More Than Words

If nothing else, this election cycle is an excellent illustration of propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and the chicanery of the media and various talking heads. From the media’s deliberate use of creative editing to continually smear Donald Trump, to the blunt intimidation practiced by the increasingly violent “protesters”, both paid and voluntary, we’re witnessing the power of language in action.

And it’s high time people realized just how much power words have. This is especially true in this cycle, as one of our presidential hopefuls, the self-acclaimed “Christian, Constitutional Conservative”, Senator Rafael (Ted) Cruz, is employing Cambridge Analytica to propel him to the White House. Despite his egregious record both politically and personally, his absolutely deplorable associates, and his full embrace of Obama’s leftist tactics, “Lyin Ted” is still in the race, and  there are still millions of sincere (and sincerely deluded) Americans who believe him, and consider him “TrusTED”.

If I told you there was a presidential candidate employing a company that specializes in “shaping public perception”, you probably wouldn’t be too concerned, even though what they do amounts to indoctrination and brain washing, over time.

What if I told you the parent company of that firm specializes in military psyops, misinformation/disinformation for governments, and implementing regime changes in various countries for fun and profit? That’s a little more serious than targeting ads to get you to buy more gizmos on Amazon, or go to one church rather than another.

If I told you there was a presidential candidate whose main money man was a billionaire hedge fund guru, you’d probably shrug your shoulders, as presidential campaigns cost a lot of money.

What if you found out, though, that the money man in this case owed the IRS 10 BILLION dollars? Well, now–it seems *that* money man has a conflict of interest here, as does the candidate he is backing. Who, BTW, is pushing a tax plan that would essentially impose a VAT tax AND other taxes on the people he claims will pay less, while rewarding hedge fund billionaires…..

What if I told you a presidential candidate had been endorsed by people who actively call for genocide–death penalty for gays–as well as forcible conversion/ death for Jews? Now, we have an issue, don’t we? Gee, a Christian candidate would repudiate such horrible people, especially if he was also loudly proclaiming his support for Israel.

Apparently, not so much. This candidate continues to defend these fringe nuts. And is surrounded by others, including his own brand of “Evangelism”, that turns out on closer examination to be slightly less than mainstream, to say the least.

But hey, every candidate attracts nuts, right?? And just because he has been in his religion for years doesn’t mean he actually *believes it*, or even listens, right?? Hmm. 50 Shades of Obama is looking like a good working title for this little play…..

What if I could show you that this candidate consistently votes in favor of things that undermine our Constitution, and our sovereignty? And has proposed a Constitutional amendment that would completely remove the balance of power our founders so carefully built, by altering the very nature of the SCOTUS?

No. That simply wouldn’t be possible, this guy is both conservative AND a Constitutional scholar! Shame on me for questioning him. He has argued 9 case before SCOTUS and WON! Well, sort of…won 2 lost a few, draw in some others…but what’s a few details??? He did win! Sometimes, at least…..

All of these things are absolute facts, as will be outlined very carefully in coming posts. All of them apply to one candidate, the one the GOP is coalescing behind with the brokered convention narrative. In a sane and rational nation where people actually researched candidates and looks at facts objectively, this person wouldn’t have lasted beyond the first round of primaries, if he made it that far (as in his case, he is ineligible to be president anyway, *and knows he is*).

But we have come to rely on language, and memes, and sound bites, pundits, the MSM. And so we have someone running in second place who from a practical and ethical point of view is the end of the world as we know it, who could destroy the very foundations of our republic, backed by some seriously dangerous organizations and people.

It’s high time the voting public looked at more than words. It’s time the voters looked at the actions behind those words, the man behind the mask so carefully crafted by a high priced psy-op firm.

It’s time to examine what the words Christian, Constitutional, and Conservative mean in this man’s case.



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