Days Of Our Liars– New FBI Investigation Of Clinton Emails And More

Part 1–HERE

A Tsunami Of News, And /r/The_Donald

Well, everyone who knows me knows I was saying months and months ago now that the Trump campaign–and everyone else wanting to elect Trump, needed to be on REDDIT. Specifically in the one Subreddit with the right collection of based autists and centipedes to really get something done, provided they took time off from giving out coats :-).


While people were trying to dig their own way through the tsunami of emails pouring out of Wikileaks on the Wikileaks website, the Nimble Navigating Centipedes at the best damned subreddit in existence unleashed their amazing mining skills, and collected all the gold in the best format possible for dissemination.

And now they are at it still–and added in mining all the data flowing out of the most improbable of sources–the FBI FOIA Vault. The FBI was kind enough to release a statement telling Americans how to fast track future FOIA requests also, so we can follow up on this latest influx of swamp mud.

The Return Of The Killer Emails–And Where Is Huma?

The last article left off with the FBI receiving devices from Anthony Weiner’s house, specifically a laptop, that had a file on it labeled (quite tellingly) LIFE INSURANCE containing emails. But not just any emails. These appeared to be emails of hillary’s, FORWARDED THROUGH HUMA ABEDIN’S YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNT.

Keep this fact in mind, and READ THE LINK. Why? Apparently, the FBI knew WAY BACK THAT HUMA WAS SENDING  EMAILS TO YAHOO ACCOUNT.  Nice of them to allow this practice to continue, wasn’t it? At the very least, the FBI should have demanded, right then and there, that all such activities cease and opened an investigation.

In a nicely parsed, very careful “news” report, Newsweek discusses Huma’s habit of forwarding emails to her Yahoo account TO BE PRINTED AND DELIVERED TO CLINTON VIA DIPLOMATIC POUCH. Huma claims she “didn’t know” Hillary had her own server:

HUMA ABEDIN IS LYING. There are more than a few emails now in the Wikileaks dumps where she and Cheryl Mills both discuss the server.

But the more disturbing revelation here is good old HUMA apparently printing out emails for Hillary to read–because Hillary doesn’t like reading emails on devices. She claims she often didn’t even READ the emails, but she also said she printed out time sensitive ones for Hillary.

WELL–WHICH IS IT, HUMA? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IT WAS PRINT WORTHY IF YOU DIDN’T READ IT? More to the point–how do we know only the one copy was printed….

So Comey, probably in an attempt to muddy the waters and get into position to do some ass covering, sent a letter to congress saying he was re-opening the investigation–after LORETTA LYNCH TOLD HIM NOT TO. And the democrats immediately piled on, claiming he was trying to influence the election with the “unprecedented move”.


Does the name CASPAR WEINBERGER? Old Billy Boy managed to get him indicted and implicate Bush in his “crimes” a mere 4 DAYS before the election–and the Arkansas governor won the White House. Even Weinberger brags about how his indictment was the “October Surprise” that cost Bush the White House.

And then, a new player entered the picture from stage left–Peter Kadzik.

Who Is Peter Kadzik, And Why Should We Care?

The Daily Caller article linked there paints an interesting picture–one those of us who have been mining the Wikileaks emails already know, of course. Peter kadzik is an assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, in their legislative branch these days. But those with sharp memories might remember him as none other than John Podesta’s Lawyer during the Lewinsky Trial–the one that kept Podesta out of the slammer despite his having made false statement to a grand jury.

So it seems more than passing strange that Comey would have no issue with this man–a lawyer with long standing ties to the Clinton family and campaign, and John Podesta–heading the DOJ investigation of these new emails.

Speaking of those “tens of thousands” Of emails…

Apparently, that was a very inaccurate estimate. Try 650,000. Emails. Stored on this laptop. And no idea how many are related to Clinton and her server. This is going to take a while….

The Brief List Of Things To Watch:

  1. The New email investigation.
  2. The Podesta Emails from Wikileaks–for this, go HERE.
  3. The FBI Vault’s FOIA Dumps of Clinton investigations–a blast from the past–go HERE. I’ll be writing about this ASAP.
  4. Where is Huma?
  5. Where is Weiner?
  6. And the Go To for deep research outside The_Donald: go to The Conservative Treehouse

This is History, people. And right in the middle of this history are a huge number of people we will never know–the valiant patriots and researchers at Conservative Treehouse and /r/The_Donald, grabbing all the information available and piecing it together. The government employees and others who gave Julian Assange and Wikileaks all the intelligence to begin with. The thousands of ordinary Americans manning Twitter and Facebook making sure the REAL news–the news the media is refusing to deliver–is seen.

So–are you with us, or not? are YOU taking a few minutes a day to tweet the links, spread the word? Are YOU voting, volunteering, and supporting Trump? If not–WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR? NOBODY, AND I MEAN NOBODY, COULD BE AS BAD AS CLINTON.

If you are with us but haven’t found your way to where the battle is being waged yet, here are the two places you NEED TO BE FOR THE BEST INFORMATION:

/r/The_Donald —The Basest Collection Of Patriots Anywhere.

The Conservative Treehouse–Because Truth Has No Agenda





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