Spirit Cooking, Knifing Sanders, Insider Trading…Days Of Our Liars Part 4

Spirit Cooking, Knifing Sanders, Insider Trading…Days Of Our Liars Part 4


And Just When We Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Stranger…Enter The Spirit Cooking.

For those who are living under rocks or are not on social media at all, WARNING. THE LINK ABOVE IS VERY DISTURBING–BUT SHOULD BE WATCHED. Trust me, unless you see this, you really won’t believe it.

marina Abramovic calls herself a “performance artist”. Her online screen names usually end in 666. In the past, her “art” has consisted of carving a pentagram on her belly, being photographed with a group of children arranged like child soldiers, wrapping children up like mummies and dousing them with pig blood, doing horrific things to animal corpses…You really can’t make this stuff up.

She also practices what she calls spirit cooking, and by her own admission in a Reddit AMA, it’s “art” in public, “ritual” in private. Not surprisingly, she has received money from the National Endowment for the Arts for her work. She also has famous fans, like none other than the Podesta Brothers (Tony donated money to her), Lady Gaga, seen here enjoying an appetizer at a spirit dinner, and Jay Z, seen here getting some focus before performing at a Hillary Clinton event. One has to wonder whether he was fortifying himself before hanging out with Hillary. Beyonce is in this circle as well.

Now back to the spirit cooking. Remember that app you saw Lady Gaga enjoying? Well, for those who missed the “recipe” to one spirit dinner dish in the video or didn’t watch it, typical ingredients at a spirit dinner include various types of blood, urine, semen, breast milk…

Yes, Folks–Celebrities And Politicians Are Demented.

So why does America care? Well, John Podesta, Hillary’s main man, has attended these dinners apparently. His brother Tony most definitely has. And Hillary has given this person money, and calls her by her first name.

Now, it’s one thing to have misogynistic, woman debasing rappers spewing out the F Bomb and singing hateful songs about P***Y at your campaign events. That’s classless, especially when you consistently attack your opponent for demeaning women.

It’s a different level of hypocrisy when you’re a sitting president and you allow people like Jay Z to rap obscene lyrics littered with the F Bomb and the P Bomb and B*TCH in the White house–after saying a candidate’s language shook you to your core–but what else would we expect from the current administration?

But for someone planning to be president to hang out with, give money to, and possibly even participate in so-called “dinners” that feature bodily fluids and worse…WELL..I’m thinking this is really, really, bad. And to have a trusted right hand man who not only attends these dinners, but also has photos of his teenagers naked as the artwork in his home shows not only criminally poor judgement, but also seriously skewed values. Values inconsistent with what the vast majority of Americans IN EITHER PARTY would find acceptable in a president. ***NOTE, THIS LINK MAY DISAPPEAR. WHEN WASHINGTON POST DECIDED TO TRY AND DERAIL THIS STORY, THEY ARCHIVED IT ALONG WITH SEVERAL OTHERS. THOSE HAVE SINCE DISAPPEARED.

The fact that the Washington Post actively decided to hide ONE OF THEIR OWN ARTICLES ABOUT PODESTA’S WEIRD TASTE IN ART SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. And while we’re on this subject–isn’t taking nude photos of your kids and hanging them on the wall potentially extremely illegal, aside from the whole poor taste thing, and the whole REALLY BAD PARENTING IDEAS THING????

You can find another video about Spirit cooking HERE. I suggest you watch it, and imagine this woman and all her friends being wined and DINED IN THE WHITE HOUSE….


On To Extinguishing The Bern (plant)

So lets just run away. Run far, far away from the leftist loon occult crowd, and focus on Bernie Sanders, the sweet, doddering victim of Team Hillary…or maybe not.

Those of us who are not millennials knew that Bernie had a near zero chance of getting the nod for the White House, but our young voters didn’t know that. They flocked to Bernie, and the love fest ensued, and we watched as they became an army of engaged, interested people. I, for one, welcomed it.

Bernie’s Inevitable Demise…

But we also knew just how corrupt our political system is, and that Bernie would be going down in flames sooner or later. And, he did. And turned around and endorsed Hillary. Frankly, until he did that, I respected him for running a good clean fight and trying. But when he did that, he lost a considerable amount of my respect.

And with the discovery of this email, I would say he lost the rest. Because even if he wasn’t controlled opposition, as in A PLANT, he was foolish enough judging by the wording of this to agree to play nice with Hillary. Which would make him either extremely naive, a fool, or an honest man–and 2 out of three of those are NOT good traits for a president.

The DNC Rigging Their Ship Of State

In 2014, they were working to shuffle state primaries around ALREADY–to give their candidate an advantage again the GOP challenger. The rigging was done by Robbie Mook, of course–her current campaign manager. Who else?

And when that didn’t help, you can read for yourself what they said HERE.

I have no doubt at all that most of the money Bernie got donated to him by young, broke hopeful voters went straight into the Hillary war chest.

Which Leaves Us With Greece, Chelsea, And Insider Trading…

Ok, folks, this is the nice, normal goings on in politics. You see, politicians are privy to all kinds of juicy information that can really be useful when you trade in stocks and other securities. But, the laws don’t allow what is called “insider trading” because it isn’t fair.

Our senators and representatives didn’t like that very much, so they passed a law allowing them to do what Martha Stewart got jailed for–use insider knowledge to make money. Now isn’t that special? Apparently Hillary thought that law was not only good for life, but also applied to dear little Chelsea.

Chelsea is married to a hedge fund guy. Now insider trading makes people in the stock market quite wealthy–but stock market trading is small potatoes compared to hedge funds. The same deal that might make you thousands on the stock exchange can make you multi-millions in hedge fund trading, where it’s all about the margin.

Hillary Apparently Doesn’t Know What The Word CLASSIFIED Means….

because she EMAILED CHELSEA CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, ON HER UNSECURE SERVER. AND CHELSEA HAS A FAKE EMAIL ADDY ON THAT SERVER. She goes by Diane Reynolds (she apparently also uses it to check into hotels).

Oh, and take a look at THIS! It was apparently a classified email Hillary got updating on Greece’s economic situation–that Chelsea illegally received as she had NO security clearance. And naturally, like a good wife, she shared it with hubby–who went on to make a fortune in Greek Bonds. You can read the details HERE.

Have YOU Had Enough Of These Oligarchs, Thieves, Perverts And Criminals Yet?


COLD ANGER – The Corporate U.S. Media Has Weaponized Against US… **FROM CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE**

“Donald Trump’s supporters are angry“, or “uneducated”, or “unenlightened”, or (Fill_In_The_Blank).  So goes the latest round of media talking points as the election draws n…

Source: COLD ANGER – The Corporate U.S. Media Has Weaponized Against US…

When You Can’t Win Any Other Way–LIE. Part 2

On To The “Sex Scandals”

In Part 1 of this 2 parter, we covered the non-story of Trump’s almost 1 billion dollar tax deduction. That story, along with all the background information on the Atlantic City Chapter 11 cases, is a non-story when you look at the whole issue. Every tax person in the country, along with every self-employed person, or small business owner, understands BOTH Atlantic City AND the Tax Deduction. And they all know 2 things about them:


The sheer hypocrisy of the lunatic left is astounding. They have gone on and on about the Chapter 11s–completely ignoring the hundreds of other businessmen and women who have done the same thing, including the Caesar’s Entertainment Group Las Vegas. Oh, and Aeropostale….And of course the owner of GAWKER, whose recent “sex scandal” involving Hulk Hogan ended badly. 

Speaking Of Sex Scandals….Better Late Than Never Is The Apparent Game Here….

It was only a matter of time before the rabid press and the lunatic left pulled their favorite trick out of the election campaign bag–THE DREADED SEX SCANDAL/WAR ON WOMEN.

Never mind that BILL CLINTON ACTUALLY PAID A HUGE SETTLEMENT TO AT LEAST ONE VICTIM OF HIS ASSAULTS. Now this is where the lunatic left will rush to defend this, saying he never admitted wrong doing or apologized, he just paid the settlement to get rid of her.

Well–to use one of their favorite justifications, here: If he was innocent, then he wouldn’t have paid the settlement. He would have had his day in court and won, of course.

Oh, well. We already know that if a republican–or anyone that MIGHT be a republican–had been in old Billy Boy’s position and done the same thing, the same parties would be screaming from the rooftops that the payoff was because he was GUILTY. But if one of their own does it, they apparently do so because some gold digging, fame seeking harpy gave them no choice. They HAD to settle out of court to keep the harpy from upsetting their loving spouse, children, and associates….Funny how that works out.

Never mind that HILLARY led the charge in completely discrediting, objectifying, slandering, and destroying the lives of several of her predator husband’s victims.

And in more timely news, never mind that the Obamas have entertained rappers in the White House whose music glorifies the objectification, degradation, and sexual exploitation of women. Heck, if you took out all of the F bombs, and the B word, and the references to sexual activities–you might have 6 words left in any typical rap song.

Yet Michelle Obama claims she has never heard anything like Trump. OH GIVE ME A BREAK. Oh, well, I guess she really HAS been living in a cave, under a bridge, her entire life.  She entertains, and hangs out with, people who write about and rap about nothing but the exploitation of women, killing cops, drugs, and other filth ALL THE TIME. The rap culture glorifies behaviors that makes Trump’s locker room talk seem like DISNEY material. And they do so proudly, un-apologetically, and the Obamas further the spread of that poisonous filth by praising those who make it and treating them as honored guests in the White House.

But The Truth Will Out….

Hats off to THE GATEWAY PUNDIT for the very thorough debunking of the “sex scandal” narrative the leftist loons introduced into the campaign in the 11th hour. The link above shows the value of good research. It also shows, once again, that the leftist lunatics have no issue at all with distorting the truth or flat out lying to get what they want.

ALL OF THIS IS A DISTRACTION. The Media wants people to not realize that WIKILEAKS released even more damning emails from the Clinton email stash. For those who may not have found their way to the emails yet–HERE IS YOUR LINK.

Oh, and don’t forget those very illuminating speeches to GOLDMAN-SACHS bankers

And, as the NATIONAL REVIEW points out, the REAL REASON HILLARY WAS NOT CHARGED is obvious. Obama was also hip deep in illegal hi-jinks when it came to Hillary’s private email server. We may never find out everything Obama did…..

THERE IS NO “SEX SCANDAL”. All the Real Scandals Are In Camp Clinton.

It’s painfully obvious that the Clinton campaign, and the lunatic left, with the help of the mainstream media apparatchiks, are running in full on crisis control/damage control state right now. Because it’s less than a month to the election, and Trump hasn’t gone away.

On the contrary–he’s still out there doing 2-3 rallies daily at times, and hammering away at Hillary’s terrible policy visions–furthering Obama’s “legacy”, and worse. And the media is beginning to realize that people just don’t believe them blindly any more.

It should also be noted that Billy Bush, the other main party in that ridiculous private conversation, has lost his job over it. Which is really funny, considering some of the other news personalities on NBC that have done far worse–but did not get fired.