Analyzing Social Perception In Real Time–Part 1

Welcome To A Live Op.

Now that the largest part of the election is over, and we have multiple boycotts along with the typical rioting in the streets and felony behavior on the part of the leftist loons, we can revisit the wonderful world of psychographic segmentation.

Cambridge Analytica Resurfaces With A BOOM!

So, Forbes had an article this past week about how Jared Kushner won the election for Trump using social media, thanks to a crash basic training course in my field–psychographic segmentation and mass perception management. When I’m not writing professionally, I catalog, analyse and archive data. Some for tin foil hatters, some for marketing firms, some for cultural anthropologists…

You may remember (if you don’t read the rest of the articles in this part of the blog) That Robert Mercer, the reclusive mystery man behind Cambridge Analytica was supporting Ted Cruz, the Banker’s Husband. Given that Mercer owes BILLIONS–not millions–to the IRS and Ted wanted to abolish the income tax, this was a good investment. Thankfully, the Banker’s Husband was finally defeated. Cambridge Analytica was also hired for straight marketing work by Dr Ben Carson and literally hundreds of other politicians nationwide–as political candidates are what they market these days.


C.A., Donald Trump, and Jared Kushner

I began keeping an eye on Jared the first time he appeared on the campaign trail. I was familiar with some of his history, and was simply curious about what kind of guy Ivanka’s hubbie was.Then, when the Banker’s Husband went down in flames and Mercer got behind TRUMP, I started digging deep and archiving EVERYTHING campaign related.

This was shortly before the tone of the online campaign changes dramatically. So I knew C.A. had a team in place. How? “FINGERPRINTS”. You see, each company in this field uses different algorithms and metrics, and therefore, you can ID everyone playing in a particular exercise. So, C.A. was back–but who was the point man?

The Speech That Exposed The Point Man–AIPAC.

About the same time C.A. came n board, semantic analysis led me to believe that someone was polishing up Trump’s speeches–actually, 2 someones, a male and a female. The female was easy to spot, as Ivanka has a distinctive style. But weeks of analysis had led nowhere in identifying the male in the picture. Then came AIPAC, and the male behind the speech was obvious–Jared Kushner. This has since been verified by the article in Bloomberg.

And if I hadn’t been over thinking–I would have figured it out a lot sooner. After all, who better to be the male voice than Ivanka’s husband? Intelligent, educated, lives with her all the time, family member.



Having broken both rules, I got back to work, and began extrapolating forward.

And Here We Are, In A Live Operation….

I’ll get back to everything between AIPAC and now in later articles. But at the moment, we’re looking at a live operation. And here is what we know:

  1. George Soros and the DNC, through a large number of shell “grassroots” groups, are causing mayhem with the riots.
  2. The obama administration, far from stepping in to stop this, is encouraging it, while Hillary remains silent, despite claiming in the last debate that anyone not willing to accept the results of the election is a “threat to democracy”.
  3. Deliberate assassination of police officers is rising.
  4. The MSM is spreading misinformation/disinformation as fast as they can create it.
  5. A large number of brand new “fake news” right wing websites are churning out FAKE NEWS–and the MSM is blaming those sites on Russian Federation scam artists making cash from the Adsense ads–true in some cases, blatantly false in others.
  6. Trump’s transition team is hard at work, ahead of schedule.

That’s the “short list”, of course. So what are Cambridge Analytica, Booz Allen Hamilton, The Tin Foil Hat analysts, the Trump social media team under Jared, and I, doing?

WE ARE ANALYZING EVERY WORD YOU TYPE. AND EVERY HASHTAG. Despite google and Twitter, and Facebook, there are ways to determine how well and fast a hashtag propagates other than their “trending” features–which are misinformation tools to begin with.

While I have no doubt whatsoever SOME of these people are doing deep analysis–looking for the real radicals on both sides, scraping identity information, and more, most of us are just compiling aggregate data, and mapping the data points.

If you think of each data point as a color coded PIXEL–and you keep adding more data points–you go from a stick figure to a photograph. And that photograph gives the experts a way to foretell the future. It gives the media disinformation/misinformation creation teams the tools they need to tailor the “news”, for maximum acceptance. It gives the Trump Team intel on their base’s sentiments, while they walk the tightrope over the political volcano without falling in and being consumed.


So, everyone–watch your words and choice of memes/videos. Because everything we’re doing now online–including my writing this article, that will be tagged to stand out like a lighthouse beacon–is being noted and analysed. AND THIS WILL–NOT CAN, WILL–BE USED AGAINST US. This is more than your average election. This is a very deadly game, behind the scenes. Literally TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenue covering dozens of industry sectors is on the line, and people have been killed for far less than that.

I’ll continue this after the turkey.


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