The Electoral College–Part 3

But….What Happens If NEITHER Hillary NOR Trump Have 270?

Well, this is where things get…Interesting. You see, BEFORE we trashed this part of the Constitution by ratifying the 17th Amendment, this wouldn’t have been an issue. If you want to learn about WHY the 17th Amendment was pushed by the leftist loons–and also why the leftist loons are pushing for a national popular vote–THEN YOU NEED TO STUDY THIS WEBSITE. When you read and LEARN what our Constitution really gave us in terms of liberty, you’ll be surprised.

But as it stands now–IF neither candidate got the magic 270, then none other than the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES chooses the President from the 3 candidates with the most votes. And the Senate choose the VP from the 2 candidates with the most electoral votes.

So Choosing The President Would Be In The Hands Of Our Representatives…

And this is why we NEED TO GET ON OUR ELECTORS AND MAKE SURE THEY KEEP FAITH. Because we sure as HELL can’t trust the House and Senate to do so. Meanwhile, there is another issue rearing its ugly head again–the “convention of states” is back. READ why that is a horrible idea also at the above website–the first link. I will write more on the issue shortly.

The Facts Are Quite Simple.

  1. OUR CURRENT ELECTION SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING. There are way too many issues with electronic machines, potential voter fraud, non-citizens and illegal aliens may be allowed to vote in local elections in some places.
  2. We also have the recent SCOTUS ruling that recognizes illegals aliens as “constituents” when districts are re-drawn each election cycle. This is a DISASTER, as it gives illegal aliens status equal to citizens for representation in congress. This is the first step, a precedent that opens the door to non-citizens voting in local elections–and potentially states gaining more representatives and electoral votes in future elections. The link above is to the PEW report that explains this lunacy. Justice warren is quoted in there, from an earlier SCOTUS case–and note, he said: LEGISLATORS ARE ELECTED BY VOTERS. Well, obviously, illegal aliens and non-citizens don’t vote….YET.
  3. The leftist loons are once again trying to scrap what is left of the power of the electoral college. And that would mean, as stated a few articles ago, that about 15% of the country would have a lock on–a stranglehold on–the rest of the USA.
  4. We have now seen with obama what happens when we have a president run amok. IF WE GET RID OF THE 17TH AND GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL PLAN–THIS WON’T HAPPEN NEARLY AS EASILY, IF AT ALL.

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