Their Worst Nightmare

It’s time that the American people came to grips with reality. But reality is not what you think it is.

The GOP’s Worst Nightmare Is Beginning….

Their worst nightmare isn’t Trump. Their worst nightmare isn’t even Trump supporters in their millions. The GOP’s worst nightmare is an informed, committed voter who participates in the system and knows the rules.

The GOPers have gained their stranglehold on our republic because most voters aren’t informed on how the political system works, they aren’t really committed to a candidate (because they offer crappy candidates), and they don’t actively participate in the party, nor do they know the rules.

American votes are like American shoppers. Grocery shoppers are disconnected, for the most part, from their food. As odd as that sounds, think about it–100 years ago, huge grocery stores were the exception, not the rule. A century ago, the majority of Americans still grew a portion of their food, often a large portion. They processed their food, prepared their meals from scratch, and a large minority even killed their own food.

So those grocery shoppers, when they went to the grocery store, were informed shoppers. They knew the approximate value of the foods offered, they knew how much effort went into getting that food to market. So they could decide which products were worth buying, and which were not.

Now, the average grocery shopper has never grown their own food. They have rarely, if ever, baked a loaf of bread from scratch, killed a chicken, or milked a cow. So when they go to the Super WalMart, they aren’t informed. They don’t often realize just how little FOOD they get for their money when they buy the single serving microwave dinner. They don’t realize that for less than 1/2 the price, instead of buying Hot Pockets, they can make much better and healthier ones from scratch and freeze them (I speak from experience, people).

Voters are the same–we have become disconnected from the actual political process. we don’t volunteer for the party or go to meetings, we don’t read the proposed by laws, we don’t attend conventions or go to our state house and sit in the gallery, or even watch CSPAN.

It Is Time To Reconnect, Everyone….

I mean reconnect in every sense. Learn to cook. Keep a patio container garden, or get a community garden plot, join a co-op. And in politics–read, watch, listen, learn. Attend local party meetings on BOTH sides (have to keep an eye on the left also). Volunteer. Get a precinct seat, and connect with your fellow voters in your precinct.

In this current race, we’re coming from behind, as so few of the highly enthusiastic voters for Trump have ever connected in a big way with the GOP. It’s time for that to change. Because while we’re behind now, we can learn, FAST. With the wealth of information found online and the ease of communicating ideas, we can get up to speed in a hurry.

When this race started, we weren’t even on the radar–we were invisible, just a vote for their GOPer of choice, in this case, it’s the Banker’s Husband. When Trump got in and we woke up, they were laughing, because they firmly believed and still do that we would have our little fling with the billionaire, then come crying home and embrace the Banker’s Husband when it counted for the public show, the primaries.

When we proved to be stubborn, and insisted on continuing to side with our choice of partner, they began to be annoyed, and began to punish us–with nasty news articles, paid protesters, 24/7 shaming and cyberbullying, physical assaults and shaming offline, and more. And they also decided, just to be safe and to humiliate us on top of punishing us, to begin using the rules we never bothered to learn to demoralize us, mock us, and render us powerless.

Now, however, more and more of the voters are waking up. More and more voters are saying they will NOT settle for the Banker’s Husband. They don’t WANT a partner who is already committed to someone else–after all, who wants a cheater??? We, the people, want our partner to be committed to US, not to someone else who is a de facto adulterer. Because guess what?

The banker’s Husband is an adulterer. He is committed not to the people, but to the GOPers, and the Banks his wife is so thrilled to work for. If he is elected, then he’ll be cheating on us from day one, just as he is cheating on disconnected voters RIGHT NOW. He is LYING to disconnected voters, with the help of the MSM and the GOPers. He is claiming he is on our side. He is claiming he loves, believes in, and supports everything most important to us. He is saying if he gets the job, he will support and protect us.


So, are we going to accept this pathetic attempt to pawn a serial cheater, an adept and confirmed liar, off on us? Are we going to let the GOPers take away our choice? Are we going to remain just an irritation, or are we going to become the GOP’s worst nightmare?

I’m in favor of the nightmare option, personally.



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