Analyzing Social Perception In Real Time–Part 2

Now That I’ve Eaten Too Much Turkey…..

In Part 1, linked above, I brought us quickly to where we are right now, looking at a live operation in progress.

What We Know:

  1. George Soros and the DNC, through a large number of shell “grassroots” groups, are causing mayhem with the riots.
  2. The obama administration, far from stepping in to stop this, is encouraging it, while Hillary remains silent, despite claiming in the last debate that anyone not willing to accept the results of the election is a “threat to democracy”.
  3. Deliberate assassination of police officers is rising.
  4. The MSM is spreading misinformation/disinformation as fast as they can create it.
  5. A large number of brand new “fake news” right wing websites are churning out FAKE NEWS–and the MSM is blaming those sites on Russian Federation scam artists making cash from the Adsense ads–true in some cases, blatantly false in others.
  6. Trump’s transition team is hard at work, ahead of schedule.


  1. Dr. Jill Stein, for reasons as yet undetermined, is raising money to force a recount in three key states: Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. As she had NO chance anywhere, this is odd.
  2. As of this writing, Dr. Stein has reached the amount of money needed to pay for a recount in WI. APPARENTLY–according to that link, she will be filing the papers tomorrow.
  3. The Clinton campaign has still said NOTHING to stop the various protests/ riots still occurring–though they have lessened considerably over the last several days. They also haven’t commented on Stein’s recount initiative.
  4. More CEOs are crawling out of the woodwork, with the head of an SEO company, 1st In SEO, flatly stating he will not serve known Trump supporters or Republicans. This is the strongest stance yet, and will be subject to deep analysis later.
  5. We have now confirmed that the CEO of REDDIT was going into accounts and redirecting negative comments about /u/spez (his username) to the moderators of the subreddit. We also know that REDDIT has actively suppressed The_Donald to insure the subreddit wasn’t on the Front Page or /r/all, and I personally suspect the CEO also insured that the few posts that DID make it to the top of Reddit were deliberately chosen to frame the narrative that The_Donald is some hotbed of nazi tin foil hatters.
  6. REDDIT also banned the subreddit involving #pizzagate, and is actively banning/removing all references to #spiritcooking and #pizzagate as well. That will be discussed later.
  7. Facebook is taking the opportunity to suspend literally tens of thousands of facebook pages, from business and fan pages to pro-Trump groups and pages, following their public announcement regarding “fake news”–which will also be discussed in detail in another post. While there is justification for removing SOME “fan pages” under Facebook terms, anecdotal evidence is rapidly mounting concerning suspended/ deleted Facebook pages that had been operating for years in some cases without issue–that do NOT appear to violate TOS.
  8. Twitter has also been actively manipulating algorithms to keep terms from trending, and allegedly has been deleting posts. Twitter has also banned / suspended the accounts of several prominent self-proclaimed “alt-right” figureheads, including Richard Spencer
  9. MSM continues to push the narrative that “alt-right” is equal to white supremacists/ nazis, and makes much of Richard Spencer. NOTE–THE LINK WAS DELIBERATELY CHOSEN, as a good example of the use of language and rhetoric in framing a narrative. RICHARD SPENCER IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE ALT-RIGHT. He’s a neo-nazi/ white supremacist, who has re-branded a toxic movement using psychographic segmentation and mass perception management. But note, the article places Trump cabinet choices like Senator Sessions– a staunch civil rights advocate–with Spencer.

Above Is A Still Partial List Of What We Know….

Now comes the “fun” part. As I write this, analysts everywhere are running keyword searches using specialized software on social media, and on the internet in general, to see which of the above topics are propagating, and at what rate they are “going viral”.

They are also determining through semantic analysis and data mining which of these items are propagating NATURALLY–through real, concerned people “liking” and “sharing”, and which are being deliberately propagated by paid posters or bot programs to further a narrative–and who is doing the spreading.

based on what I am seeing and conversation with others, I can SURMISE:

  1. The Soros funded riots are lessening in number–because mounting a riot isn’t cheap. My conservative estimate leads me to believe Soros likely sunk 25-30 million dollars into several days of rioting. IF the strategy were effective, by the 2nd day we would have been seeing organic riots springing up, as well as organic protests. While we ARE seeing some organic protest activity–non-violent–it isn’t sufficient to warrant spending extra money on paid riots at this time. Given the support by the administration and a sitting SCOTUS justice didn’t produce a firestorm of violence, it appears, for the moment, Soros will be scaling back on expenses–at least until the electoral college vote is in.
  2. ALL OF THE MSM IS STILL IN THE FAKE NEWS BUSINESS–and they are creating that “news” based on social perception metrics obtained from social media. The public is being conditioned to accept the existence of “fake news”–ostensibly produced by enterprising ad sense scammers–to facilitate the censoring/redirecting of news that is not useful to the narrative on social media and on the internet as a whole. It should be noted this is spilling over to Wikipedia, where “editors” have been editing pages of Trump supporters and right wing personalities. 
  3. There is a strong possibility that Dr. Stein, the Green Party, or both, are calling for recounts in the three swing states because they have made a deal with Hillary, the DNC, or BOTH. Changing the vote in those three states would NOT benefit the Green Party–they need 5% nationwide to become “official”. It wouldn’t benefit Trump–quite the opposite, if those three states were to “flip” again, Hillary would win the electoral vote by 10 votes. And it hardly seems possible that such a small party, even backed with donations from angry leftist loons, could raise millions in hours to mount the first recount application tomorrow. This would not be the first time an outlying party or candidate decided to cooperate with the DNC for financial advantage.
  4. The push to brand Trump–and his supporter by default–as a toxic “alt-right” blend of neo-nazis and white supremacists will continue and increase, while Trump supporters waste their time throwing temper tantrums over Mitt Romney rising from the political coffin.

MITTENS IS NOT THE ISSUE, PEOPLE–GETTING THROWN UNDER THE NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST BUS IS THE ISSUE HERE. Trump and his team have excellent reasons for meeting with GOPers and establishment hacks–as this “transition” is the most dangerous part of the campaign to date. The bigger issue is how we are being tarred with the most toxic brush the leftist loons have. 

This is an issue because leftist loons ARE DELUSIONAL. Their leadership and all their news sources are busy convincing them that they are in a fight for their lives. Lucky for us, at the moment they haven’t snapped. But if this level of provocation continues, there can be very serious repercussions. Because the next riots that break out won’t be about breaking windows, they’ll be about breaking heads. And Soros won’t have to pay for them, either.

Part Three will be finished later..gotta clean up after the turkey.


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