The Deplorable, Irredeemable Rednecks Just Won’t Go AWAY :-).

Well, Shoot…If The Shoe Fits, Wear It (PROUDLY).

My Own state Senator made his opinions of me very clear, on several occasions, over the last few years. I started out as a simple “Whacko Bird”, which might or might not be a relative of a DoDo. I don’t know, his office neglected to clarify that when I asked them.

Later on, He referred to me and others who share my opinions as “Hobbits”–though why that would be a pejorative is beyond me. After all, it was the Hobbits that did, against all odds, save Middle Earth from Sauron and Saruman.

But that wasn’t enough for him. I then became one of the “crazies” who crawled out of the woodwork when Trump came to town. And recently, this same elitist *sshat said  “don’t drive an automobile in the metropolitan area. You’re a danger to yourself and others. You’re crazy.”

Oh, The Irony….

Once again, the zombie Arizona voters turned out in droves to give Mc Cain the nomination for the GOPers, against Kirkpatrick. Well–this year, for the first time EVER–I am voting for the Dem in my Senate Race. Because, amazingly enough, Anne Kirkpatrick is in this case the “better” candidate, all things considered.

And the real irony here is the very same Mc Cain that the GOpers worked so hard to get back into his seat is the senator the party OFFICIALLY CENSURED a few years ago–for not adhering to the party’s so-called “conservative platform and values”.

And this same Mc Cain–who deliberately screens people who want to attend his few town halls, and has been known (behind closed doors, of course) to call his constituents far worse than what is listed above, also received an award–FOR CIVILITY in public life, from Allegheny College. Joe Biden got one too. Two old fossils that should have been retired a decade or two ago, and neither one all that “civil” either.

And Now, I’m Deplorable, Irredeemable, and a Redneck.

Well, guess what, Demprogs and Hillary?  I consider all three of those appellations to be compliments, coming from YOU.

I see nothing Deplorable about loving my country, and our Constitution, and wanting my government to put MY safety and interests above those of foreign nations, criminals, or banks.

I see nothing deplorable about wanting true economic growth instead of entirely unrealistic numbers, and political smoke and mirrors.

I see nothing deplorable about wanting sovereign borders, and for wanting my government to actually enforce our laws–as all government officials have sworn an other to do.

Oh, well–I’m definitely “Deplorable”–if you deplore solid conservative values, morals and ethics. If you deplore self-reliance, frugality, true equality, and personal Liberty, then I’ll be on your Ten Most Wanted Deplorable People list.

Irredeemable? Hmm.

And why would I need to be “redeemed” in the first place? There is nothing sinful, or criminal, about the populist/nationalist view of America FIRST. And as the Good Book itself points to borders and boundaries as having been established by God, wanting our border to be effectively marked and protected isn’t sinful from a religious viewpoint either.

Wanting economic opportunity for ALL Americans, of all colors, creeds, and ethnicity, isn’t a sin either. Wanting trade deals that benefit US isn’t a sin. Wanting a decrease in violent crime and needless violence and death is about as non-sinful as you can get.

Wanting personal liberty and real equality for all, instead of false divisions and protected groups isn’t a sin either. Again, quite the opposite of a sin. Our Founders built this nation on the premise that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. And BTW–if you receive special treatment for any reason–then you are NOT equal, by definition.


The best restitution is what our constitution dictates–EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW. Anything else is at best, unconstitutional, and at worst, blatant discrimination and bigotry.

So it seems that my “sin” comes down to not agreeing with the lunatic left’s version of “America”. My “sin” is in not embracing globalism, climate change, multiculturalism, the welfare state, and open borders. My “sin” is in fighting, at every opportunity, the fundamentally flawed policies the left embrace–the policies that have led to the current horrors we see around us.

That being the case–I gladly consider myself “Irredeemable”. Thank you for noticing that I believe in what our founders gave us in the first place, and all the Liberty and Justice it provided–before the lunatic left got control….

Redneck? Since When Is The Mark Of Honest Labor Pejorative?

Wow, for people who claim to be egalitarians, and inclusive, and all that happy crappy touchy feely stuff, the lunatic left is awfully classist, and elitist, and bigoted. The term “redneck” was/is used to disparage poor white trash and sharecroppers who worked the fields, way back in the “good old days”. Around the time that honest labor began to get a bad name in certain social circles–when it was assumed that if your neck was red, you were probably inbred, under educated, crude, rude, and uncouth.

It’s right up there with “hillbilly”–aimed at poor whites specifically, but applied in the general sense to anyone who engaged in manual labor. Part of the reason we are IN THE ECONOMIC MESS WE ARE IN is because the snobbishness behind that term–and the disdain for manual jobs it highlights got some powerful people thinking it would be a great idea if we outsourced all our manufacturing to international “rednecks”, and used social and educational means to keep our own manual labor force down trodden and controlled. Then, the elites could sit back and enjoy even cheaper goods and services….

Well, I hate to disappoint the lunatic left–but I am not ashamed of honest labor of any kind. And my other half’s neck may be very red from working hard daily, for 50 years–but he is extremely intelligent, well read, moral, and polite. As a matter of fact, he has far more admirable qualities that 99.99% of the kleptocrats infesting D.C. and our local government.

I’ll take an honest redneck of ANY type over a pack of elitist academics, pusillanimous politicians, bankers, or Demprogs, thank you very much.

Because with a redneck, you know you’ll get punched in the face if you get out of bounds. Rednecks come in all types, but one characteristic they typically share is a degree of honesty that precludes back stabbing behavior.

With any of the others named–you’ll get stabbed in the back while they are actively lying to you and screwing you over.


4 thoughts on “The Deplorable, Irredeemable Rednecks Just Won’t Go AWAY :-).

    • Yep–We The Living owe a debt to the dead. Not just Benghazi, But ALL who died for the Republic. Was a good debate tonight I thought….

      Now all we have to do is win in November and find a way to deal with the leftist loons before Trump is OUT of office….. 😉


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