Day 1 With The Zaaz 20k WBV

If you’d ever had to do 120 articles on losing belly fat fast (as I did), it doesn’t take long for you to start running out of obvious material LOL.

Enter “The Gadgets”–those lovely “as seen on TV” devices that promise to turn you into a “hard body” in 60 days, only 5 minutes a day, etc. Everything from vibrating belts to sauna suits, Ab “rockers”, sleds, swings, and more. While 90% of them are just gadgets, and don’t really work as advertised, you do occasionally run into working ideas.

Along the way, I of course did more than one article about the gadgets and machines “The Stars” use to stay in shape, including private trainers, 69,190.00 Swarovski crystal studded, vibration machines (I’m not kidding, folks), and other devices. And in covering what works and what doesn’t, whole body vibration, surprisingly enough, landed in the category of weight loss fads that had basis in science.

Whole Body Vibration?

Yep. A machine that rocks a platform back and forth, very fast, while you either stand, or do various exercises. According to the many studies out and about, whole body vibration does have benefits–though the weight loss is a side issue. Vibration and massage, as well as “ultrasound”, have long been staples of physical therapy, and WBV has been shown to increase bone density, circulation, aid in reducing fluid retention, and decrease pain and inflammation.

The Costco Enlightenment

So there I was at Costco, the other day, feeling my typical 4+ pain level and trying to shop, and I saw the road show for the Zaaz 20K WBV machine. I had actually done several write ups on this machine’s earlier model, the 15K, for various websites, but I had never had the chance to try one in person. So I hopped on.

The sensation is rather indescribable–not unpleasant, but slightly unsettling in some ways. I spent 6 minutes standing and stretching in different ways, noting how shifting my balance and position could concentrate the vibration in specific areas. My skin was tingling from head to toe, not unlike the tingly/almost itchy feeling you get in your legs from hard running.

After 6 minutes of standing, I enjoyed 6 minutes of siting in the specially designed chair placed on the platform. When it was over, I got up, walked about 20 feet, and promptly freaked out (in a good way). Before I used the Zaaz, I had been having back spasms, my knees were sore (as always), and I had the beginning of a migraine headache and the typical elbow, wrist, and neck pain.

All of that pain had been drastically reduced, and my headache was effectively gone. I had gone from my typical 4-5 on the pain scale to about a 2, in 12 minutes.

I immediately called my other half, who was on his annual fishing vacation in Mexico with his brother, and told him about it. HE knew I had a doctor’s appointment, so he suggested I ask my “Doc Squad” what they thought, and if they approved, buy it. Granted, this is NOT an inexpensive bargain store model–there are many WBV machines as low as 150.00. This one runs at non-Costco prices in the 4,000.00 range.

I spoke to my GP, who called the rest of my Doc Squad, and they all said essentially the same thing–the science is sound for people like me that experience restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondilitis, arthritis, and the resulting pain. So last night, when he returned home, we went and bought it.

And Here It Is!


It weighs about 86 pounds, and when disassembled, fit in the trunk and back seat of a Kia Sephia. It came with 3 different pads for the base, a “hard” pad and two different softer rubber pads, and the chair will be arriving by mail in 5-7 business days. It also comes with a DVD and a large poster of different exercise poses and stretches, and a set of resistance cords with handles and foot loops for doing resistance stretches.

I used it as soon as it was set up, and not only did I not have the typical restless legs before I went to bed, I was able to sleep without taking my restless leg medication at all. This morning, I woke up feeling rested–more so than usual–and after doing a 12 minute stretching session on the Zaaz, I am essentially at a 2 on my personal pain scale.

For the time being I intend on using this twice a day, morening and night, increasing to three times daily next week. But considering how much better I feel today than I usually do, and this is only “day 1” technically speaking, it was well worth the final 2300.00 cost in my estimation.

The Zaaz And Insurance

I self pay my medical care, but the representative for the company said that pain management doctors and rheumatologists frequently prescribe this machine for patients, and that people on Medicare and Medicaid have been reimbursed up to 65% of the out of pocket costs, and in many cases insurance covers up to 90% of the associated costs.

I will be documenting my progress with this machine weekly, here on the blog. As of this morning, I weigh a flat 200 pounds, so we’ll see if the weight loss angle has any merit. But if the pain management benefit continues as it has today and the other day in Costco, then I’ll be able to get more physically active anyway LOL.

If you have a Costco membership and you see this in your local store on a road show, I would highly recommend you take the time to try it out. I was told by the representative that had a I chosen to buy it later, by giving the company the store information and sales person’s name, I would still get the Costco discount if I ordered after the road show had left as well.


18 thoughts on “Day 1 With The Zaaz 20k WBV

  1. Was at Sams today and used the demo 20k for my diabetic nerve pain will be purchasing it tommorrow for 2200.00 a very good investment. Hugh Spears Fayetteville NC


  2. Aloha! I was at Costco on September 15th and it was close to closing time. The woman who was demonstrating the Zaaz 20K told me to try it out. I said my ankles were stiff and she said to just bend my knees slightly, so I did. She sat the machine for one cycle of 21 minutes, but I asked if I could stop after 7 minutes because I only had a few minutes to complete my shopping. She agreed and I got off the machine and took the brochure and her card. My body was extremely itchy, which she said was due to poor circulation and my capillaries were opening up. I really wanted to buy the $2,300 machine until I woke up the next morning and could hardly move my legs. My right leg is still sore 1.5 months later and I am walking with a limp. I am thinking that the machine did something to my right knee. Has anyone else had any experience like this? I will see my Primary doctor on Friday to try and find out what is going on.

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    • Huh–first time I have heard of that happening. The itching I am familiar with–it happens to me still when I use the chair that came with mine for my back and my legs are retaining more fluid than usual. Definitely check with a doc if it’s been this long. I use mine standing when I am having knee pain or swelling from the gym personally, and haven’t had any issues– despite having only 1/2 of one cartilage left in the left knee, no posterior cruciate ligament and an atrophied anterior cruciate ligament in that knee.

      Overall, I am now around a 2-3 on my personal pain scale at the highest on most days unless I push myself too hard during the day. Wish I could give you more insight, but since I haven’t run into anyone else who has had a reaction beyond the itching, I haven’t a clue.


    • I am using this machine every day at home. It is very important to follow up the exact instructions the person demonstrating the machine told you. You must start low speed for FEW SECOND (01 to 40 – and 21 speed in your case) and if you feel uncomfortable, immediately increase to 50-60 speed. ALL SHAKING IS AT THE LOWER SPEED, the higher speed stops all that shaking it just vibrates and removes pain, detoxes the lymphatic fluids. You must drink at least a cup of water after that.

      If you have some itching or tingling sensation, that is good in my experience. Looks your blood circulation increased. Did you mention you have a condition or knee pain? The demonstrator should of put you in HIGH SPEED immediately and only for 3-4min as a 1st time user.


  3. I purchased the ZAAZ 20k last year after a trip to Sam’s Club. I’ll admit, I do NOT have time to workout so I thought this would be a viable replacement. I used the machine maybe a few weeks last year – and then my schedule took over. I recently had surgery and due to the discomfort, I felt a sharp continuous pain I thought was a pinched nerve. My hubby told me to use the ZAAZ that night before running to the doctor and within 2 minutes, the pain was gone!! I’m at 7 weeks since my surgery and have been using the ZAAZ consistently 3 times/day. After the 1st day, I felt like I finished weight training!! Which is great considering my current weight restrictions. I will consistently continue use my ZAAZ for other health benefits as well. Out of everything I’ve purchased…..and let sit, this is the first piece of equipment I actually find useful. If you don’t have one, go out and buy it; you won’t be disappointed!

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    • YEP. when I went through a winter of non-stop pneumonia and other complications, my use dropped WAY back. Now I can hardly lift a half gallon of milk–but thanks to the ZAAZ and low dose daily prednisone, I can go to the gym 2 times/day again.

      I have a set of strap on weights, for wrists/arms and ankles/legs that I wear all the time around the house, including on the ZAAZ, and I am amazed at how fast my recovery time post workout is now–and how fast I have been able to increase the amount of weight and repetitions I do on the circuits at the gym. I developed a stretching and “exercise” plan I use on the ZAAZ in the middle of the day to increase range of motion, and wear my weights or use my resistance bands for that. Every little bit helps!


  4. I just tried the ZAAZ 20K model for 7 minutes at Costco a couple days ago. It was a breeze, just stand there, I felt like I was cheating. However, when I got off my hips felt overworked like I had been roller skating or ice skating. Clearly it exercises muscles, tendons and ligaments I seldom use. I have a serious interest in getting one ASAP!

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    • It is now illegal, literally, for me to pay cash directly for my cortisone and lidocaine shots, so my health has seriously deteriorated the last few months. Were it not for my ZAAZ I would really be in a bad spot, as I can barely even ride a recumbent bike anymore, much less do any sort of weight bearing exercise. The first thing I do when I come home from any errands is climb on the ZAAZ—it’s now the last line of defense for me before I have to move up from tylenol 4 to either something stronger–which I am very much against– or surgery, which I am NOT going to have, as I have heard of far more failures than successes when it comes to surgery for spinal stenosis and related issues.

      Sorry I took so long to reply, between my illnesses, my writing, and life, it’s been a tough several months *sigh*. I’ll tell you, following the poses on the nice big wall chart is about all the exercise I can handle anymore. If you haven’t gotten one yet, find out if your insurance covers prescription misc. medical devices–many good plans do. This gadget is, literally, the only thing keeping me mobile at all.


  5. We just bought the zaaz at costco. My husbands knee had been bothering him for about 10 days since he had damaged it at the gym lifting weights with his legs. He was limping and it was very painful to put weight on it. We saw this machine and decided to try it since we were skeptical whether it worked or not. When he finished a 12 min set he got off and was very surprised that the pain was gone. Thats when we decided we had to have it and bought it that day. It has been 2 weeks and there has been no more pain. They installed ours yesterday and are very excited. Hopefully it will help because he is a diabetic, and I have poor circulation. I checked with my Doctor (cardiologist) and he said that it was ok to use.
    I also have afib and high blood pressure.

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    • You should be fine–and it’s amazing. I really like the big poster and DVD that come with it, they helped me focus on things that work best for me. I’m also using more Yoga postures on mine now.

      My other half’s plantar fasciitis is significantly improved since he vibes his feet nightly and in the A.M. before work. And MY circulation is drastically better. I haven’t had cold/frozen feet since I got it :-).

      This machine is a real life changer, at least for me. Easy to see why NASA uses them for astronauts.


      • Mine is the mainstay for me now– since it became illegal for me to get my cortisone and lidocaine shots without insurance. sad state of affairs when you are prohibited by law from paying cash for a non addictive, legal therapy you have used for years.


  6. How do you like your zaaz machine and how is the weight loss. This king about getting one as I have alot of lower back pain.


    • I LOVE this machine. It has literally given me my life back. I have written some more about it on my “other” website (the official one)–

      That is where I will be continuing to chart progress. Right now, I am losing about a pound to a pound and a half a week at most–but that is because I am not seriously concentrating on the weight at the moment, too busy.

      I ZAAZ 4 times daily, and I have found that my overall personal pain average has gone from about a 4-4.5 down to a 2-3 or so, and the 3 is rare. I have also found that I can work out a lot more, and as such, my use of my TENS unit has decreased, and I have also dropped to about 2 Tylenol 3 a day instead of 4 on most days.

      I do the stretches they recommend on their poster for two of my sessions, and the other two I do as much of my Tai Chi as possible. Sometimes I will split seesions from 12 minutes to 2 6 minute ones–like when I have grocery shopping to do I do 6 minutes with stretches before I go out the door, and 6 minutes as soon as I come back.

      If you can get a doc to prescribe it and the insurance to cover it (and you met your deductible) you can get as much as 80% of it paid for.

      I paid cash for mine, and would do so again in a heartbeat. Yes, the price for the newest model, the 20K, was steep even on sale at Costco–around 2000.00. But for me and my other half it was worth every penny, because when things work on me we try like heck to keep them.


      • If I were you I’d start out slowly–I started at first with 4-5 minutes at a time. I’d also recommend putting the poster up–the stretches are really good as they isolate different sets of muscles for vibration.

        And just an FYI–don’t be surpirsed if your skin feels really itchy/tingly/hot with certain fabrics, and when you use the chair with it.

        The feeling can be tough to gt used to at first, but it’s due to the increased circulation and capillary action. I don’t know what I would DO without mine LOL. Thanks to the ZAAZ, I can now work out at the gym daily. Even twice a day!

        And when I get home from shopping or errand running without my TENS unit on my back, my first stop is a few minutes ZAAZing ;-)))

        Be sure and keep in touch and let me know how you’re liking it–heck, you can even write a blog post about your experience if you want LOL. I am going to be separating the different aspects of this blog into 3 new sites in the new year, so I can give more attention to the fitness stuff 🙂


  7. Thank you very much for your input on ZAAZ! My wife suffers from chronic pain in her knees. We recently bought and returned an olyptical machine because the reach was too long for her to use it, and it was extremely hard on her knees.
    When I saw the ZAAZ machine at sam’s I was initially skeptical. After a few minutes on the demo model,
    I could tell something wonderful was beneath my feet. My wife felt better in her joints and knees after only 9 minutes on the machine.
    I love my wife dearly. I don’t give one iota if she loses a pound. Getting her out of pain is well worth the 2300.00.



      That is where I will be charting my progress with the ZAAZ, and I so get it–my other half said the same thing, though we paid just about 2000.00 for mine at Costco, since we decided to do the self-assembly.

      It is amazing how well they work, and I would love it if you and/or your wife decided to follow the ZAAZ stories on my “other” site, and perhaps write a guest blog post about how it is working for you so my readers can here from other people who use them as well.


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