When You Can’t Win Any Other Way–LIE. Part 2

On To The “Sex Scandals”

In Part 1 of this 2 parter, we covered the non-story of Trump’s almost 1 billion dollar tax deduction. That story, along with all the background information on the Atlantic City Chapter 11 cases, is a non-story when you look at the whole issue. Every tax person in the country, along with every self-employed person, or small business owner, understands BOTH Atlantic City AND the Tax Deduction. And they all know 2 things about them:


The sheer hypocrisy of the lunatic left is astounding. They have gone on and on about the Chapter 11s–completely ignoring the hundreds of other businessmen and women who have done the same thing, including the Caesar’s Entertainment Group Las Vegas. Oh, and Aeropostale….And of course the owner of GAWKER, whose recent “sex scandal” involving Hulk Hogan ended badly. 

Speaking Of Sex Scandals….Better Late Than Never Is The Apparent Game Here….

It was only a matter of time before the rabid press and the lunatic left pulled their favorite trick out of the election campaign bag–THE DREADED SEX SCANDAL/WAR ON WOMEN.

Never mind that BILL CLINTON ACTUALLY PAID A HUGE SETTLEMENT TO AT LEAST ONE VICTIM OF HIS ASSAULTS. Now this is where the lunatic left will rush to defend this, saying he never admitted wrong doing or apologized, he just paid the settlement to get rid of her.

Well–to use one of their favorite justifications, here: If he was innocent, then he wouldn’t have paid the settlement. He would have had his day in court and won, of course.

Oh, well. We already know that if a republican–or anyone that MIGHT be a republican–had been in old Billy Boy’s position and done the same thing, the same parties would be screaming from the rooftops that the payoff was because he was GUILTY. But if one of their own does it, they apparently do so because some gold digging, fame seeking harpy gave them no choice. They HAD to settle out of court to keep the harpy from upsetting their loving spouse, children, and associates….Funny how that works out.

Never mind that HILLARY led the charge in completely discrediting, objectifying, slandering, and destroying the lives of several of her predator husband’s victims.

And in more timely news, never mind that the Obamas have entertained rappers in the White House whose music glorifies the objectification, degradation, and sexual exploitation of women. Heck, if you took out all of the F bombs, and the B word, and the references to sexual activities–you might have 6 words left in any typical rap song.

Yet Michelle Obama claims she has never heard anything like Trump. OH GIVE ME A BREAK. Oh, well, I guess she really HAS been living in a cave, under a bridge, her entire life.  She entertains, and hangs out with, people who write about and rap about nothing but the exploitation of women, killing cops, drugs, and other filth ALL THE TIME. The rap culture glorifies behaviors that makes Trump’s locker room talk seem like DISNEY material. And they do so proudly, un-apologetically, and the Obamas further the spread of that poisonous filth by praising those who make it and treating them as honored guests in the White House.

But The Truth Will Out….

Hats off to THE GATEWAY PUNDIT for the very thorough debunking of the “sex scandal” narrative the leftist loons introduced into the campaign in the 11th hour. The link above shows the value of good research. It also shows, once again, that the leftist lunatics have no issue at all with distorting the truth or flat out lying to get what they want.

ALL OF THIS IS A DISTRACTION. The Media wants people to not realize that WIKILEAKS released even more damning emails from the Clinton email stash. For those who may not have found their way to the emails yet–HERE IS YOUR LINK.

Oh, and don’t forget those very illuminating speeches to GOLDMAN-SACHS bankers

And, as the NATIONAL REVIEW points out, the REAL REASON HILLARY WAS NOT CHARGED is obvious. Obama was also hip deep in illegal hi-jinks when it came to Hillary’s private email server. We may never find out everything Obama did…..

THERE IS NO “SEX SCANDAL”. All the Real Scandals Are In Camp Clinton.

It’s painfully obvious that the Clinton campaign, and the lunatic left, with the help of the mainstream media apparatchiks, are running in full on crisis control/damage control state right now. Because it’s less than a month to the election, and Trump hasn’t gone away.

On the contrary–he’s still out there doing 2-3 rallies daily at times, and hammering away at Hillary’s terrible policy visions–furthering Obama’s “legacy”, and worse. And the media is beginning to realize that people just don’t believe them blindly any more.

It should also be noted that Billy Bush, the other main party in that ridiculous private conversation, has lost his job over it. Which is really funny, considering some of the other news personalities on NBC that have done far worse–but did not get fired.



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