Why No Third Party?



Once upon a time, there was a  country. And in this country, there were two parties, “Democrat” and “Republican”. There were other parties in existence, of course, and in the past the two main parties had gone by other names. But the other parties had little to no influence in this country, because they were too small to be effective, and the political system was set up to insure they couldn’t grow large enough to be a threat.

Why? Because these two main parties only “look” like two separate parties. In reality, they are working together, as a uniparty. They share the same mega donors, the same information systems, and they have the same goals.

Now if this were a military situation–two major kingdoms that in reality shared the same infrastructure–then a wise general would NEVER try and build a third, rivaling kingdom to fight both, for several reasons:

  • It is never a good idea to open up a multi-front war, as it exponentially increases the variables, the resources required, and the complexity of the campaigns.
  • Instead of needed resources equal to ONE opponent’s capability, you need more than twice as much as BOTH opponents have. The resource requirements are far beyond the amount readily available in most if not all cases.
  • Open warfare in and of itself is NEVER the most efficient way to conquer an opponent. All the best generals will always consider taking an enemy from within where possible.

So, If Sun Tzu, Gaius Marius, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Julius Caesar, Patton, Rommel, or any other general were looking at our current political system with the goal of breaking up the uniparty, they would choose to do so using the most efficient means available.

And that means is taking one side of the uniparty from within. Just as the Spartans were defeated in the end by a single disgruntled person who showed the enemy secret tracks to get around the Spartan forces, Just as Troy fell to a handful of soldiers in a wooden horse, Just as Rahab in the Bible let spies in through a side gate so Jericho could be taken,  The Uniparty can best be broken by co-opting one side of it through infiltration.

The GOP, like any complex system, is quite vulnerable for a very simple reason. The more complex a system becomes, the more efficient it is to consolidate basic necessary infrastructure needs, concentrating them under the control of relatively small parts of the system.

A military leader knows this, as do some “civilians”. The average person often doesn’t understand this basic mathematical consequence of large complex systems. The Romans were, in the late republic, the finest military in the world. They repeatedly won battles against forces that outnumbered them dozens and on occasions hundreds to one. They did so in part because they had a technological advantage. But more often, the real advantage was in understanding leverage and infrastructure.

They understood that if you seize control of a few vital parts of a city’s infrastructure, you could take the largest city with a very small force. And the same principle applies to a political party, because political parties are just like any other complex system. The vast majority of the vital work is done by a relatively small group of people.

A civilian, looking at a city like Tucson AZ, would say you need a large army to take the city. Artillery, tanks, etc. And that civilian would be wrong, unless the goal was replacing the inhabitants. Tucson AZ could be taken, in reality, by less than 1000 people, if the purpose was to gain resources. Why? because all you would need would be to gain control over the infrastructure–water and utilities delivery–and gain control over the services structure, the city council and the first responders.

If a concentrated group of 1000 people or less were to quietly co-opt the basic infrastructure systems through hacking and physical occupation, and another group were to co-opt control of the services structure by either replacing city officials and the command structure of the emergency services or “persuading” those people to work with them, the city could be effectively be taken over. Without a shot fired, with no chaos or disturbance.

Because the goal isn’t to conquer people, in this case, but to gain control and power.  The people of Tucson really don’t care WHO is in charge, so to speak. As long as they have their jobs, their city services, and the same basic life they have now, who provides those things makes NO DIFFERENCE.

Too many people who support a third party move have the “scorched Earth” scenario in mind. That scenario is the least efficient, and least permanent, way to achieve the goals they say they are working towards–a return of the golden age of America. Waging huge political battles and annoying people is a bad idea, when there are far better options.

The average American has no desire to have their life disrupted by revolution of any kind. And there is no need for a physical revolution at the moment to effect political change. A relatively small group of reformers can simply co-opt the existing GOP side of the political system, either compel the elites to work with them or replace the elites, and begin effecting change from that position of power.

Given that the enemy in this case, the GOPer establishment, is essentially an organization with no real security, no vetting process, and many openings in the infrastructure, only someone who hadn’t studied war would try to advance a third party. If we go back to our city analogy:

If you were looking at a city that was totally unguarded, with 30-50% of the buildings and infrastructure jobs vacant–why in the world would you waste time and money building another city from the ground up?

By far the most practical choice is starting an immigrant wave–have your people move into those vacant houses (the PC seats), have your people take those vacant jobs, and then when the idiots who are ostensibly in charge finally pull their heads out of the sand and assess the situation, they find they are in a distinct minority, and all of their resources have been taken over. Granted, if this were a city/country, that would take a while. But considering the ROI, it’s well worth it.

At that point, you offer them 2 choices–either they agree to follow your agenda, under close supervision, and keep their resources–or, they can hit the road. This is where the GOP is, right now. They are distracted by a serious external threat to their gravy train, in the form of Donald Trump and his followers. They are short handed in vital positions, and also dealing with a huge influx of new members.

As such, those of us interested in real party reform have a golden opportunity to walk right into those positions, with little opposition and little to no scrutiny. And from within, we have months to find the weaknesses in our local GOP, and move resources into place to exploit those weaknesses.

The elites in this system are fat, complacent, and comfortable. They aren’t going to want to hit the road, or face criminal charges where applicable. So, like the kleptocrats they are, they WILL make a deal, when they wake up and find out that they have already been taken over.


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