Hillary’s Victims Speak

Exclusive Interview With Three Of Hillary’s Victims–Video Linked Below

Well now—it’s high time someone decided to talk to the three women who were first victims of Bill Clinton’s unwanted sexual advances, and THEN victims of Hillary’s enabling and active attempts to insure their story never saw the light of day.

Yep–the SAME WOMAN who had a fit of the vapors over TRUMP’s hot mic comments in a private conversation OVER A DECADE AGO, was the woman who referred to VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT  as  “bimbo eruption”, “trailer trash”, “wh*res”, “sl*ts”…and threatened them as well.

Leftist Lunacy, The Decade Old “P” Word, and Hypocrisy

So, over a decade ago TRUMP was having a conversation with a guy. And he said something that back in those days–AND PROBABLY NOW, IF WE WANT TO BE HONEST–was largely true. If you had a YUUUUGE pile of money, you could get any chick to sleep with you. You could grab them where you wished as well–in this case, that would be the “P” word, and also dropping an “F” bomb. He said he went after this married chick “like a b*tch”, and she turned him down. And the OTHER guy(s)  in the conversation were just as ridiculous.

But here is the thing–I have heard more than one conversation between WOMEN, in locker rooms and dressing rooms, just as casually crass as this about men. Heck, I have heard WOMEN say things this tasteless AND WORSE, ABOUT THE MEN THEY ARE IN RELATIONSHIPS WITH, AT PARTIES–AND NOBODY RAISED AN EYEBROW.

Just this past weekend I listened to a woman in line at Walmart telling her husband he should consider himself lucky he got to “hit it” AT ALL. And she was in my age group (antique), as was he.That just happened to be the most tasteless part of the verbal abuse she was inflicting on him. And yet NOBODY raised an eyebrow. Had the situation been reversed and a male had been calling his wife useless, unattractive, a failure, and saying she should consider herself lucky she received any intimate attention–all h*ll would have likely ensued.

Now, for those who missed this audio–which sounds for all the world like GUYS BEING GUYS, OR HIGH SCHOOL JOCKS IN A LOCKER ROOM:

Trump And His Locker Room Banter

Now the video of course bears no relation to the audio–but as a 50 something female who has spent a LOT of time around males in all kinds of settings, this falls under my heading of “typical male p*ssing contest/bonding ritual”. And guess what? I found NOTHING about that any more offensive than the pure filth and trash rappers, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and a host of Reality TV mutants foist on society daily. As a matter of fact I found that audio to be far LESS OFFENSIVE than 90% of the tripe offered as “entertainment” today.

And yet we have HILLARY–a woman who called the victims of her predatory husband far worse names all over the media (as opposed to “hot mic” private conversations), trying to take the moral high ground.

Not only that, we have Ms. Twerk herself, along with a bevy of other disgraceful sl*ts, shrieking like Vestal Virgins and screaming that TRUMP is so “offensive”. Well, sorry, Miley and company–YOU are offensive. You are a disgrace to your gender, and you sicken me. I’m fairly sure you sicken a great many confident, strong, REAL women.Do us all a favor and begin self identifying as ANYTHING OTHER THAN FEMALE.

And Now We Hear From Hillary’s Victims–

The Double Victims Speak Out

That video says it all. Women who were physically and sexually assaulted. Women who were threatened, and made to feel in danger. Women who had their names dragged through the national press by HILLARY CLINTON, WIFE OF THE SEXUAL PREDATOR.

Hillary didn’t call those women what she called them when she thought nobody could hear.

She did it publicly, at every opportunity.

Hillary–who DURING THIS CAMPAIGN MADE DEFENDING THE VICTIMS OF MEN LIKE HER HUSBAND A PART OF HER PLATFORM–not only never even tried to hear what these women had to say–she made it her mission in life to destroy their lives in any way she could.

Where was the stalwart defender of helpless women when her own husband was the attacker, the predator? Where was the champion for equal pay for equal work when her husband held public office–and now, when she pays female staffers less than males?

Where is the woman who claimed that EVERY victim of sexual assault should be heard and given support when THESE WOMEN NEEDED HER? Well, she was right where you’d expect her to be given that all she cares about is power. And money. Oh, and did I mention POWER?

These women weren’t just assaulted once, by a sleazy sexual predator who was also a long time associate of a panderer with a private island populated by underage girls. The guy who screwed his intern in the oval office, during working hours.

These women were also assaulted by his wife, HILLARY CLINTON. WHO KNEW, AND KNOWS, ABOUT BILLY BOY’S INABILITY TO CONTROL HIMSELF. And yet she not only stands by her man, she also goes out of her way to protect him, cover for him, and enable him.

And then these women continued to be victimized, by the press, every time HILLARY  slandered them. Every time the press refused to give them air time and fawned all over HILLARY AND THE PREDATOR. They have had to live with this for decades, something that only people who have lived through it can understand fully. And now, it’s all coming back to them again–and again, instead of people listening, they are being blown off.

At least this time HILLARY isn’t calling them the names that some of her endorsers so richly deserve. But in a way, she is doing something far worse with the full support of the rogue media–she is sidelining them. She is saying, though not in words, in actions:


These women, in the video above, are HILLARY’S victims, as well as her predator husband’s. They are the ones she set out to destroy decades ago.

The ones she says are no longer relevant because it was so long ago. The new narrative from the looney Leftists is that the Machado Person, whose apparent insult also occurred 20 YEARS ago or more, is the “real issue”.

GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK. Person gets elected Ms Universe–supposedly exemplifying the apex of feminine pulchritude. Personally, I thought she was homely, I saw the pictures.

Once she gets the title, the cash and everything else, she proceeds to eat her way to a 60 POUND WEIGHT GAIN, in about a year. Sorry, people–unless you win the Ms Queen Size Universe, you should lose your crown over that. And if you read the press stories at the time, TRUMP spoke up for her–more than I would have done by a long shot.

But we’re supposed to be more concerned with her being called “Miss Piggy” (which I consider an insult to a very sophisticated Muppet, BTW). And we’re supposed to be utterly sickened by TRUMP using the F word, and the P word, in what was thought to be a private conversation. And we’re supposed to be further sickened because some of the trashiest, filthiest, most blatant trollops in entertainment today are apparently “offended” by words they use routinely.

A dialogue that, were it turned into a rap song and sung by the talent-less trash listed above, would rocket to platinum record status.

Sorry, HILLARY. Sorry, Miley, Madonna, all females named Kardashian, Beyonce, and other assorted guttersnipes, trollops, and filth. As far as I am concerned, the women in that video are the real issue here–not some histrionic beauty pageant winner, or other female oddity.

As far as I am concerned, an accidentally picked up conversation from a decade ago is not the issue. 33,000+ emails, selling our uranium to Russia, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Pay to Play Politics, and the most uncharitable charity ever to gain 501C3 status are the issue here.

Those are the issues in this election–and at this point, they make a great deal of difference–at least to ME.




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