This Is How Cruz Is Grabbing Delegates, Part 2

In Part 1, We Set The Stage.

We left off with about where we are now–Cruz and Company, with the eager help of the GOPers BECAUSE CRUZ IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN AN OUTSIDER, PEOPLE–busily working behind the scenes in state already won and  in states that haven’t voted yet, getting people who know how the party system works to position themselves to run for a delegate slot. They are also, if they have any brains, making sure that they are getting the PRECINCT SEAT HOLDERS WHO ACTUALLY VOTE ON THE DELEGATES to commit to vote for their ringers.

Now do you see why I and others have been pleading for people to GET A PRECINCT SEAT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY??? It won’t help NOW, but we will need every single seat possible after the general election no matter what happens. And as the day goes on, information for each state will be posted here.

Sorry, But This “Technically” Isn’t THEFT. This Is “Local Politics”….

So, let’s take a step back from the election, and look at this. Here is a real world example. Let’s say you have a business, like a hot dog cart. You are new to owning a hot dog cart, but you’re confident you’ll be HUGE, because you have the right skill set to actually do the job, and people love you. You can make amazing hot dogs. The Best. So, you set out with your hot dog cart, and take it to a public place where you have seen, and often bought, hot dogs, and begin selling, confident you’re set because you have gotten all your regular permits and licences ..

In an hour or so, some bureaucrat comes along and tells you that sorry, just because you have all your paperwork, doesn’t mean you can sell hot dogs here. There’s a regulation you didn’t know about, that says to sell in this particular public place, you need to get a special permit. So, you confidently wander down to City Hall, buy the special permit, and go back the next day.

And you find 17 other hot dog carts all parked 10 feet apart….But you set up anyway, because you know you have the best hot dogs, at the best price. And a lot of people know you. And sure enough, you get a long long line, and everyone buys your hot dogs. So you figure all these other yo-yos will just go away, and you will win that prize location you are working towards, The best spot for a hot dog cart in the whole city.

But–because you’re not familiar with all the little details in the background (or “local politics”), you don’t know that your closest competitor has 19 zillion people going through every single obscure regulation ever enacted, looking for ways to stop you. Or maybe you do know he is finding “some” things, but figure your popularity will win the day.

Then, it comes down to you and two other hot dog carts, going for the big deal, the whole enchilada (sorry, couldn’t resist). The city is going to award the contract for the ultimate hot dog cart location, and you are sure you have a lock, because all of your customers have been calling and emailing city hall, saying they want your hot dog cart.

The reality of Local Politics…..

But your closest competitor, who insists on sticking in even though he’s losing money, knows people. Lots of people, who are on the inside. Like the guy who cuts the Mayor’s hair, and the mechanic who takes care of his car, etc. He has done them favors. This yo-yo’s wife is a BANKER, friends with every other banker in town, and those bankers hold the loan papers on all kinds of small businesses on Main St. And all of these inside people are talking, quietly, to each other here and there.

And they know exactly how the bidding and awarding process works, and every single vaguely worded regulation and rule and by-law. They wrote those rules and by-laws themselves, to benefit themselves and their friends. The fact that everyone in the city loves your hot dogs does NOT matter. The fact that everyone in the city voted you the honor of best hot dog maker of the year doesn’t either.

What matters here is who you know, and how much you are willing to pay or what favors you are willing to offer, so that the people who have the final authority on that contract will give it to you instead of the husband of the banker…..Now the cause isn’t lost, YET. Because the city does need to give the appearance of being democratically run, and the appearance of  awarding contracts fairly, so there is one path you can take to get the contract.

Granted, that path is exceedingly narrow, and the entrance is in an obsolete drainage culvert outside of town.  And granted it also requires every single person helping you get that contract knows all the rules and can also juggle 7 oranges while riding a unicycle and whistling Dixie. And you may only be able to access the short cut on leap days, between 1:13 a.m. and 1:14 a.m. . Cheer up, though, lavender ties aren’t required, they’re optional….

But hey–THERE IS A WAY THE AVERAGE GUY CAN GET THAT CONTRACT. The system isn’t broken, in any way. No Siree, any good hot dog guy can get that contract. And that is the literal truth. ANY populist candidate like Trump CAN win the White House. You just have to know the rules and also be very aware of “local politics”.

The Happy Ending IS VERY POSSIBLE!

I, and others, are doing everything we can to EDUCATE TRUMP VOTERS–and Bernie voters. And ALL voters, actually, so that we can move power back where it belongs–away from the GOPers. And Trump has hired some of the best delegate herders around, the ones that worked the historic Ford/Reagan convention, and others. Trump staffers around the country are trying to educate voters that in Trump’s case, voting ISN’T ENOUGH. We all need to (as I and others have already done) keep working, get into the system, and get fully engaged. Trump is the biggest phenomenon in American politics, and this election is a watershed event, as I pointed out before.


P.S.–The Tale Of The Hot Dog Cart Is True, But….

It isn’t a hot dog guy, it is a kettle corn company. And the compteitor is actually a drink vendor who does kettle corn on the side, along with other things, who has a girlfriend…. And that company, despite being the largest, oldest and best in the area for over 30 years, is still shut out of a dozen major local events run by the county it’s based in, and has been for the last 6 years. Luckily, the business is big enough, and has enough customers, that the loss isn’t crippling. And at some point, the corrupt county bureaucrat in charge of awarding concession contracts will finally demand too big a kickback, and piss off another food vendor who knows more important people than she does, and she will be gone.

In the meantime, she is following all the rules to the letter, every contract that comes up. And the kettle corn company puts in their application for every event, makes all the expected phone calls, dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s, and the owner laughs, and goes ahead and schedules (tentatively) other events that would conflict with the one he applied for. He makes sure he has enough help and equipment to fulfill them all, just in case the political system changes, or there is a change behind the scenes that he doesn’t know about, because that is what successful business people do. IN OTHER WORDS, HE WORKS LIKE TRUMP.

Those worrying need to keep that last sentence in mind, and remember the various meetings we heard about this week. Because–Trump knows people, too. A LOT of them.





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