Cui Bono? GOPers, The Uniparty, and Ted Cruz

Part and parcel of the so called “delegate stealing” is who is actually doing the stealing for Ted Cruz. The answer is, of course, the GOPers. So why in the world would the GOPers be busily rigging the convention for Cruz, with the help of the rest of the uniparty and the media?

Cruz, Kleptocrat Acting As “The Outsider”

Ted Cruz positioned himself as an “outsider”, an anti-establishment candidate whose message is tailored to fit the smallest segment of the GOP–the hard line religious far right. The fact that he isn’t now, nor has he ever been, a “Constitutional Conservative, Anti-Establishment Christian” is irrelevant. Politics is a form of theater, at this point, and Cruz has the bona fides to pass himself off as all the aforementioned things, as long as you sort of cross your eyes and squint real hard when you look at him.

The GOPers know that, of course. It didn’t escape their attention that Cruz’s biggest single money man is Robert Mercer, hedge fund guru and epic tax dodger. It hasn’t escaped their attention that the PACS funding him are stuffed with big banking, big oil, and big business.And they definitely sat u and took notice when Mercer brought along with his endorsement, Cambridge Analytica and a large financial stake in the former king of “conservative alternative/independent media”, Breitbart.

What Cruz Means To The Uniparty

We talked a while back about bargain basement prices on psy-ops and mass perception management, and coups and regime changes. Currently, the government’s home team is a firm named Booz Allen Hamilton. BAH gets literally 99% of their money from the government, to the tune of around 70 billion dollars in 2015. Prior to Cambridge Analytica becoming a major player in America a few years ago, BAH, had precious little competition when it came to government projects.

Now, on the other hand, the government has the potential to acquire the services of a company whose psy-op, mass perception manipulation, and regime changing skills make old BAH look pathetic, at very favorable rates. BAH would still be useful, of course, as they perform many other services for the government outside of their work in intelligence and psy-ops. But why use a distant third place company for the important work, when you can get the best?

So–Cui Bono? Who Benefits?

If the GOPers can keep enough people uninformed about Ted Cruz, his big money connections, his extremely fringe religious endorsements and supporters, and his unconstitutional voting record,  they could take the White House, and the uniparty kleptocracy would have a data mining firm at their disposal that already possesses data the NSA envies. Beyond that, they would have a president that is more than willing to violate every promise he makes to his voters, and apparently has no qualms at all when it comes to using the people’s data against them on a regular basis.

Sure, they’d probably have to come to an agreement with Mercer and write of the majority of his multi-billion dollar tax bill (if not all of it). They’d also have to tolerate having Cruz as president for 4-8 years. But that’s a small price to pay when you’re looking at data acquisition of such massive proportions, and the personnel to best use that data to further their agenda. Cruz benefits, as he gets one of the two jobs he wants (president), while still leaving the door open for the other (SCOTUS Justice). Mercer benefits, as he is deep in the mix of American politics, and can move forward with whatever his own agenda is–something nobody really knows as he is so reclusive, but probably isn’t a good one, as he is a pure technocrat.

Cambridge Analytica and their parent company SCL Group benefit, as they have the power of the government behind them, a guaranteed source of major income, and can flex their muscles and refine their political candidate electing tools. Not to mention the fact that our government is in a way addicted to “nation building”, so they’ll have all kinds of interesting projects to occupy them between election cycles.

The losers are, of course, the American people as a group, and the Republic on the whole. But the kleptocrats and technocrats aren’t really concerned about that. After all, people are a useful resource, but hardly a rare commodity. And in the scope of their plans, we the people are typically either collateral damage, or acceptable losses.


4 thoughts on “Cui Bono? GOPers, The Uniparty, and Ted Cruz

  1. Yesterday two of our friends stopped by the house. One came over just to sign our pc petitions, which by the way, now contain enough signatures plus one to qualify for the ballot! Yippee! He is a Trump supporter but said he would vote for Cruz. This from a man who prides himself on his knowledge of current events and politics. He is a truly smart and informed guy.

    The other says he hates everybody but voted for Cruz because ‘Trump is just in it for himself.’ I’m scratching my head on that one because it doesn’t take too much observation and honest discourse to see that that theory doesn’t hold water. I have told him via a brief email exchange we had just before the PPE, that Cruz is a fraud and outlined in very basic terms why. He also buys into the ‘if Trump doesn’t get the nom than he’ll run third party and we will get Hillary’ meme. He will never vote for Trump.

    It is clear these two are woefully uninformed vis a vis the 2016 presidential race. I don’t know where Mr. ‘Trump-for-Himself’ gets his news; the other watches Fox and when I told him I’m not on Fox anymore he looked puzzled and asked me where then do I get my news – I said the Internet and he just shook his head.

    So, both of these men are honest and upstanding human beings of the highest caliber. They would never tolerate a candidate who conducts himself the way Cruz does. So they are buying the bullshit. And what a house of Cards it is! I listened to the Hannity/Cruz radio interview yesterday cringing and outraged through the entire 14 minutes. It was breathtaking in its dishonesty, shrillness, and just plain deluded spewing. Ted Cruz seems to be losing it.

    After last night, for sure he’s lost it. TRUMP 2016!!!!

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    • It amazes me how many otherwise intelligent people are still duped by Cruz. When he was sitting there defending his voterless victories, I was SMH. I sent that clip to quite a few Cruz people I know–and they’re still defending him.

      They really worry me, sometimes. Yesterday was amazing 🙂 🙂 :-). But still these people think Cruz is viable? And they’d *vote for him*????

      Apparently they think a person can just toddle off and run 3rd party or independent at the drop of a hat, as well. Talk about clueless….


  2. nice! One of the puzzling things about Cruz support is the number of atheist/agnostics that are supporting him. They would never support Huckabee or Santorum. It’s clear that they don’t really believe he’s all that Christian. I’ve pointed out to them that some of the videos on Cruz and his father would sink him in a general election. That never seems to bother them.

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    • I find it puzzling as well, but most I have spoken to say they support his “Constitutional Conservative” BS, and are overlooking the religious aspect.

      The MSM is making a very concerted effort to keep Cruz’s unsavory endorsements under a media blackout, and doing the same with his father’s religious associations–much as they did obama’s, for as long as they could.


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