Days Of Our Liars, Episode 3–The FBI Strikes Back!


What A Difference A Day Makes!

In Part 2 of this series we started getting into the latest activities of the FBI–And the fireworks are getting INTENSE at this point. For those who missed the explosive entrance into the battle by the FBI Vault twitter account, here’s a really really “redacted” timeline of events:

  1. OCTOBER 2016–Hilary gets a Halloween surprise, the FBI RE-OPENED  THE EMAIL INVESTIGATION, thanks to none other than Huma’s Pervert Hubbie, Anthony WEINER.
  2. Predictably, the same leftist loons who had been praising Comey on Tuesday were burning him in effigy 2 days later….
  3. MSM, DNC and various minions all desperately trying to advance story that Comey/FBI under the thumb of “the KGB”, and “Putin”….
  4. NOVEMBER 2016–All hell broke loose.


In just the LAST 3 DAYS– more videos from James O’Keefe over at Project Veritas–the last showing leftist loons revealing their true feelings on black people. Given that Hillary Clinton referred to black males as “super predators”, finding out that the campaign and party members feel any Trump voter is F**Ked in the head wasn’t surprising.

The Wikileaks emails are still coming out in batches daily, and still being mined and organized by the tireless Centipedes at /r/The_Donald so the public can grab the intel and spread it more easily.

And then came the real shocker–the FBI Vault.


For those not familiar with this particular FBI division, “the vault” is the part of FBI databases open to the public, where they publish all unclassified materials and FOIA materials so the people can read them. It has existed quietly for years now, and the traffic to this extremely interesting website is typically light. And their Twitter account has cyber cobwebs and virtual dust bunnies from lack of use.

Until Yesterday–when the Vault spit our a pile of files on VINCE FOSTER, The Clintons, Hillary’s last investigation and an assessment/report on her state dept. career, NIKOLA TESLA, AND FRED TRUMP.Also included were the files on Marc Rich, one of the people Billy Boy Pardoned on his last day in office in return for donations to his presidential library.

Previous to this big release, the last time anything had hit twitter from the vault was back in July–the vault released a bunch of files on people like Casey Kasem and Shirley Temple. Some of them were very interesting, of course, but not earthshattering. In fact, NONE of the older files on the twitter feed would be bombshells.


/r/The_Donald, Nikola Tesla, and Trump’s Time Machine

And yes, you read that right. You see, some time ago on 4chan, a theory popped up that Trump’s often startling prescience is easily explained–he’s a time traveler. As is Mike Pence.

Now before you die laughing, here’s the basic breakdown: Back in the days when Tesla had just died, Donald Trump’s Uncle John was a mathematician at MIT, who sometimes did work for the government. The FBI decided to seize all of Tesla’s papers, just in case there was anything of interest there- but nobody at the bureau understood higher math.

So–they hired Trump’s Uncle to sort the papers and determine whether there was anything dangerous to the USA in them. He did, and found nothing, and they were archived under a standard hold, so they wouldn’t be released. John Trump had also apparently received some papers directly from Tesla.

And Trump’s Father had also been lightly investigated by the FBI because he had accidentally gotten caught up in some white supremacist rally/parade or something, and cleared.

Now, all of a sudden out of the blue, the Vault’s Twitter account springs to life, and spits out:

  1. The Marc Rich Pardon files, along with the other pardons that day, as part of the Clinton files–which were NOT done in the legal manner, and which a then  deputy at DOJ shuffled through anyway–WHOSE NAME WAS ERIC HOLDER. AND MARC RICH’S ATTORNEY WAS KADZIK. Oddly enough, one of our high energy centipedes had run into the Rich name several weeks ago and got intrigued by the shady pardon and had been investigating this issue–and having trouble finding good intel.
  2. The VINCE FOSTER FILES–at a time when many of the older centipedes like myself had been telling our contemporaries they needed to remember just how mishandled that case was.
  3. The FRED TRUMP FILE–at a time when the leftist loons were trying to re-float the story Trump comes from a long line of white supremacists and radicals.
  4. THE NIKOLA TESLA FILES–including the file about the “wall of force” around the USA AND THE DEATH RAY, that certainly sounds something like what Putin has been hinting at.
  5. AND THE FINAL BOMBSHELL–THE HELPFUL TIPS ON HOW TO FILE FOIAS TO “FAST TRACK” THEM AND GET THEM TO THE TOP OF THE LIST. this is a new beta test program JUST OPENED–if three FOIAs on  subject are received–IT HITS THE VAULT LIST.  And the FBI nicely included handy dany tips on how to read their documents and request them.

The FBI maintains that the Vault Twitter account is basically automated, and that all of the files we had been wanting to see just coincidentally happened to be the next batch of files whose dates were up. And that they decided to release some very helpful public service announcement videos on their almost never used You Tube Channel as a “routine matter”


That’s one heck of a big pile of synchronicity. Or it’s deliberate. And given that there had also been a heads up to expect a real bombshell from the FBI on November 1st concerning a “soft coup” by the Clintons, and the first tweets had not only come out on the 1st, they had ALSO come out within minutes of the stated time of arrival–the FBI’s “official statement” is being viewed as plausible deniability.

Need Ammo To Convince Fence Sitters? Podesta 26 Is Shocking

The quest for hard intel to build a case against The Clintons continues, and /r/The_Donald is THE BEST PLACE TO GO FOR THE WIKILEAKS EMAILS. You will find a variety of helpful tools, threads discussing various finds, and a link to the website with the “top 100” that updates rapidly as new ones make the list.

Take the time to read through the subreddit, and you’ll also find numerous threads on the FBI Vault files, as well as Tax  returns from the Clinton Foundation and other data on a wide variety of subjects.

The Next article will be out late tomorrow, and there MAY be updates earlier in the day if crazier stuff happens.


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