ZAAZ–Week 2

Well, this week was interrupted by my state convention, and a major celebration after Indiana. So that amounted to 2 days when I kept as accurate a calorie count as possible, but didn’t stick to the 1000 a day calorie limit. It also meant one day away from my ZAAZ, in a hotel in Mesa.

Even so, I lost another 2 pounds, and comparing my Intake and Output, it was about 50/50 between water weight and actual weight, something I found interesting. My pain level is remaining right around a 2, which is a dramatic improvement from my typical “good” day of a 4 or 5 in the past. I also noted that I am still feeling that stiffness as though I have worked out every morning, but still none of the pain that typically is associated with a workout.

The Diet–

For those who may have researched and written about every weight loss hack, trick and diet in the known universe, but who want to be healthy and either maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, I have this to say:

The American Diabetic Association Diet. This is, hands down, the best diet there is for anyone. I am following their recommendations quite closely, eating a high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate (and my carbs are all low to moderate on the glycemic index) diet.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Protein.

The average person needs about 36% of their diet to be protein daily–on a modified high protein diet, you want to aim for a minimum of 50%, a max of 65% or so. The 50% is the easiest to figure out of course–divide your weight by 2, and call it grams. So a 200 pound person would need 100 grams of protein–a little over 3 ounces of “pure” protein.

I can tell you from experience that if you are on extreme calorie restriction, as I am, the single best source is protein powders. The best of these is made by Body Fortress, that I have found. Just be sure you only buy the whey protein or the isolate, NOT a bulking product, unless you’re trying to gain weight of course. I typically use the vanilla, as it mixes well with any flavor of fruit, OR with my Ovaltine. One shake made with Ovaltine, skim milk and the protein powder, with an 1/8th of a cantaloupe, is 350 calories, and provides a little over 40 grams of protein.

2 of those a day, plus one of my totally amazing under 200 calorie salads and two snacks is 1000 calories or less, and all the vitamins, minerals and protein you need.

Step 2: Get Familiar With The Glycemic Index.

All foods have energy, and most have some carbohydrates in them–but there are different types of “carbs”. How fast a carbohydrate is converted to sugars in the body determines where it falls on the Glycemic Index. Obviously, “sugar” would be a high glycemic food–because it’s sugar. So really quick energy, but can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Ideally, you want to substitute high glycemic index foods with low ones for a few reasons–first, that limits sugar crashes and spikes, which can really be noticeable when you’re on a restricted diet, and second, most of the low to moderate glycemic foods actually make you feel full longer, and take more energy to digest.

The link above is a good source for checking out how the Index fits into the normal diet. This Link takes you directly to the database. The quickest way to find something is to just fill in the “value” box–greater than or equal to the number 55, for instance, will generate over 100 pages of higher glycemic food. You can then order the list as you choose. This is far faster than going by a food’s name.

BTW–Cross Kellogg’s Corn Flakes right off the list–a 30 gram (one ounce, about 1 cup) serving with milk scales at 132 on the 1-100 scale lol. A slice of white bread or a serving of potato is 100, typically. Also, the less cooked veggies are, the better–steaming or boiling veggies begins to convert some of the starches in them to simple sugars. So stick with very light steaming, juicing raw, or eating raw. Gatorade is a no-no, also.

One of the easiest things to do when you’re first starting out transitioning to a low glycemic diet is the simple substitution method–substitute a serving of jasmine rice (78) for a serving of potato (100). Substitute baked spiced apples for chocolate cake, or any home made fruit cobbler for bakery pies.

Quick Tips:

  1. Don’t tell the hubby or kids. Trust me on this one, people. This also applies to replacing the fatty mayo and salad dressings with the fat free variety–pour the new stuff in the old bottle, and throw away the new bottle. It’s amazing how the same meal they said was amazing and fantastic becomes horrible when they find out it’s “diet food”….
  2. DO involve the whole family. I know from experience well before this, while writing the endless newsletter series on losing belly fat fast, that dieting alone is nearly impossible. The only thing tougher is keeping Torah Kosher in a house full of Gentiles. It gets a little depressing when everyone else is eating bacon…. Involve them by just introducing the new foods, no explanation. The less they know, the better LOL.
  3. GET A SCALE AND PRACTICE FULL PORTION CONTROL. If you’re like the average person, you’re eating double portions or larger to begin with, and this is the number one reason people get fat. You should do this with your current diet for about a month, to get used to eating “normal portions”, and during that month begin phasing in changes.

Results This Week:

As mentioned above, another 2 pounds lost, 1/2 of it attributable to water weight as close as I can measure. My energy level has improved quite dramatically this week. While I had to wear my TENS unit all day at the convention, I only had to USE it 3 times–where in the past, it would have been in use almost constantly. I also noted that I didn’t have nearly the problem with restless legs on the drive up as I would have in the past–though the drive home was on the tough side. It should be noted the very first thing I did when I got home was jump on the ZAAZ  LOL.

My skin is continuing to improve, and I am still shedding far more dead skin cells when I exfoliate than before. The “crocodile skin” on  my feet is significantly improved, as are, for some odd reason, the crocodile patches on my elbows. The cellulite has become even less noticeable–I’d say the visible improvement is now over 50%, and even my lovable (but very unobservant) other half commented on how “smooth” my skin is getting. It is ALWAYS “soft” as I am obsessive about moisturizing and exfoliation, but prior to this it felt “lumpy” to the touch on my thighs, buttocks, belly and to a lesser extent my upper arms.

I can feel the difference as well when I moisturize, and I am now only wearing my compression socks, with no other socks over them–yet my feet are WARM, and at times, they even get sweaty. After literally decades of freezing feet, this is really nice.

My range of motion continues to improve, especially when I stretch to the sides and isolate the vibration in my lateral oblique muscles, or do squats. I am fairly confident at this point that if my belly wasn’t getting in the way, I could likely get into a Lotus position, or close to it, with minimal discomfort. I am also finding that I can do more repetitions of my basic stretching exercises and leg lifts, and my crunches, than I could last week.

All in all, it has been a very good week, and I look forward to seeing what my weight situation will be like after an entire week on my diet. I will be posting some of my favorite salad choices and other little snacks in the next few days.


2 thoughts on “ZAAZ–Week 2

  1. Would love to here how things are going with your Zaaz. I’m thinking about buying one for pain and weight loss. How are things going now that you’ve been using it for a few months?


    • I have been way too busy to update of late, but let me put it this way: Pain level still at 2 or lower. I’ve lost 18 pounds so far and a total of 6 inches off various body parts. I am also now going to Chuze Fitness twice a day, and I can carry a gallon of milk in either hand without dropping it. I can carry grocery bags, too LOL. P.S.–the other half’s finally started using it regularly, and his planter fascitis is much better–and so is his lower back.

      Given that many insurance companies cover a good percentage of the cost, and a lot of pain management docs and physical therapists will prescribe them, if you can swing it (or find someone in your area that has one you can use regularly for a while to try it out) I’d go for it. I’m getting my life back, and both my other half and I figure that the monetary outlay, when measured against how much better I feel, is like pennies on the dollar.

      The only area where I have no real difference is in the danged sleep disorder, but I’m going to be going for a new sleep study soon to be checked for some new obscure disorder or syndrome or something, so who knows? In the meantime, There just aren’t words enough to cover how good it feels to go to a Yoga class, or Zumba, or walk around the entire mall without having to turn my TENS unit on the entire time.

      Gotta finish working on a project and head for the gym–there’s a new class they are calling Pi-Yo, that is a cross between Pilates and Yoga, and I can’t wait to check that one out!


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