How NOT To Execute A Cyber War

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Obama

So This morning, there is a wonderful story for America, Courtesy of NBC. It seems that Crazy Uncle Joey WASN’T being delusional on Friday’s Meet The Press when he was nattering on about attacks against Russia.

As Zerohedge points out, in a situation that looks like the “season finale to House Of Cards”, NBC is dishing the dirt about clandestine operations and cyber attacks. But Zerohedge goes farther, pointing out what any decent journalist would have already noticed.

Quoth The Millennials–“DAFUQ?!?”

The timing on this current lunacy is extremely interesting, given the state of Hillary’s campaign, the looming debate, and the fact that Trump, contrary to everyone’s hopes and expectations, isn’t taking his toys and going home. Bear in mind it was HILLARY and the Obama administration that floated the idea that the Russians had hacked the DNC in the first place. Also, bear in mind there is absolutely NO SOLID PROOF, ANYWHERE, that Vlad and company DID hack the DNC or anything else.

So now Obama and his merrie minions in spookland have done everything but take out full page ads in Pravda  to publicize their top secret operation. The fact that they dusted off our long absent V.P and unleashed him on national TV pretty much says it all. The Question is, at this point, WHY?

Obama Has Experience Tampering With Elections….

YEP–That was our administration, using tax payer money–to try and unseat none other than BiBi Netanyahu in HIS last election. According to Breitbart, Obama’s finest election crew even went to Israel to teach Bibi’s opposition how to win, Chicago style… And heaven knows there are plenty of questions surrounding how Obama became a senator in the first place, then president–twice.

But THIS whole situation is quite bizarre, and bears close watching. Just a few of the questions that come to mind, here:

  1. HOW would cyberattacking Russia benefit Hillary’s campaign?
  2. HOW would a cyber attack against Russia benefit the administration–since they apparently shot themselves in the foot by telling the entire world they were planning this “clandestine” SECRET operation?
  3. Anyone with more sense  than the average doorknob can see that Obama and the merrie minions are deliberately trying to incite something. The question then becomes–what, and why NOW? And I, for one, see NO pleasant answers to THAT question.
  4. How does this latest piece of lunacy endanger the average American?

Just Another Day On The Internet…

The average American citizen, when you mention “hacking”, thinks of China, or Guccifer, or Anonymous. But believe it or not, the biggest threat to  the average man on the street comes from the Russian Federation. In just the last few years, the Russian Federation’s hackers have managed to hack, or set up for hacking, everything from Paid To Click websites to energy companies, And they have been accused of hacking the White House as well as the DNC.

And for the average guy–if your online shopping cart has been hacked recently, or your email addy–it was probably the Russian Federation’s civilian hackers. Putin is well aware of his hacker problem–he has gone after them before, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. They make life just as tough for Russians as they do for everyone else.

But here is an interesting–and disturbing–thought. Our administration has just publicly announced the commencement of a cyber war. Against Russia, home of the world’s most active civilian hackers. If I were a hacker, I would see this as a golden opportunity to really go all out, as it would be blamed on the Russian government, not me.

And if I were a rogue government about to lose its power, I would absolutely LOVE an excuse to clamp down on the internet with all kinds of new restrictions and regulations. To have an excuse to go through every server hub that MIGHT have a connection to a hacker SOMEWHERE–and copy all that data while I am at it.

Or, as a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY–shut down entire sections of the internet. And don’t think it can’t be done, people–it can, quite effectively. Or even ask the U.N., now the controllers of ICANN, to step in and unplug all of the websites that might, possibly, be involved in cyber attacks.

Make no mistake–this was NOT a “STUPID MISTAKE”. Obama and company DO have a plan, and this is deliberate. The question at this point is what the plan is. And so far, all the Tin Foil Hat theories that fit the facts we currently have are NOT looking happy  and wonderful.


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