Ted Cruz Part Two…

In the first post on #LyinTed, we introduced a few of the nuts, and other interesting Cruz tidbits. Now it’s time to revisit a nut or two and add some more. Ted’s Tree has plenty of Nuts in it….

Stay tuned for a closer look at Ted’s odd religious affiliations, financial affiliations, strange ideas about the Constitution and SCOTUS, and Heidi’s place in the NAU/CFR. For the record, in politics, the family is off limits, UNLESS THEY ARE ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL. Heidi is on the trail, stumping and fundraising and has been since Ted ran for Senate, so she’s fair game. Melania is NOT officially on the trail, and has made few appearances.


2 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Part Two…

  1. Yes, it is typical of Evangelicals.

    We consider our citizenship to be in the Kingdom of God first and foremost. We consider our existence on this planet, under the kingdoms of men/worldly leaders, is just a temporary condition.

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    • How interesting! I have never had anyone express that before, but perhaps the subject didn’t come up.

      It does make sense in that regard, though it sounds odd when you say it, somehow. I never thought about it directly, but I also put God first, though not in a citizenship sense, just in an every day life sense. I figure God will help America–but he wouldn’t want me to sit around and make him do all the work, if that makes sense.


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