Feeding The Beast

Do you get a tax refund?  If not, good for you! If so, Why?

Consider the current state of our runaway federal government. Last year, the IRS collected a record 3 TRILLION dollars, give or take a few billion. Yet we *still had a deficit*. Last year, 80% of Americans got a tax refund, out of the 45% or so that actually paid taxes….

The Role of Government

The government, at the federal level, is supposed to be strictly limited. But more importantly, think about the role of government in YOUR life. Is the government your friend, spouse, child? Is the government something you admire and enjoy having in your life? If either of these is the case, then you might as well stop reading now, as this is about removing them from your life as much as possible.

If you pay the government extra, if you get back a refund of *any* of the payroll taxes you give them, then YOU are part of a big problem. And you are cheating yourself, and your family. The government is taking advantage of you, every single paycheck.


It’s time we began starving this beast we all feed, in every legal way possible. And that means doing a few very simple things:

  • USE THE IRS’S RULES AGAINST THEM. You have the right to change your withholding for federal tax purposes, your “W-2”, as often as you wish. DO THIS. There is a calculator on the IRS website that you should use every 3 months–beginning in the last week of March/ 1st week of April. It is very simple, fast, and shows you where you are in the tax year. Most people find it takes them until June or July to pay their tax burden. IF YOU GOT ALL YOUR TAXES BACK LAST YEAR, AND YOUR INCOME HASN’T CHANGED, CLAIM EXEMPT.
  • Once you have used the calculator, you have a “benchmark”. You know approximately how much you have left to pay, so you can figure out when to CHECK AGAIN. If it seems you are “close”, check in 1 month. If it seems like you’re “half way there”, check in 2-3 months.
  • AS SOON AS YOU ARE PAID UP, CHANGE YOUR W-2 TO WITHHOLD ZERO or as close as possible. This may mean using all your exemptions, or only a few. The goal is to stop giving the government interest free loans.
  • By the middle of the year, you’ll be paying almost no taxes, or no taxes. And at the END of the year, you’ll either owe zero, or a small amount–typically around 100.00 or so. You can use the calculator on the IRS website toward the end of the year to see if you will owe and how much.
  • At this point, just make sure you have that money set aside, or if you get EITC or other credits, you have accounted for that money being taken out. IF you owe, drop a check or money order in the mail on April 10th or so, but no later than the 14th. PAY BY MAIL AND KEEP PROOF LIKE A PHOTO OR CHECK STUB.

Why Should you do this?

Because there is no reason at all to treat the government the way you treat family or friends. THIS IS YOUR MONEY. YOU should be using it, not the government. Even an extra 10.00 a week comes out to 500.00 a year or so. It adds up. That is money you should be using to pay down debt, to go into savings, to take care of the people that matter to you, not the government.

Those who watch the government’s spending remember during the shutdown the government continued to accept money, but stopped refunding money. They also know, and have known for years, that the only reason the government stays open IN THE FIRST PLACE is because of all the Americans and businesses that overpay, every paycheck or every quarter.

It is every citizen’s responsibility to provide for their family and their own welfare, FIRST. And it is definitely NOT your responsibility to enable the government to keep living beyond its means.On the contrary, it is your duty to pay as little taxes as you legally owe.

It is time to stop enabling Washington, and start enabling your family. Otherwise, you’re still part of the problem, instead of the solution.


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