The Time Has Come

It is obvious, by now, that this is a watershed election cycle. We are seeing a degree of interest and involvement that is unprecedented. On the left we have career criminal Hillary Clinton and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, whose biggest accomplishment in life is re-naming two post offices.

And on the right, we are finally down to a small field–John Kasich, the son of a mailman and governor of Ohio (the only state he has won), Ted Cruz, the “Christian, Constitutional Conservative” who is none of those things as we shall prove. And then there is Donald J Trump.

Trump is *not* a stereotypical conservative. He is *not* a politician. He is *not* politically correct, in the least. So, what is he? Well, he’s the front runner, though if one listens to the MSM and the GOP/RNC, he is an unmitigated disaster who will spell the end of the world as we know it, should his mouth breathing, knuckle dragging supporters manage to bully him into office.

How is it that a man who has gained the hatred of the left, the right, the world, the media, and various cartoon characters become the driving force in this election, the candidate that won’t die?

The answer is so glaringly obvious that everyone but the knuckle draggers simply can’t comprehend it: he is a patriot. He’s a nationalist, in a good way–America first, and always. He’s an unapologetic capitalist. He is the billionaire Joe Six Pack can imagine throwing a couple of steaks on the grill with and exchanging B.S. stories with on the porch.

Trump is, in an elemental way, the face of America; a face that many Americans are *so used to seeing that it had become effectively invisible*. How many times have you driven the same route to work? When you think of your drive to work, you can probably name a good number of the landmarks, but what can you say about the hundreds of objects between those landmarks? Probably nothing, if you’re the average person–because those hundreds of other objects aren’t important.

You don’t need them to navigate, you don’t shop at them, or you know nobody who lives there. So over time, they literally disappear. And the majority of America has “disappeared”. Trump represents the invisible (before now) America–the part of the country that only becomes a landmark when part of it makes the news, for good or bad reasons.

He is the face of the faceless, the voice of the silent majority. A blend of showman, business man, celebrity, and intelligent, thought provoking old guy. He is saying, out loud, the things we have been saying in private for years and in some cases decades, and through some miracle he isn’t being driven back into the shadows, shamed, bankrupted, arrested, and hasn’t been shot (yet).

And we are finding our voices also, after a long silence. We’re standing up to cyberbullying. We’re wearing our MAGA gear, going to rallies, working phone banks, and voting in record numbers. And the real miracle is that other parts of the silent majority, the independents and blue dog democrats–are joining us. And the millennials are waking up to what the political landscape means in America as well.

After a long and troubled sleep, the time has come. The time has come to wake up, and lift our voices, and be heard. The time has come to cast aside the false and destructive aspects of our current one party kleptocracy, and Make America Great Again.

So in the coming days, and weeks we’ll take a look at what’s really been going on around us for the last 50 years, and begin fixing things. As of today, Donald Trump has already returned many things to us that had been taken. He has gotten conversations started that we have needed for decades. He has forced the MSM, and the political powers that be, to at least acknowledge us, which is a big step forward.

He has exposed the duplicity and mendacity of the press, both political parties, and many aspects of society and our government that we either stopped trying to fix and gave up as lost causes. He has made hundreds of things that are part of the background or invisible in our daily lives visible again. You could make a case that he has already accomplished more in his candidacy than many in Washington and elsewhere have accomplished in years.

But if we want this positive trend to continue, we need to do more than vote and stump for him. The time has come to reclaim our sadly perverted political party.

GOPer season is open.


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