My ZAAZ Experience–A New Level Of ZAAZing

So–Where am I?

When I started this fitness program and began using the ZAAZ, this is where I was:





Left Thigh–24

Right thigh–26

Cellilite–Large Curd Cottage Cheese (the worst)

Fluid retention–moderate.

After 2 months on a 1000 calorie diet doing OnLY the ZAAZ 4 times a day and using resistance bands, I had lost : 21.5 pounds, 2.5 inches off waist, 3 inches off hips, 1.5 inches off bust, 2 inches off right thigh, and 1 inch off left thigh. And the cellulite is down to lemon skin LOL. In addition to the vast improvement in the appearance of my cellulite, my skin SEEMS to be more supple, and friends have remarked that my new skin care regimen seems to work, as I “glow” now.

While I did change my overall skin care regimen, nothing I did would have been expected to produce a “glow”.

Circulation wise, I was able to move down to a lower level of compression socks, and my feet are never cold anymore.  I have also noted that the baker’s cyst in the left knee is greatly reduced, and I rarely get fluid buildup in that knee anymore.

Then I Added Chuze Fitness To My Fitness Regimen…

I chose Chuze as they had opened a new one right next to my grocery store and they offer an extremely valuable premium membership program. For 20.00/month you get sauna, steam rooms, tanning, hydro massage, and all the workout equipment you could want want, along with your choice of some very good classes–no limits. At any Chuze in town. They also offer a reward app that allows you to earn points for free merchandise and has special contests also.

I discovered that while I have ZERO stamina–I could barely manage 10 minutes on a recumbent bike trying for my target heart rate– I was able to go through a variety of different exercise devices, from using the Pilates balls and rollers to the circuit equipment. I ZAAZ as soon as I get home from the gym and before I drink my protein shake. When I started, I wouldn’t last an hour, and all the machines I used were set for minimum weight–typically around 15 pounds. The exception was the leg press, set at 50 pounds.

Where I Am, Now At Chuze…

I am now working out an hour or so twice a day when time allows–once when I wake up and once a few hours before bed (whatever time that may be). The LOWEST weight I use on any circuit machine is 30 pounds, and on most I am at 50. I can now press 150 pounds on the leg press. I sauna and steam, and occasionally use the hydro massage, but I ALWAYS ZAAZ as soon as I get home and before eating.

My weight loss is currently at a plateau–STILL *sigh*. But as I am losing inches, I am happy. My current weigh is 178, and I have lost between 1 and 2.25 inches off eacj body part in the time I have been going to Chuze–an experience I will document separately.

My New Yoga Workout…..

So I went out on You Tube, and found all kinds of ZAAZ videos, including a super good Yoga workout that incorporates my ZAAZ. While I am still not quite flexible enough to hold some of the positions comfortably,  the program has helped increase my range of motion more–a good thing given the recent level of activity I have been experiencing due to business issues (another story altogether).

I also have developed my own pattern of positions that suits me well, and I go through them while listening to toning bowls and ZAAZing. This video is only one of literally thousands, and I highly recommend going through them on You Tube–I just used ZAAZ exercises as a search term to get me started–and trying some out. My new regimen is:

  1. Get up, go to gym.
  2. Come home, ZAAZ, shake and breakfast.
  3.  “fidgetcize” while writing (fidgetcizing will be explained later)
  4. Mid morning stretches with resistance bands while ZAAZing, and snack
  5. Repeat #3.
  6. Lunch
  7. Do any housework/errands.
  8. Repeat step 4
  9. Dinner
  10. Relax and me time surfing, playing games, watching NCIS back episodes
  11. Repeat #3
  12. Gym, then protein shake and ZAAZ
  13. Bath
  14. Bed

So, altogether a moderately busy day with plenty of flexibility in it for other things. Whether I lose weight or not isn’t a major concern, as I am more interested in getting in better shape, having more strength and stamina. But as I add more activity or increase my activity level by making the activities more intensive, I expect I will begin losing again.

P.S.–bought some new dresses :-).



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