This is an excellent idea! I have heard (though don’t know personally) that there’s an app for everything.



I don’t remember what it was – but I do remember when it was – during the lead-up to the Wisconsin Republican primary.  The Fox News attacks on Donald J. Trump were getting more and more intense.  More desperate.  More ugly.

No longer restricted to commentators, then anchors, and now – clearly – the programming directors, the attacks were even being waged at the basic reporter level.  Stories were quite obviously being farmed out to gather marginal nothingburgers, in hopes that something – anything – might bring down Trump.

At some point, I decided – that was it.  Enough was enough.  It was time to stop paying for a propaganda product I now despised.

There IS a choice.  Many people posting on the conservative blogosphere have spoken very highly of the One America News Network – OANN.  The main offering – OAN (One America News) – is regarded by…

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