A Call To Action


Once again, the internet is abuzz with allegations of delegate stealing, fraud, and chicanery on the part of the dearly beloved GOPers–in Arizona. The previous 7 posts on this blog tell that tale. And frankly–I am annoyed, right now. Very annoyed, and with good reason. I and others have been begging, pleading, cajoling for months now to get people to quit yakking and start acting. And I have been spending a considerable amount of time giving people the tools and knowledge to act.

And like typical people–everyone reads, some comment, many share–and then everyone sits back and passes the popcorn, and expects someone ELSE to do the work.

This Post Is Different. This Post Is A Call To Action.

Whereas, we have a perfectly functional political party, complete with huge databases and a solid infrastructure, and

Whereas, this party is governed effectively by precinct level members, and

Whereas, many of those seats are OPEN nationwide, RIGHT NOW,

Anyone who is currently whining for a third party, or whining about the uniparty screwing voters, or whining about the evil politicians shutting us out of the process THAT HAS NOT GONE TO A GOPER MEETING AND ENQUIRED ABOUT GETTING A VOLUNTEER POSITION EITHER IN A PRECINCT SEAT, OR ASSISTING A PRECINCT SEAT HOLDER, SHOULD SIT DOWN, AND SHUT UP.

SOME of us are busting our tails every waking hour, posting on blogs (like this one), building websites, collecting information for people, and FIGHTING FOR OUR PARTY AND OUR NATION’S POLITICAL SYSTEM. We decided to stop complaining and do what voters are SUPPOSED to do–get involved in the party to clean it up.

The basic information on conning GOPers into letting you into a position of power are right on this blog. I am awake and busting tail 18 hours a day to provide more information, answer questions, and motivate people. There are others like me, doing the same.

But all our efforts don’t mean a danged thing if the rest of those who CLAIM  to actually give a flying frog don’t get off their tails and join in.


Just as there is no delegate fairy that delivers nice, loyal delegates to good candidates, there is NO POLITICAL PARTY FAIRY waiting in the wings to magically clean out the GOP and get them to listen to the people who they supposedly represent.

Think of it like this:

If you own a business, and you’re there regularly and checking up on your employees, then your business runs well, and the odds your employees will cheat you, steal, or otherwise misbehave, are small.

On the other hand, if you are an absentee business owner, and you just sign paychecks and visit your business every 2 years–YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE PISSED OFF WHEN YOU FIND YOUR EMPLOYEES AND YOUR MANAGERS ARE ROBBING YOU BLIND, SCREWING YOU OVER, AND DOING WHATEVER THE HELL THEY PLEASE.

Why in the WORLD would the party big guys listen to us at this point? We give them no reason to worry about our opinion.

  1. Many people still donate to them, no matter how loudly they may complain when doing so, and if we don’t donate–thanks to Citizen’s United, they are getting more money than ever anyway.
  2. As this is a uniparty, even when we get mad enough to vote a few people out, they don’t suffer.
  3. Because WE DROPPED OUT OF THE SYSTEM AND STOPPED DOING OUR PART, they voted in rules to make sure that ONLY THOSE WHO DO THEIR PART, HAVE VOTING POWER. And frankly–that is ONLY FAIR. We whine about people on welfare getting “free stuff” all the time. We also whine about people who are only takers and have no “skin in the game” having a voice–AND A VOTE. But yet, we expect the political party system to allow “freeloaders” to run the show?
  4. Why should someone who never even bothers to show up for one meeting a month, or volunteer an hour or two a month to educate other voters, think they should be listened to by anyone, ever? Would you listen to some stranger that happens to show up at the door of your house to tell you how you should redecorate? If so, you’re a very interesting type of person.

Now if we had to pay annual membership dues to be in the party, then we’d have every right to sit on our collective asses and complain–because the dues in that case would be our effective “voice”. The dues would be used to PAY people to run the party at all levels.

But we don’t pay dues. And 99% of us don’t volunteer time, or donate. All we do is vote every few years and forget about what happens in between times, unless we get annoyed.

THIS IS WHY THE PARTIES ARE NO LONGER WORKING FOR US. We have shown them, by staying home and ignoring them, that we don’t care enough about how our system works to even figure out the rules. And the big corporations and super PACS are right there giving them plenty of money. Now that the corporations have Citizen’s United, unless everyone gets off their collective asses and gets involved, we will have NO voice at all, just when we need one the most.

I Am As Guilty As Anyone.

I got complacent, I got lazy, I preferred to sit in the comfort of my home and complain. But unlike the vast majority of people, I saw the disenfranchisement of Colorado voters last year as a major wake up call, and began to act. And when my first actions weren’t enough, I got more aggressive and proactive–right up to the point of becoming a state delegate, phone banking for Trump, and starting this blog.

Well guess what–running a political revolt alone is a little bit tough, people. At this point, I’d rather have 50 people write and tell me they took my advice, went to a GOPer meeting, and got a precinct seat than get 50,000 Facebook likes and retweets on twitter. And if the tone of this post annoys you–too bad.

I’m not going to bother ranting again. And I’m also not going to go pout in a corner, or stop posting information and knowledge for anyone to use as they see fit. And I’m not going to put the website on hold, or stop volunteering for Trump.

But it sure would be nice to know that even 50 people, even ONE PERSON IN EACH STATE, decided to get off their tail and get busy also.