How To Run An Effective Boycott….

The Ever Growing List Of Unprofessional/ Idiotic CEOs….

So now APPARENTLY Celebrity Cruise Lines rolled out this commercial : CLICK HERE  a while ago, and it’s now impinging on the public consciousness. Celebrity, of course, could aptly rename itself leftistloon Cruises, as they have been full on open borders etc  for years. HINT–ALL CRUISE LINES ARE, THEY DEPEND ON H1B VISAS TO FUNCTION!!

So, without further Ado, we’ll look at the anatomy of a SUCCESSFUL boycott. Because with the right game plan and organization, a very small group can have a real impact.

A “Successful Boycott” ? Don’t Need No PLAN To Boycott….

Yes, you do–if you want it to WORK. The typical boycott goes like this:

  1. Public hears about company stance. Public gets p*ssed off.
  2. Public begins screaming all over Social Media, spam bombs the FB and Twitter pages. Sometimes, the public pickets a store or two.
  4. Public gets bored/ declares victory over stock dip, moves on to the next boycott.

AND IT IS BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL–MAKING MONEY. And BTW, it’s not uncommon for companies to DELIBERATELY LEAK “internal memos”, emails, etc. Because for the cost of a few BOTS to delete all the obvious negative spam, they get the opportunity to profit on stock price changes, while also testing the integrity of their customer base.

A Boycott Gives A Business TONS OF Valuable Customer Information.

So, we need to make that information VERY costly. Which leads to the blueprint for successful boycotts…. We’ll take a look at 2 separate cases, as 2 different boycotts are on that are useful for illustrative purposes> Maybelline and Grub Hub.

Different Industry Sectors Need Different Types Of Boycotts.

Maybelline, for instance, has 2 “customer bases”–retail business outlets, and the average consumer buying from those outlets. Obviously, it would be tough to get Walmart or Macy’s, for instance, to drop the Maybelline line–it CAN be done, but is a long term, large scale effort.

So for Maybelline, the best boycott is the consumer. And costing them MONEY also, by effectively disrupting their social media so instead of using batch deletes and BOTS, they have to hire a HUMAN Social Media Management Team.

GrubHub also has two types of customers–the direct consumer, and Businesses. But Grub Hub is EXTREMELY VULNERABLE, because restaurants now have quite a few delivery choices–AND LOCAL EATERIES CAN BE PERSUADED TO DITCH AND SWITCH.

Boycotts Are Numbers Games. Make The Numbers Work For You.

With Maybelline type businesses, the key is long term consistent presence on their social media, USING NEUTRAL LANGUAGE and ambiguous language. And Photos–such as a selfie you take pouring your Maybelline in the trash can. Or you with your other makeup choices around you and a sign saying “PROUDLY MAYBELLINE FREE” And VERY AMBIGUOUS TEXT:

Wow, I just LOVE the feeling I get removing Maybelline from my life! You guys are the BEST!! 

Messages like this confuse the various types of auto-removal programs on the market. So, Maybelline has to pay a lot of people to keep an eye on posts, and hand remove. Their own employees are the best option, as they are a lot cheaper than a professional team–but money is money. And as each post disappears–make another. Or have a friend do so. 24/7, for days, weeks, months… And also let your local businesses that carry the products know you’re NOT buying, and are telling others not to do so either.

Because shelf space is expensive. So IF you can keep a steady level of dissatisfaction on the social media, and IF you can work on a local level to keep sales down, even chain stores will look at giving that store space to another company.

The local initiative works best on small businesses/ mom and pop stores. But it CAN work on larger stores if enough people stay involved for long enough. You know you’re making progress if you keep an eye on the availability of local coupons for the products, and local sales. Those are signals from a company that market share figures are not what they expect.

Boycotts Of Consumer Clearing House Businesses–Like Grub Hub.

GrubHub is vulnerable–and far more so than Maybelline. Why? Several reasons:

  1. This field is now seeing an influx of competitors in urban areas.
  2. The local eateries that use their service are very vulnerable to boycotts.
  3. You can present reasons to boycott THIS company that are NOT political.

With Grubhub, if one consumer gives the app a 1 star and cancels, they lose out on between 10 and 15 commissions a month on average from this person. Yes, that’s money. BUT–restaurants pay Grubhub, on average, 13% commissions on each order, and a popular pizza place by a college may process 100 or more orders a DAY. With the industry Average in this case being around 3.00–by getting ONE pizza place to ditch and switch, you can cost Grubhub hundreds of dollars a DAY.

In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look at long term social media boycotting, and ways to “frame” a boycott that are NOT based in hot button issues, and more. In the meantime, back to Twitter to post my DAILY REMINDER about Grubhub…


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