Watching the Watchers

This is inventive thinking, and it does work!


How to Turn an Old PC into an MSM Minder

Remember Chris Mercer-Harper – or whatever his name actually was?  The shooter in Oregon who fed right into Obama’s gun control agenda, despite indications of jihadist and #BLM connections?  Remember his bizarrely contradictory, and then mysteriously vanishing social media?  Remember his “white” photo, which allegedly appeared on CNN, and then either disappeared or was never there?


The Curious Case of Chris Harper-Mercer

I do.  I remember how a previously reliable source gave  the community at The Conservative Treehouse that photo, but was then unable to give us a solid source for it.  And how this dubious photo was then used to attack the Treehouse.  I remember being mad as hell, and wanting to do something about it.

But what could we do?  If the picture was a forgery, we were set up.  If it was real, then the…

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