Precincts And The GOP



In the last post, I laid out the basic information regarding precinct chairs and their importance. As a real world example, someone I know attended a GOPer meeting in her city this past week. Despite being totally unknown in the party, she was able to get chosen as a state delegate, apply for a national delegate slot, and get appointed to the PC seat for her precinct. In my area, out of almost 150 precinct seats, only 42 are filled. I found that out recently. And I am going to get one. If others like me get those seats, then we can have real control over our party.

And once you are in a seat, staying in it is very easy. Where I am, it requires 10 signatures from people in your precinct, and then there is a vote. This vote happens every 2 years, after the elections. Typically, you won’t have a challenger at all, and if you do, you simply have to make sure you have a majority of the Rs in your precinct already committed to voting for you–so any challenger can’t get a majority without going out and recruiting new republicans.

And PCs are the real power position in the GOP, as they control the voter databases. They know who votes, how frequently, who donates. They also get all the inside information. For instance, there is at least one Senate seat being contested right now in the GOP by a good challenger. But that local GOP has already thrown their weight in favor of the incumbent, who will be allowed to serve this last term, and then retire with dignity,  so the already selected new blood can move in. 

This is how the GOPers work. And they can do this because at any given time at least 30% of the PC seats are empty–and the remainder are held by GOPers. So they keep voting in the rules that benefit them, and the people who have been in charge forever. If we take the precinct seats, we take the party.

Unless the people step up and defy the uniparty, this will continue. And any changes Trump does effect, will disappear fast. If the GOP is against him when he gets elected, then the GOPers in congress will feel confident in opposing him. If, on the other hand, the power of the GOP has been co-opted by us, then we can lean on the GOPers through the party.

Taking Back the GOP:

  • Attend the next local meeting, and find out whether your precinct captain/committeeman seat is open.
  • If it IS–ask to be appointed.
  • If it ISN’T, ask to volunteer with the current PC. If that person is a reformer, offer to help. If they are a GOPer, then:
  • Get to know the people in your precinct, and find others who are sick of the uniparty. Get them behind you, so in December when the PC seats come up for grabs again, you can get nominated and chosen.

Right now is the best time to begin, for several reasons:

  • The GOPers are occupied with the campaign cycle, and dealing with an influx of new voters, so they are more than willing to take on volunteers without thinking about it.
  • It gives us time to observe from the inside, and gather information, and get to know the voters in our precinct, and if we live in a place Trump didn’t do well, we can change that before the general.
  • It gives us time to line up challengers for seats occupied by GOPers, and get people in position to vote for the replacements for those seats when the seats are up for grabs in December/January.

Taking back the party is essential, for reasons discussed in the post about No Third Party.


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