Veritas Strikes Again!

O’Keefe Releases Video Detailing DNC/Clinton Operations to Incite Violence At Trump Events.

Well, it’s about time this cat got let out of the bag! Some may remember way back when Trump came to Tucson, the Bear and I posted a video of his encounter with a genuine paid agitator.

No, the guy didn’t admit as much–it’s a good way to lose your job. But he had ALL the identifying characteristics. I know, I have been paid to protest before LOL. But I only did it for things I ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN. I figured since I was going to be there anyway, I might as well get paid. And that was back BEFORE the job included assault and battery, etc.

How Many Laws Broken??? Well–

Watch the video above while you can still find it, and start counting LOL. I’ll withhold my tally until I read up on some of the more arcane parts of out election and campaign laws. But along with Hillary taking money from foreign powers, her pay for play state department shenanigans, her people tearing up republican registrations…it’s a pile we may NEVER get an accurate count on.

At least a few, the ones regarding communication/coordination between PACs and parties. Of course we saw The Banker’s Husband do the same thing in Utah, so the fact that Rapist’s Wife is doing it everywhere comes as no surprise AT ALL. The big issue here is not just the laws broken–it is the MINDSET of the leftist loons. That it’s perfectly alright to encourage violence and anarchy to get what you want–the end justifies the means.

The leftist loon on the video said as much–that “our side” (and I say that loosely as I hate to ally myself with GOPers) is generally more law abiding, more principled. We don’t get down and dirty.


It’s why we lost Universities.

It’s why we lost public education, in general.

It’s why we lost the media and entertainment.

Because we want to get things the RIGHT WAY, honestly.

Our best selling point–solid, ethical politics based on solid moral principles, is also our greatest weakness.

Going To The Mattresses.

I have said it before, and I will say it again–being on the higher moral ground is fine, great, and wonderful. I am all for the higher ground. BUT IF WE LOSE THIS ELECTION, THERE WILL BE NO GROUND LEFT, PEOPLE. The leftist loons already know they are facing an existential threat, and since they have far fewer morals/ethics than us, they can take by brute force what they can’t win honestly–or dishonestly.

I stopped playing nice several months ago now, and have managed to pull off a few really cool minor things in my area, because my opponents weren’t expecting me to play by THEIR rules. It’s a trick that’ll only work once with thinking people, but will work several times with the lunatic leftists–they aren’t the sharpest tools in the woodshed.

Right now, we need to do what it takes to WIN.



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