A Look At The Electoral College.


Sorry, folks–this is still (nominally speaking) a REPRESENTATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  Our founders never intended for us to elect the president–or senators, for that matter.

Originally, We, the people, voted on our state legislatures and the house of representatives–and the STATE LEGISLATORS voted on our state senators, and also chose the ELECTORS. Then the ELECTORS would choose the president and VP. The system was set up this way so that the Senate would directly represent the interest of the several states, and the STATES would have the final check against an executive branch run amok (OBAMA, ANYONE?? ANYONE???).

And Then–In 1913–The Dismantling Of Our Constitutional Representative Republic Began.

1913 was a bad year for the Republic, all the way around–we were in the middle of the 1st World War, and this watershed year saw the birth of the IRS and Income Tax, the watering down of the 10th amendment by the 17th Amendment, and the Federal Reserve. For those who are unfamiliar with the Original plan, I highly recommend you go and read what Publius Huldah has to say–a strict constructionist.

So now we have an electoral college that is chosen based on the popular vote in a state. This offers us SOME protection, but not what we once had. Now, what the heck is going on with the electoral college?

The Current State Of Affairs…

At the moment, Trump has 306 electoral votes, and Clinton has the remainder–232. As you only need 270 to become president, this is a good thing. But the current social state of the country is unlike any we have seen before. Hillary Clinton–after claiming that failing to honor the election results is “a direct threat to democracy” in the final debate, is remaining silent while her leftist loon supporters are rioting and threatening the electors. Buzzfeed, a popular leftist loon website, reported that an organization has produced a spreadsheet of electors in Republican states that may be open to “persuasion” and change their electoral vote.

To put this in perspective, Trump would have to lose 37 electors to get un-elected at this point, and as only 157 electors have EVER become “faithless”, this is a pipe dream. Or would be, if the leftist loons weren’t sending death threats, and people weren’t seeing large scale RIOTS causing millions of dollars in damage with little or no intervention from law enforcement. Fear is contagious, and given the fact camp Hillary has said NOTHING to stop the loons from rioting, Obama has stated he won’t tell them to stop , and Justice Sotomayor  has also approved of this lawlessness, I couldn’t blame the average Joe who is an elector if they were quite nervous. We have already heard of 2 electors who are planning to be faithless.

We also have an abysmally stupid lawmaker–Barbara Boxer–planning to introduce a law to end the electoral college. And in the middle of all this Hoorah, where is the media?

The Media Is, As Usual, Either Silent, Or Manufacturing News…..

The MSM is studiously ignoring, for the most part, the high level of threats electors are receiving–though several news outlets have reported on the “faithless” electors that have spoken openly. The media has also failed abysmally when it comes to informing the leftist loons that Barbara Boxer’s “law” is not only utterly UNCONSTITUTIONAL, BUT WOULD NOT APPLY TO THIS ELECTION EVEN IF IT WERE LEGAL.


So, here’s a few 64,000.00 questions:

  1. Why the hell isn’t the media widely reporting the high number of threatening emails the electors in republican states are receiving?
  2. Why the hell isn’t the media laughing their collective asses off over Ms. Boxer’s absolutely idiotic “law”, and explaining to the leftist loons that this is NOT how things work?
  3. Why isn’t Hillary “direct threat to democracy” Clinton telling her “supporters” to BEHAVE THEMSELVES, AND ACCEPT THE ELECTION RESULTS?


  1. Why is Jill Stein suddenly trying to mount recounts/ audits, in 3 KEY SWING STATES ONLY?
  2. is it mere coincidence that all three states Trump won with low margins, the voter fraud would be minimal–and flipping those states back would put Clinton at 280 and Trump at 260?

The last is the real issue, here. Note that Stein and Company are NOT asking for recounts in states where she has ANY LEGITIMATE CHANCE of gaining enough votes for the Green party itself to get up to the 5% threshold needed to be on the ballot as an OFFICIAL PARTY.

Were Dr. Stein doing this on her own behalf or that of the Green Party–with the goal of the party becoming “official”–they would be mounting recounts in BLUE states, and places she already had a better than average showing. So it is safe to assume this is NOT to help the Green Party.

Were she interested in ACTUAL VOTER FRAUD, AS SHE CLAIMS, she would be recounting  California, for instance. California is a particular concern, as they do NOT have voter ID–and anyone who applied for a driver’s license is automatically registered to vote. And Governor Brown signed a bill allowing illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses. AND OVER 400,000 DID. Now California CLAIMS you must show “proof of age” to be registered. And that illegal aliens are not registered. But given the fact that there is NO VOTER ID required to vote in California, it would indeed be very easy for non-citizens to vote.

Here in AZ, I have PERSONALLY WITNESSED MEXICAN NATIONALS at the county recorder’s office being removed from the Jury Duty rolls–which are based on driver’s licenses. SO ARE OUR VOTING ROLLS. Yet the county recorder did NOT ascertain that the couple in front of me were not registered to vote.  And we have voter ID.

Why Does The Electoral College Matter So Much To Democrats?

Simple–LOOK AT A MAP OF COUNTIES HILLARY WON.  Business Insider offers a very good collection of maps. Clinton only won 14% of counties, compared to Trump’s 86%. But the 14% she won had BIG populations–like Los Angeles County.  This is why whenever they lose, especially, Democrats begin screaming to get rid of the electoral college– because metropolitan areas tend to vote BLUE.

Were it not for the electoral college, 14% of the counties in America would effectively be in a position to overpower THE ENTIRE REST OF THE COUNTRY. Our founders went with the electoral system for a very simple reason–they wanted to insure that such a situation would never arise–that ALL states would have a voice in the election process.

That voice was significantly weakened in 1913. But if you look at the maps in that link, you’ll see that the electoral college is more important than ever–because without it, a tiny handful of states would effectively hold the nation’s highest office for as long as the democrats hold control of those states.

And candidates, like Trump, wouldn’t bother campaigning anywhere else. Nor would candidates from any other state have a real chance of winning the presidency–unless they were amazing in one form or another. And given that ONE of those states, California, is doing everything in its power to NOT police the voting system to prevent fraud, that is a frightening prospect indeed.

The democrats began this assault in 1913. And they are not about to stop.


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