting to be heard on a slanted playing field. SHAME ON YOU. NEVER SURRENDER GROUND TO THE ENEMY. PERIOD. IF YOU AREN’T OUT IN THE FACEBOOK AND TWITTER TRENCHES, THEN YOU HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF THAT YOUR VIEWS ARE NOT SEEN BY THE WORLD.  Don’t spend the time and money building your own conservative echo chamber social media site–THAT IS ADMITTING DEFEAT. TAKE YOUR SHARE OF WHAT ALREADY EXISTS. Walking away and taking the moral high ground just marginalizes us, and makes the mass perception management much easier, and much more powerful. So get off your sanctimonious asses and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE SEEN.

I am pAst the point of patience with many conservatives and right wing people, because rather than stand your ground and work within the system to change it–and we have the numbers to do so–they choose to get sanctimonious, grab their toys and go home, then they have the idiocy to complain all over the place that there is no conservative alternative to the current toxic social media. WE CAN’T FIX THINGS UNLESS WE GET INVOLVED, PEOPLE. OUR FOUNDERS WOULDN’T HAVE WALKED AWAY. THEY DIDN’T WALK AWAY. THEY FOUGHT. SO IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FIGHT, SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET OUT OF THE WAY OF THOSE OF US WHO ARE FIGHTING.