Is Cruz The Man You Want For President? Seriously?

For those who are looking for dirt on Cruz, here are a few things you might find interesting:

  • Cruz defends endorsements from a preacher who wants to kill Gays, and kill girl scout leaders who “promote homosexuality”– Kevin Swanson, Nut Number One More On Nut One 
  • Cruz defends endorser who called  Hitler a Jew Hunter Sent From God. Who also talks about death camps, and the Jews Needing to convert or die–Mike Bickle, Nut Number Two  More on Nut Two
  • And then there’s Cambridge Analytica, a company that specializes in Psychographic Segmentation. As a matter of fact, they pioneered much of the work in this field. By the way, their parent company, SCL Group, brags about fomenting coups for fun and profit, and military/government psy-ops, disinformation campaigns–The Creepy Mind Control Geeks
  • The money man behind Cambridge Analytica and Cruz is hedge fund guru Mercer, who coincidentally owes over 6 BILLION IN BACK TAXES TO THE IRS. Yep, Mercer owes the IRS big time–Why Cruz Wants to Abolish the IRS, Perhaps? More on The Money Man
  • And back to religion, since Cruz is apparently a fan (if not an actual practitioner), His Father, and the other 7 Mountains Dominionists, have a few interesting ideas concerning his role in life–The Annointed One? Seriously??
  • Then there are his financial shenanigans, from the unrecorded loans that are actually illegal, as they came from his WIFE’S GS Account–Undocumented Money, And Illegal
  • And the 500,000.00 he gave to Carly Fiorina’s PAC–Donating To Your OPPONENT? LOLWUT??
  • Then there’s the money Fiorina’s staffer, Sarah Ingur Flores, got paid. She is one of the women implicated in the #CubanMistressCrisis–Wow–Nice Starting Analysis Of The Funny Money
  • Perhaps I should have mentioned the National Enquirer Story about Cruz’s five affairs first. But I sincerely believe the Nutball endorsements and ties to government psy-ops companies are just a touch more important. So here is the #CubanMistressCrisis–The Daily Mail’s Got The Goods On Cruz
  • Lest we forget his dirty voting tricks, here’s the newest. Cruz trying to get Kasich kicked off the Ballot in Montana–If at first you don’t succeed–CHEAT
  • And the shaming letter in Iowa–SHAME On You, Rafael!
  • And lying about Dr. Carson Leaving the race in Iowa–which may have started with one of the alleged MISTRESSES, Amanda Carpenter–Bye Bye Ben?? NOT Really, Rafael..But Nice Try

This is just an off the cuff list of the largest issues. There is far more dirt out there on good old Ted Cruz. But for those in need of social media ammunition, this is a good start. I have found that people in CA are most concerned with the Cambridge Analytica information, and the information on his religious ties.

And if you think the Democrat side of the uniparty doesn’t know all this and more, THINK AGAIN. I can just imagine the headlines and articles sitting in computers at every MSM outlet in existence, here and abroad, waiting to be released.


3 thoughts on “Is Cruz The Man You Want For President? Seriously?

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  2. Political Psycohology – sort of related to Psychological operations (psych-ops or psy-ops)
    Which refer to the planned use of psychological knowledge to influence the behavior of groups, organizations or populations. Although associated with guerilla warfare, rebellion and subversion; many marketing and political strategies include psych-ops techniques … including office politics and social engineering.

    Peacetime applications of psych-ops are perhaps most evident in political election campaigns. Common techniques used to influence public attitude and opinion are:
    – using radio and television to distort events
    – manufacturing “news” in staged events
    – recruiting and using opinion leaders and media figures
    – adjusting appeals to group interests (e.g. trade unions)

    Large commercial interests, such as steel, oil, logging and railroad companies initiate extensive psych-ops to develop public support for legislation favorable to their interests. Similarly, civil rights and other movements may use low-budget psychological operations – for example protest marches, assemblies, picketing and sit-ins – often with much less expertise.

    Psychological operations have maximum effect with people who:
    – have little education
    – accept information uncritically
    – benefit from the proposed change
    – want to believe the propaganda
    – do not wish to understand their own motivations

    The Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA) was created in 1937 to alert the public to political propaganda. The IPA identified seven basic propaganda tricks: Name-Calling, Glittering Generalities, Transfers, Testimonials, Plain Folks, Card Stacking, and Band Wagon. According to Combs and Nimmo (1993), “these seven devices have been repeated so frequently in lectures, articles and textbooks ever since that they have become … synonymous with the practice and analysis of propaganda.”

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    • Absolutely! I’m going to be writing a couple of in depth posts over the next several says on the various types of manipulation in play, from the typical to the seriously atypical.

      BTW, if you feel like writing guest posts on the topic of political psychology, itself–like the great information above, and assorted background information on the uses over the years, feel free to drop me a note, and I’ll give you a log in so you can be the resident guru on the nicer side of mass brainwashing ;-).

      When I have time I will be tagging and organizing the blog with a section devoted to the various types of psychological manipulation, from the typical to the more insidious.


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